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#TwitterTips Secrets About Twitter, Part 4

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat is an incredible way to build rapport, build your presence, audience, and community. Importantly, become an engaging conversationalist, engage and meet new people.  You can create new relationships, make valuable connections, and form joint ventures.

How would I describe a Twitter Chat?

To describe a Twitter Chat [or Party], old school verbiage would be like Yahoo chat rooms where people got together and had a conversation about a particular topic – before there was social media. It is the same thing, a gathering of people that get together to discuss a topic.

What is a hashtag?

Twitter Party Hashtag updated

What makes it a chat/party is everyone is following the same hashtag. When you have a Twitter Chat/Party you use a hashtag, so people can follow it.
The hashtag is the pound sign – #.

Twitter uses the hashtag as a search tool, which enhances the search. You can find a specific topic listed with that particular word or a series of words, like my affirmations. I use the hashtag #JustForToday. You can either have a Twitter Chat/Party, or just follow those conversations.

What is a trending topic?

Now Trending on Twitter Updated

Trending topics are the most popular conversations that are happening on Twitter at that present moment. If you want to see the trending topics, it is listed on the right side of the Twitter page. A lot of times the trending topics will be: world, sports or celebrity news.


One of the golden nuggets of Twitter…

Twitter is a huge ocean of networking. When you go to a networking event you do not spend your time trying to figure out what each cluster of networkers are talking about. You want to move into the places where people are having the conversations that you want to learn more about or add to the discussion. And, Twitter is the same way. You can use that search box, and narrow down the conversation you want to have. Then you are not muddled down with all the conversations that are going on. I think that is where a lot of people’s frustrations are. They are trying to keep track of everything instead of focusing on what they are interested in. Use the search words, the hashtags, what are you interested in. Here are some examples: Star Wars, Star Trek, Vikings. So, for example, look for #Vikings, and watch that and be a part of that conversation. So, whatever conversations you are interested in, you can find them. You can even save that search, and it will show on your lists. That way you can go to your lists every day, and check it. It will show you all the new tweets that come up under that specific topic.

Do You Have An Upcoming, Special Event Where You Would Like To Become A Trending Topic On Twitter? 

Twitter Parties are perfect for a grand opening, or a book or product launch.
Read more here, or connect with me to schedule some time.

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One of the most frequently asked questions on Twitter is how much should I be Tweeting every day?

A person should be active on Twitter 2 times a day for about 20 minutes. I suggest that a new Tweeter with a purpose of building their community and business post 20 messages a day.  It is really much simpler than you think.

One way is retweeting other people. If you retweet people approximately 5 – 7 times a day that will show your audience that it is not all about YOU. It will demonstrate that you share other people’s content that you know has great material. Remember to build that social currency by endorsing and supporting others.

I share a lot of motivational quotes because those enhance people’s lives. Zig Ziglar said … People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Everyone is going through an emotional roller coaster. Motivational and inspirational messages have changed and saved lives.

Also, create a list. As your following grows, you can’t watch everything that people tweet. Put people on lists. Examples would be great tweeters, industry leaders, authors, etc. I put people on lists that provide good content, that have valuable resources then I do not have to spend a lot of time creating new content or curating tweets. I can scan the list, and find 5 to 10 messages to retweet. Then simply click ‘retweet, retweet, retweet’.

There is no limit to the number of people you can place in your list. At the present I have 50+ lists. One list has close to 4,800 people. Whereas, if you have to go through your home feed, you only would end up getting frustrated. What if after 20 minutes there was nothing that resonated with you to share? But, if you already have marked off people you know and can rely upon, that have good content, then you can go to that list to retweet because you have a ‘pool of good things to tweet’.

The number of lists may vary from people to people. There are different reasons why you might create your lists. I keep track of some of the people that I have taken classes with, been at events with, business and life coaches, healers. I have a number of different interests.

It is an extension of your personality!

I invite you for a FREE Twitter Review…

During your 30-minute Twitter Review we will examine your purpose and mission, your biggest challenges and offer suggestions on your profile, photo, header/background, and more.

Read more here.

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Determine what your market is, and second, who your audience is

When people start seeing account disparities, people start viewing it
as the person has too much of an ego. A perfect example would be someone who has 22,000 followers and 21 people that they are following. They see it as the person is not interested in having a conversation with anybody. Likewise, if you have only 21 followers then you will only see those posts.

How can you change that?

First, determine what your market is, and second, who your audience is. Start attracting them to your list, and begin following them. You want to interact with people. Twitter is a wonderful way to touch people’s lives!

If you study any event you go to, you will notice that half the audience are taking notes and they are absorbing information. They are simply observing. The same thing is true on Twitter. The numbers I saw is that 40% of the active users, which is almost 300,000,000 a day, are basically observing. So, they are watching us to see how we are an interacting with other people. How I interact with my audience is probably the way I will interact with them. Also, it creates an unequal advantage – they will be more apt to work with me or refer people to me.

Using the example above, if you have 22,000 followers and only 21 people that you are following, what should you do?

Go back to your followers, the ones you haven’t followed yet, and follow them back. You can go into your notifications column, which will show you who has retweeted your posts, and who has favorited it. Keep in mind that the counter does not go past the 2 digits. Follow the people who are retweeting you. They are already showing you that they are interested in you, and like your stuff. More than likely, they are going to recommend you to their people.

What other differences can you make on Twitter?

TWITTER BIRD with garys websiteBack in 2008 when I got on TweetDeck there were many useful tools. Unfortunately, some of the functions are not available. I spent an hour a day on TweetDeck. I know that is excessive, but I was determined that I was going to do something successful with Twitter very early on. Back then it was easy to thank people individually. I thanked everyone that retweeted me, who mentioned me, and shared my stuff. I went back in and looked at every single comment, and commented back. That is the differentiation because I made those comments. People connected with me, other people saw that, and for my coaching and Twitter practice it all becomes an audition.

Besides taking the opportunity to connect with people, Build Better Relationships, it is essential to pay attention to your profile and banner.

When I do Twitter Reviews, the header is where I spend the most time with consulting. We spend half the amount of time working on that first impression. When someone clicks onto your site whether it is your website or Twitter page, you have
4 – 10 seconds to impress upon those people who you are, what you do, what you can do for them and what they can do next. A lot of people just have a pretty picture up there, or a blurred image because they haven’t updated it in the last two years.

How should you use your banner?

Restate your profile in the center of the banner. If you notice, the profile is now down below the picture and it is not really within the natural eye movement. That profile is Search Engine Optimization, SEO. So the words you put on that profile should be the same words you are using on your website, and the same words that you are anticipating that people would do an internet search on you. Remember, those words will be the ones they type in their search to find a solution to their problems.

Think of your banner as a billboard. On my banner, I told them who I am and what I do. My eBooks along with their URLs, and ways to connect with me on various platforms are listed on my banner. Those areas claim my expertise. The AD on the side for my Twitterverse Flight School gives someone the ability to learn more about my systems: Twitter management tools, effective ways to work smarter not harder, how to be mobile and more visible, and how to create profitability while making a huge difference in other people’s lives.

With that first impression, let them know where your expertise lies. If they do not see anything, if they do not see a reason why they should connect and stay, they are going to go on. People’s response is ‘it’s all about them’. So whether you are in retail, clothes or anything else, or any service you provide, you need to focus on what is in it for that client, what problems are they looking for, and how you can provide a solution. If you address that in your tweets, and present yourself in a way that it is a solution for them then you give people more reason to stay and check you out.

I invite you for a FREE Twitter Review…

During your 30-minute Twitter Review we will examine your purpose and mission, your biggest challenges and offer suggestions on your profile, photo, header/background, and more.

Read more here.

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One of the services I provide for my clients is managing their accounts to help them attract followers and create a bigger audience.

There are a number of things that people need to do well for their business. To learn something new is like reinventing the wheel, so to work with someone who has mastered Twitter is only smart business. Focus on your strengths and delegate to the experts.

With so much social media, it is hard to find time to do it all. An additional complication to that is all the rabbit holes you can fall into. You can accomplish what you need to do on Twitter when you are first starting out. Most likely, if you have less than 30,000 or even 50,000 followers, you probably can manage it in 2 separate 20-minute segments a day. Be active on Twitter, post some tweets and retweets, share some articles, comment on people’s stuff; and if you do that twice a day, you will create a decent presence. But, as your list and audience grows, it will take a little more time.

That is why you have to grow and expand, and train someone on your staff who is familiar with the nuances of your business, so they can answer in your voice. That is one thing I do not do for my clients. I cannot answer customer’s questions in their voice. That is an authentic part of the business that most people do not realize. Some people will automate that. You can get some results, but really this is a ‘people-to-people’ business. People want to connect with a live person in a voice of that company.

The Golden Rule of Business Networking updatedIf you want to build your business on Twitter, I view it as social media has leveled the playing field. So, a good example of this can be taken from one of my good friends and business partners, Bob Burg. He calls it The Golden Rule of Business Networking. This is important to remember, he states … “That all things being equal, people are going to do business with, and refer business to, people they know, like and trust.” “Know, like and trust” has almost become cliché, so I like to focus on the beginning of the statement …
”all things being equal.”

There are 100’s, 1000’s, maybe 100 of 1000’s of people doing the same thing we are doing. So, with social media we have an opportunity with personal engagement, with the way we tweet to create an unequal advantage in our favor. When people have a need for our services and/or products, they will remember us and we will be topmost in their mind.

Build Relationships First updatedImportantly, if you build a relationship, rapport, and a larger audience, and if that audience does not need your services, they will refer you to the people they know. That becomes exponential growth and a marketing aspect. What will that cost you for a half million impressions, if you have 50 people retweeting your stuff? It is only a win-win.

Some of the last of the boomers do not understand or see the importance of relationship building. There are a lot of marketers on social media now who are still using the 1970’s sales’ tactics. It is broadcast, broadcast, broadcast, come and buy my stuff. But, then again consumers have so many choices now online or offline. So, create that connection, and give them a reason to connect with you.

You want to focus on your business on Twitter, but another important aspect is to extend your personality. One of the clients I worked with who was a big Star Wars fan, started tweeting some Star Wars quotes and made connections with people based on Star Wars. It was a common bridge. Whether for business or a personal reason, people always are looking for connection and validation. If we give them a seed of who we are and why they can connect with us then it is like a magnet that turns on.

I invite you for a FREE Twitter Review…

During your 30-minute Twitter Review we will examine your purpose and mission, your biggest challenges and offer suggestions on your profile, photo, header/background, and more.

Read more here.

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You’re probably thinking Twitter is already moving so fast, so how will
I be able to keep up with even more people in my stream?

I am glad you asked!

Let’s focus on some simple keys to manage your growing list on Twitter.

Key 1: Create a List  

Creating a list of people grouped by niche, interests, and events is the best way to keep track of topics and conversations you’d love to keep
on top of.  Once your list is created and filled, you can simply click on
the list and browse through the tweets and RT, or comment with
greater ease.

* Bonus* How to Create a List

To the right of your photo, on the white horizontal bar and next to ‘LIKES’, select More then > ‘LISTS’.  Next, on the left side under your photo and bio, select ‘Create a list’ > select > ‘Create new list’.
Add ‘List name’ with ‘Description’, and set to private or public.
Select > ‘Save list’.

The ‘Find people to add to your list’ will give you the ability to find users by their name.

Now to add or delete people from your list –

Go to their Twitter page, click the icon that looks like three dots to the right of the ‘Following’ button.  Choose ‘Add or remove from lists’.
‘Your lists’ will appear. Next, check the box to the list you’d like to
add them to.

Key 2: Use Hootsuite  or Tweetdeck to Easily View
Your Lists

I love that I can import all my lists into my Hootsuite control board.
To add a stream, scroll all the way to the right to the column listed >
‘Add a stream’
.  Click on ‘Lists’ and choose one list at a time to bring into your page.  Keep in mind you can only add up to 10 streams within each tab.

I’ve set up separate tabs on Hootsuite for my lists, and #hashtags that
I am following.  In a few clicks I open each tab, and scan the lists to engage and RT with those specific people in each segmented list.

These first two keys alone will save hours a week you’d spend scanning your ‘All Friends’ or ‘Home’ feeds for the messages that resonate with you and that you’d like to RT.

Key 3: Engage & Build Connections 

Show appreciation to your audience with RTs and Thank You’s.  Maintaining a connection is vital to encouraging new followers to stay, while prospective followers are watching your engagement with your audience to be sure that they’ll be welcomed and noticed.

Engagement above all else is the most important aspect in creating and maintaining your audience on Twitter and everywhere else.  Be sure to check in several times a day to scan your mentions & DMs to reply in a timely manner to anyone reaching out to you.

Key 4: Create a Memory Jogging File

Keep a notebook or log of the conversations you’ve had with people – not everything on Twitter happens at Warp Speed.  Many of my chats with people have expanded to several weeks or longer.  Make a quick note, or cut and paste your Twitter conversation into a Word document to refresh your memory when the chat picks up again.

Key 5:  Focus on People Wanting to Talk with you

As your list continues to grow you will not know about everything, or what everyone else is talking about.  Think about when you went to a large networking event, did you try to keep track of every conversation going on in the room?  There are countless conversations going on at the same time. The same is true in your Twitterverse.  Of the large number of followers you will attract only a small percentage of those will be reaching out or engaging with you. Focus on connecting with those people already showing some interest in you. Always remember that everyone we meet is the Gatekeeper for everyone they know.

One of the truths about Twitter is that there are thousands of accounts being created every minute and conversely thousands of accounts being abandoned every minute, because people don’t know what to do or how to manage their stream.  They become overwhelmed and never come back.  Be sure to check out Master the Twitterverse, pg 22 for ideas on how to flush out those inactive accounts.

You may want to read my post ’14 Effective Keys to Engage & Attract Followers on Twitter, Part 1’ , where I explored some of the ways you can find the conversations you’d like to have and attract followers organically.

Happy Tweeting!


Building Business and A Serendipitous Life

One of the common entrepreneurial roadblocks people frequently bump into is thinking that nobody else has the same aptitude and they wind up thinking, “Okay, well, I have to do everything myself. I know what I want to do with my business.” So, they are looking at micromanaging instead of focusing on what they do best and hire the rest. There is always this teeter totter that goes on.
When you are Roadblocksstruggling in building your business, you don’t have enough cash flow to hire the assistant or the housekeeper, the things that will bring the most time back to you. But, if you don’t hire them, then you are not making all the money you can. There is an equation.

If you are making a $100 an hour or your time is valued at $100 an hour, and you hire someone to do the housecleaning for $15 an hour, you can hire them and still go to work, and you still will be $85 ahead. So, it’s a matter of math. The hardest thing is to ask for help. You must learn to ask for help and delegate! One of my coaches shared with me, “If you’re the rainmaker, keep making it rain.”

Yes, life can be serendipitous. One day while I was working as a licensed massage therapist, I received a postcard. And it said, “Do you want to work with people with disabilities?” I had a background working in the wheelchair industry. Previously I worked for a Swedish wheelchair manufacturer when I was back in Wisconsin. When I moved to Florida, I worked for a vendor. So, I was familiar with some of the population. I thought, “Okay. Well, this is the next calling, because it is serendipity at its best, showing up at the right time”. During that time period working with people with disabilities was the most rewarding and personally fulfilling experience. Unfortunately due to unforeseen events, the position was eliminated. So, what was my next step?

I had collected a deep library of motivational quotes. So, I started sharing inspirational messages on Twitter. In reality, I started selfishly sharing quotes to lift myself up. In doing that one action, it was amazing, because people started to respond. People were retweeting and thanking me for the message, “Hey, that’s a great reminder.” Or, they would ask questions, and that’s when I got the tap. The Universe came and said, “Okay, Gary, you have been a coach. You have your coaching certificates since 1999. You haven’t done anything with it, so start coaching on Twitter.” Consequently it was a huge transformation, as I went through my social media therapy growing through a lot of things. It has been an incredible journey for the last nine years.

FearsI learned to never allow fear to engulf me. At that time it was big lesson. One of my greatest fears was questioning, “What do I have to say?” and “Are people going listen?” I shared someone else’s words, and was able to make a connection using that as a bridge.

After sitting through countless webinars and reading thousands of e-books, a huge turning point was to appreciate my own gifts. In all of them, I had the reaction, “Okay, so what? You haven’t said anything new, this is just a repeat of someone else’s book.” When I started looking at it, talking to people, spilling out more than what some of these other people were charging for, I realized I knew a lot more. At that point there was another factor I saw. There was a number of ‘experts’ who were not walking their talk. They’re telling you, “Okay, do it this way.” But then you watch their account on Twitter, and they are not doing it. I had gained a lot of knowledge about the mechanics of Twitter, about relationships building, which is a key part of my life. This is why I think it is a natural bridge to build relationships. And with business, it’s all about relationships. Online marketing is going to increase 200 to 500% in the next five years. So, a customer has choices, and it will come down to what Bob Burg states … “All things being equal, people are going to do business with, refer business to, people they know, like, and trust.”

However, ‘know, like, and trust’ almost becomes a cliché. I like to focus on that ‘all things being equal’. So, it’s a level playing field. If you can create a differentiation of what you do better than anybody else then you become top in someone’s mind with your audience. Later if they need you, they know where to go or they will refer you.

When I owned it, I started doing radio shows and more interviews. Then it became a turning point with the action that I took. It was significant action. I learned the sales process, scripting and knowing what to say and knowing how to overcome objections and layering the value, another Go-Giver philosophy.


Ultimately I learned to let go of micromanaging. Allow others to help, especially with the things that are not cost effective. Listen to your tap. Create a serendipitous life. Allow serendipity to awaken your potential. See your gifts and
own it!


Invest in yourself and your business. Receive private coaching at group coaching rates! As your coach, we will focus on the areas of your business, create and practice a plan and with your dedicated effort, incredible results will begin to appear.  New connections, new opportunities, new prospects will be attracted to you and not only will people notice you, but hire you! Check out your options.



This article was posted in Bellésprit magazine. The magazine content features topics of inspiration, guidance, personal experiences, and spirit messages all leading our diamond in the rough to healing and growing into the best ‘diamond’ we were meant to be. Be sure to subscribe to Bellésprit Magazine, a wealth of information.



An Action Plan Is Needed To Achieve Success

You cannot achieve success without an action plan.  Our dreams and visions are only one step in the process. In order to create what you want, you must build a solid foundation, a business and personal roadmap to success.

The first step is to start an assessment. Go through the reflections and projections. Look at what worked well last year. Equally, you need to look at what didn’t work and what you want to accomplish. Then forecast and decide on a course.

With most working or budding entrepreneurs, or people who are straddling, they do not see their own accomplishments. Here is a powerful exercise to help validate your accomplishments:  write down 100 things that you did in your life.  I recommend that you give yourself credit for even the small things.  This will help you forecast your future.

The second step is to upgrade your associations. You need to be around people who have already succeeded at what you want to accomplish. You are the average of the five people you hang around with. Good, bad or indifferent, if you are the smartest person in the room, find another room. You will not learn anything, and people will continue to drain from you. Importantly, be around people who believe in you.  You want to be around people who will encourage and support you when you are down because we all know as entrepreneurs there are a lot of challenges, ups and downs.

So, establish assessments, reflections and projections, upgrade your associations, and then go ahead and create your plan.

The third step is to invest in your future. Create a winning business and personal plan. Left to your own design most people would plan a future that resembles their past. From my experience to get to a level of success, it is critical to: shift into positive thinking, unlearn old, unwanted patterns, create language filters, eliminate the dream stealers, maintain positive relationships, create action steps, master your goals and stay accountable.

Goal Setting is a powerful practice needed to create the ideal blueprint to achieve success in your life. Remember goal setting isn’t just about improving your golf game. It is about getting some fundamental steps in place so that you can be ready to start your new venture in a way that will be viable, sustainable, and fit within your lifestyle. The bottom line is, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never know if you got there.

Some keys things to remember about goal setting is that they must be written down. Planning and goal setting are not enough – you must take action. Remember: We become what we think about.

I invite you to contact me, and set up a coaching program to give you the tools you need to achieve all of your dreams.

To schedule a time for our conversation, please click here and choose from my available times, a time that works best for you.


Our desires and wishes, our dreams and goals, whether personal or business, they will never be achieved without taking action.  Positive thoughts, language filters and all the ‘catch phrases’ many coaches, speakers and authors use will only take you so far. They often fall short of your goal.  Clear concise action steps, even baby steps, are the only way you will move closer to what you wish to achieve.

“Goals are dreams we convert to plans
and take action to fulfill.” ~ Zig Ziglar

How often do we sit and think that just because we have meditated, said prayers and recited affirmations that everything will just show up.  The Universe is waiting to make sure that you are truly ready to receive. The first step is to create a clear picture utilizing all of your senses. How will you feel, and what will you hear, taste, see, and smell when your dreams are achieved?

“Everything we think and feel is creating
our future.” ~ Marci Shimoff

Abraham Hicks shared a Prosperity Game with their audience.  By playing the ‘Prosperity Game’ full out, people who completed the year round game of spending $66 Million on paper actually attracted
$1 Million in real money.  Their conscious and subconscious minds were fully engaged in the process. Part of the exercise was to use a growing amount of money every day.  They took action steps each day.  Their entire mindset was shifted, and the Universe saw that they were ready and worthy to receive it.

Are you taking all the steps, and are you fully prepared to receive what you wish to achieve?

To create the life you want, you need to see your future. Be your future. Envision what it will be like in the future. Here is a powerful exercise that I learned from my first coach: envision your favorite holiday meal or gathering, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years from now. Who is there? What does it smell like? What foods are there? What sounds are there? Are there kids running around? Is there music? Involve all of your senses and see that future. The clearer that you are and the more action you take, the easier it is for the Universe to hit that moving target. So, get on track.

I invite you to contact me. To schedule a time for our conversation, please click here and choose from my available times, a time that works best for you.

To give you the tools you need to achieve all your dreams, set up a coaching program.

“The virtue of all achievement is victory over oneself.
“Those who know this can never know defeat.”
~ A.J. Cronin


How to Find Your Best Followers

I love to help new clients discover how to create connections and conversations on Twitter. There are enormous possibilities. Most ‘newbie’s’ on Twitter get overwhelmed with all the conversation or broadcasting that fills up in their Twitter stream. The first step
is having fun with the engagement.

Imagine that Twitter or any other social media platform is a huge networking event. For your best success, connect with people who have similar interests in what you would like to share. Those interests are certainly not limited to the product or service you are offering. It is probably very rare for people in your current audience to be looking for your service. Occasionally people do make that request – but, how are you going to find them?

We’ll get back to that shortly. The odds are reasonably small that this will happen and turn into a sale for you right away.

In working with a couple of new clients with specialized niches, we looked for people that the clients could connect with. The most effective tool to find both potential prospects and other people offering a similar service is the ‘Search Box’ on Twitter. This search box is a powerful Google type engine. Type in the keywords you are looking for, and you’ll get both a list of people who have those terms in their bios, as well as those who have used any of the terms in a tweet.

learn from your ‘competition’, and duplicate their best practicesIf you are new to Twitter with a specific niche, I believe it is in your best interest to watch and learn from your ‘competition’, and duplicate their best practices and find ways to enhance your presence by providing what they are not.

In creating a conversation with people posting a question related to the terms you are using; please do not start out your conversation with a pitch. No one likes the guy at the networking event who runs into you, and pushes his or her card in your hand, making some claim or promise. My suggestion is to take some time and connect with that new person. You already know that there is some level of interest, but you want to create a relationship that goes far beyond a single sale.  Perhaps truly connecting with them will create a long-term customer, and better yet, a referral source.

By being specific with your search term, it will provide targeted results. Use “quotation marks” around the word or words. A search for Belly Dance will bring up all recent tweets with the words Belly and Dance.  But a search of “Belly Dance” will generate a much more targeted conversation.

The ‘Search Box’ on Twitter is the best place to begin your search. There are other directories where people can list themselves within categories, which generally are people who want to be found by prospects.

Hope you find all the conversations you are searching for, and locate new friends, connections, ambassadors, and clients.

I am grateful for the generous comments I have already received on how to Master The Twitterverse . . . how it has helped to increase their following and enhance the ease of using Twitter.  I would be honored, if you would share your experiences, and what you liked best about the eBook on my site.

If you haven’t read my free eBook, receive your copy here. Please feel free to email me any of your comments: Gary@GaryLoper.com

Watch my video on Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter.

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