5 Keys to Managing a Big List on Twitter

by Gary Loper on January 16, 2018

You’re probably thinking Twitter is already moving so fast, so how will
I be able to keep up with even more people in my stream?

I am glad you asked!

Let’s focus on some simple keys to manage your growing list on Twitter.

Key 1: Create a List  

Creating a list of people grouped by niche, interests, and events is the best way to keep track of topics and conversations you’d love to keep
on top of.  Once your list is created and filled, you can simply click on
the list and browse through the tweets and RT, or comment with
greater ease.

* Bonus* How to Create a List

To the right of your photo, on the white horizontal bar and next to ‘LIKES’, select More then > ‘LISTS’.  Next, on the left side under your photo and bio, select ‘Create a list’ > select > ‘Create new list’.
Add ‘List name’ with ‘Description’, and set to private or public.
Select > ‘Save list’.

The ‘Find people to add to your list’ will give you the ability to find users by their name.

Now to add or delete people from your list –

Go to their Twitter page, click the icon that looks like three dots to the right of the ‘Following’ button.  Choose ‘Add or remove from lists’.
‘Your lists’ will appear. Next, check the box to the list you’d like to
add them to.

Key 2: Use Hootsuite  or Tweetdeck to Easily View
Your Lists

I love that I can import all my lists into my Hootsuite control board.
To add a stream, scroll all the way to the right to the column listed >
‘Add a stream’
.  Click on ‘Lists’ and choose one list at a time to bring into your page.  Keep in mind you can only add up to 10 streams within each tab.

I’ve set up separate tabs on Hootsuite for my lists, and #hashtags that
I am following.  In a few clicks I open each tab, and scan the lists to engage and RT with those specific people in each segmented list.

These first two keys alone will save hours a week you’d spend scanning your ‘All Friends’ or ‘Home’ feeds for the messages that resonate with you and that you’d like to RT.

Key 3: Engage & Build Connections 

Show appreciation to your audience with RTs and Thank You’s.  Maintaining a connection is vital to encouraging new followers to stay, while prospective followers are watching your engagement with your audience to be sure that they’ll be welcomed and noticed.

Engagement above all else is the most important aspect in creating and maintaining your audience on Twitter and everywhere else.  Be sure to check in several times a day to scan your mentions & DMs to reply in a timely manner to anyone reaching out to you.

Key 4: Create a Memory Jogging File

Keep a notebook or log of the conversations you’ve had with people – not everything on Twitter happens at Warp Speed.  Many of my chats with people have expanded to several weeks or longer.  Make a quick note, or cut and paste your Twitter conversation into a Word document to refresh your memory when the chat picks up again.

Key 5:  Focus on People Wanting to Talk with you

As your list continues to grow you will not know about everything, or what everyone else is talking about.  Think about when you went to a large networking event, did you try to keep track of every conversation going on in the room?  There are countless conversations going on at the same time. The same is true in your Twitterverse.  Of the large number of followers you will attract only a small percentage of those will be reaching out or engaging with you. Focus on connecting with those people already showing some interest in you. Always remember that everyone we meet is the Gatekeeper for everyone they know.

One of the truths about Twitter is that there are thousands of accounts being created every minute and conversely thousands of accounts being abandoned every minute, because people don’t know what to do or how to manage their stream.  They become overwhelmed and never come back.  Be sure to check out Master the Twitterverse, pg 22 for ideas on how to flush out those inactive accounts.

You may want to read my post ’14 Effective Keys to Engage & Attract Followers on Twitter, Part 1’ , where I explored some of the ways you can find the conversations you’d like to have and attract followers organically.

Happy Tweeting!


Building Business and A Serendipitous Life

by Gary Loper on January 9, 2018

Building Business and A Serendipitous Life

One of the common entrepreneurial roadblocks people frequently bump into is thinking that nobody else has the same aptitude and they wind up thinking, “Okay, well, I have to do everything myself. I know what I want to do with my business.” So, they are looking at micromanaging instead of focusing on what they do best and hire the rest. There is always this teeter totter that goes on.
When you are Roadblocksstruggling in building your business, you don’t have enough cash flow to hire the assistant or the housekeeper, the things that will bring the most time back to you. But, if you don’t hire them, then you are not making all the money you can. There is an equation.

If you are making a $100 an hour or your time is valued at $100 an hour, and you hire someone to do the housecleaning for $15 an hour, you can hire them and still go to work, and you still will be $85 ahead. So, it’s a matter of math. The hardest thing is to ask for help. You must learn to ask for help and delegate! One of my coaches shared with me, “If you’re the rainmaker, keep making it rain.”

Yes, life can be serendipitous. One day while I was working as a licensed massage therapist, I received a postcard. And it said, “Do you want to work with people with disabilities?” I had a background working in the wheelchair industry. Previously I worked for a Swedish wheelchair manufacturer when I was back in Wisconsin. When I moved to Florida, I worked for a vendor. So, I was familiar with some of the population. I thought, “Okay. Well, this is the next calling, because it is serendipity at its best, showing up at the right time”. During that time period working with people with disabilities was the most rewarding and personally fulfilling experience. Unfortunately due to unforeseen events, the position was eliminated. So, what was my next step?

I had collected a deep library of motivational quotes. So, I started sharing inspirational messages on Twitter. In reality, I started selfishly sharing quotes to lift myself up. In doing that one action, it was amazing, because people started to respond. People were retweeting and thanking me for the message, “Hey, that’s a great reminder.” Or, they would ask questions, and that’s when I got the tap. The Universe came and said, “Okay, Gary, you have been a coach. You have your coaching certificates since 1999. You haven’t done anything with it, so start coaching on Twitter.” Consequently it was a huge transformation, as I went through my social media therapy growing through a lot of things. It has been an incredible journey for the last nine years.

FearsI learned to never allow fear to engulf me. At that time it was big lesson. One of my greatest fears was questioning, “What do I have to say?” and “Are people going listen?” I shared someone else’s words, and was able to make a connection using that as a bridge.

After sitting through countless webinars and reading thousands of e-books, a huge turning point was to appreciate my own gifts. In all of them, I had the reaction, “Okay, so what? You haven’t said anything new, this is just a repeat of someone else’s book.” When I started looking at it, talking to people, spilling out more than what some of these other people were charging for, I realized I knew a lot more. At that point there was another factor I saw. There was a number of ‘experts’ who were not walking their talk. They’re telling you, “Okay, do it this way.” But then you watch their account on Twitter, and they are not doing it. I had gained a lot of knowledge about the mechanics of Twitter, about relationships building, which is a key part of my life. This is why I think it is a natural bridge to build relationships. And with business, it’s all about relationships. Online marketing is going to increase 200 to 500% in the next five years. So, a customer has choices, and it will come down to what Bob Burg states … “All things being equal, people are going to do business with, refer business to, people they know, like, and trust.”

However, ‘know, like, and trust’ almost becomes a cliché. I like to focus on that ‘all things being equal’. So, it’s a level playing field. If you can create a differentiation of what you do better than anybody else then you become top in someone’s mind with your audience. Later if they need you, they know where to go or they will refer you.

When I owned it, I started doing radio shows and more interviews. Then it became a turning point with the action that I took. It was significant action. I learned the sales process, scripting and knowing what to say and knowing how to overcome objections and layering the value, another Go-Giver philosophy.


Ultimately I learned to let go of micromanaging. Allow others to help, especially with the things that are not cost effective. Listen to your tap. Create a serendipitous life. Allow serendipity to awaken your potential. See your gifts and
own it!


Invest in yourself and your business. Receive private coaching at group coaching rates! As your coach, we will focus on the areas of your business, create and practice a plan and with your dedicated effort, incredible results will begin to appear.  New connections, new opportunities, new prospects will be attracted to you and not only will people notice you, but hire you! Check out your options.



This article was posted in Bellésprit magazine. The magazine content features topics of inspiration, guidance, personal experiences, and spirit messages all leading our diamond in the rough to healing and growing into the best ‘diamond’ we were meant to be. Be sure to subscribe to Bellésprit Magazine, a wealth of information.



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