What to Tweet, Part 2

by Gary Loper on November 10, 2017

What Should You Tweet - These Are My Suggestions

So, What Should You Tweet? These Are My Suggestions:

Share interesting, touching stories and news items, ask questions and provide answers to other people’s questions, compliment people, recommend people for others to follow, share links to media, retweet generously, share quotes and the word of the day.

Pick out the ones that are in alignment with your overall Twitter mission. If you are not sure of your mission, try out a couple at a time and test them. Test which ones get you the most favorable responses from your audience.

Share Interesting, Touching Stories and News Items –

The world gets the big breaking news stories on Social Media. Recent natural disasters, political stories, celebrity news reach across the Twitterverse before you may see it on the television.

Ask Questions and Provide Answers –

Asking questions shows people that you are open to receiving the suggestions of others. Answering questions begins to establish you as an expert. Use the Twitter search to find the topics you want to have conversations about.

Compliment People –

Who doesn’t love hearing someone tell them something good about their Twitter messages, blog, photo, website, etc.?  There is always something good we can find out about another Twitizen. It only takes a short time to click on their link in their profile and check them out. You may just find a new friend or potential business partner. Make your time on Twitter about other people, and you will be amazed on how many people will become attracted to you.

Recommend People to Follow –

We are always looking for quality Tweople to expand our networks. A well thought out reason to Follow someone is very helpful. Follow Friday – FF has been around for quite a while and started with the intention of introducing new Tweople to each other. I met some incredible people through FF. Over time FF has become much less effective due to so many people tweeting out lists of people to FF. A report showed that only 13% of new followers were connected via FF. To best use this practice, suggest only one Twerson per tweet, and reasons why we should Follow them. Another powerful connection use would be a personal referral. I have done this many times, when I meet someone new and learn something about them. I will connect with someone I already know that shares the same interest.

Example:  @manifestyogaJen would like to introduce you to @hymlayoga, looks like you share the same yoga philosophy

When you include their Twitter handle/name, it becomes a link to their profile. Both people will receive this message in their mentions, and you will just have to click on the other person’s name to check them out.

Share Links to Media –

Share stories of interest on blogs and websites. Once again this is your opportunity to establish expert status by providing the Twitterverse with valuable information. Stay true to your mission by providing articles that relate to your purpose and business, without the push. Be aware that there are many people tweeting or creating content, and some of the more popular sources already get ReTweeted a lot. Check your tweets that are retweeted to see if your audience is sharing those messages with their Twribes. If not, they may have already shared it from someone else, or may not be interested. Find new sources of quality information. Again establish your value as a researcher. It helps that blogger/writer by bringing new readers to their site. You will see that in time these favors will be returned to you, perhaps not from the original direction but the Twitterverse will repay in kind, in time. Importantly, remember to give for the sake of giving and expect nothing in return, but know that in providing value people will become attracted to you and interested in what you have to offer.

Tweet about your new tools, a new purchase, and /or the books you are reading. People will be searching for those keywords and may connect with you based on your shared interests.

RT – ReTweet Generously –

To RT is to share someone else’s message with your Twribe. A great compliment to give someone is to have their tweets retweeted. Some of the best people you can follow are those people who are RTed a lot. Many established Twitizens are very appreciative for the RT, and can do some or all of the following as a gesture of gratitude: They will return the favor and RT some of your messages, thus sharing you with their audience which can bring you new Followers. They may follow you back. They may list you. And the strategy I have used most often is to show appreciation for every RT I have received. In the beginning I was able to personally thank each person individually, and that created many wonderful relationships. As my Follower numbers and RTs increased, I have developed a daily system to show my thankfulness in-group appreciation messages.

Example: Everyday Gr8 RTers TY @entirelysubject @SBShields @NASSERFREEDOM @annahrtandem @Mcmanass @SammieJNash @DrAthenaStaik @LadFrmNe @OTrainer

Recognizing each person for their RT has been one of the best attraction tools for getting new followers. Even if the RT was 2nd, 3rd or more generations away, I believe that people love to see themselves being mentioned by established Twitizens. They will follow me, merely because I mentioned them.

Reports have mentioned that Tweople are very willing to RT links that contain valuable information and special offers. Sharing this type of information with your audience will establish the ‘know, like & trust’ relationships we have mentioned several times. Once you have been known as a provider of great information, when you do start posting your own offerings people will be more willing to click on your links.

I have never been a believer in the asking for a RT. To me it makes you look needy and desperate. If your content is good, people will want to RT it. If you are not getting your messages RTed naturally, then perhaps you have not yet developed your Twitter Voice yet.

People you RT and start conversations with about them will notice you, and will help a great deal in establishing your Twitter persona.

Inspirational messages have an optimsitic effect on life UpdatedQuotes and the Word of the Day –

Motivational messages are the most retweeted tweets.

What can you do for the greater good? For me, my #JustForToday quotes are little reminders to help people make a better choice. What can you work on today? What are your baby steps? By sharing motivational quotes as Zig Ziglar said … “It is a motivational bath, people need it every day”.  We don’t know how many people are watching, and the words we put out, and the impact they have on people’s lives.

Final words –

FINAL WORDWhen sharing information and articles be sure to always include the web site link. People simply will not go and look for it. Do not make your audience work to follow you and your messages. There are many link shortening tools available, like bit.ly, to prevent broken links when your message is RTed.

Social media is a vast ocean of conversations all going on at the same time. By using the Twitter search tool you can find the conversations you want to have, and connect with those people you already have something in common with.

The same rules apply for both your on and off line communications. You are first representing yourself and then your company. It is important to remember your audience appreciates genuine communication, just as you would offer a handshake or a hug and provide a sense that you are listening to someone you just met in person.

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What to Tweet, Part 1

by Gary Loper on November 3, 2017

If you are here for business, keep politics, personal, and all other non-business issues off your business Twitter account

What Should You Tweet?

First, have a clear mission of why you are on Twitter, and stay true to your mission. Become a resource of valuable information that will either educate or entertain your Followers.

There are many ways to be effective on Twitter. If you are here for business, keep politics, personal, and all other non-business issues off your business Twitter account. If you have a burning desire to share everything about your life, it would be best served by creating a separate Twitter profile for personal communications.

People will make an assessment within only a few seconds on whether or not you are follow worthy, and whether they want to do business with you. They will decide whether your message and Twitter persona meets their needs or not.

In the beginning it is best to become an incredible follower first before people will notice you and return the favor.

My strong suggestion is to NOT TO SELL ANYTHING on Twitter until you have 2,000 Tweets and Followers.

It takes time to create a ‘know, like & trust’ relationship with your Twitter audience. Just like back in school, we always stood back a little to see what the new kid was like. Tweople are always watching one another, and once you earn their trust more and more of the Twitterverse will open up to you.

It took my first 2,000 tweets to find my voice – how I was going to represent myself, what I was going to talk about and share. It wasn’t until about 5,000 tweets that I really felt at home and had attracted an audience for my messages.

Before you start looking for people to Follow, fill your page with powerful messages. This is the empty restaurant parking lot theory. When you are out looking for a place to eat, most people will not stop at a restaurant with an empty parking lot. If it was any good, people would be there already. Make sure your Tweetstream – timeline is entertaining, educational and provides value.

Remember we are not selling anything until 2,000 tweetsRemember we are not selling anything until 2,000 tweets. If people come by your page and the first thing they see is that you are selling, they will leave. Social media is first a SOCIAL opportunity.

How do you feel when you go to an event, and someone pushes their business card or goes into a presentation the moment you meet them? The vast majority of us truly are repulsed by this behavior – both on and off line.


To read about ‘what to tweet’, see Gary’s #Twittertip #WhattoTweet.

What effect have you made on Twitter? Are you attentive to the needs of your followers?

The main emphasis is relationship building, social engaging, so people will get to know you. Learn How to Master the Twitterverse …
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