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Every time you leave the office or speak to anyone, you are representing your business and your services.  The most valuable gift you can give your customer is yourself, be authentic in every way.  We all can tell (or, should be able to tell) when someone is not being himself or herself.  They dress in a way that they were told would impress, but it is obvious that they are not themselves in that attire.

What’s more, when you speak, speak from your heart, not from a ‘canned’ script.  Focus on the needs of the person or customer you are working with, listen intently to their words, affirm their words back to them – we all have a deep need to be understood and validated.

You can have everything you want in life if you'll just help enough other people get what they want Zig ZiglarWhat an experience your prospects and customers will have in working with you when they know they are heard and understood!  They will be walking, talking ambassadors for your business, regardless if they ever personally buy from you.   Zig Ziglar’s infamous quote applies, “You can have everything you want in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

Another key is how we treat others. We are talking about a ‘tit-for-tat’ type of exchange; but, when you have the mindset that you place the needs of others before your needs, you will receive in kind from unexpected people, at unexpected times.  Perhaps it is a bit of karmic law, but also it is a course in behavior.  When we treat people as gifts and not as a transaction, they will tell their friends about that experience.

You never know who those people know.  There are many stories of a third or fourth generation referral that eventually found their way back to the conscious business owner and presented new opportunities – beyond any previous thoughts.   What we are talking about here is providing incredible value – you see, price is a one-time consideration, and value is perceived across the lifetime of the product or business relationship.

All of nature works on a give and take arrangement, the sun gives lightBy applying these keys, you will be well on your way to a thriving conscious business, but only if you allow yourself to receive all that comes back to you.  All of nature works on a give and take arrangement, the sun gives light – the plants take the light and give flowers, food, nectar, etc.  Humans are the same.  We cannot continually give without receiving.  Try to only exhale for more than 30 seconds; you’ll run out of air and have to inhale (receive) to exhale again.  Being open to receive a compliment, a favor, compensation for services will feed you in many ways, and provide the energy to continue serving the world knowing that the natural cycle is in perfect working order.

In creating this conscious business model, and serving and enhancing all the lives you touch, all your current dreams will come to life.  Then it is time to look for ways to serve even more people.

Empower yourself to dream massive dreamsEmpower yourself to dream massive dreams, only a few people have created a shift in the world without having or creating new revenues.  People with ‘YES Energy’ flow in rapid rivers of abundance from which they can create more opportunities to serve the world. Thinking small or not believing you can – will never create change.  Say ‘YES’ to your dream of a Conscious business.  Embrace these keys to unlock your new, enormous dreams, and serve the world in your unique way!

Whether you need help in your personal life, or in your business, I can help you with the one thing that you can change today to improve you or your business. Set up a strategy call today:  30-Minute Strategy Session . . . for ONLY $25, $100 VALUE.

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Your faith is critical in your success, both in your dreams and with your Higher Power.  Know that you have experienced all you have, so that you can better serve others to create an even better life.  Reconnect with your Source through prayer and meditation, not by asking for results, but to be purposed in the service of others in order to take full advantage of your unique gifts and experiences.  When you recognize your own gifts and shift your thoughts of Getting to one of Giving, you will find a new level of confidence in yourself.  It will attract more people to you, which will give you a great number of experiences and from those experiences will produce your results.  In time, you will be ready to serve an even bigger audience and dream even bigger of what is yet to come.  You will move ahead with Certainty and Confidence knowing that Source has your back, and is directing you to serve the best way possible.

All the pieces are needed to make your business thrive, and failure to delegate those tasks to a team member will leave you stranded in the myriad of tasks and fading customers

Importantly, a conscious business must market their business both on and off-line.  Often when businesses begin to grow, the do-it-yourself entrepreneur will drown in the entire task that needs attention.  Essentially they have created a job for themselves, not a business.  I hope you can see the pieces beginning to fit together.  In understanding your gifts and talents, you also will come to realize those tasks you do not do very well.  And, in doing them, it takes you away from doing the things that created the positive flow of business to you.  Surround yourself with people who play at the things you don’t do well: designing your website, bookkeeping, accounting, fulfillment and even social media.  All the pieces are needed to make your business thrive, and failure to delegate those tasks to a team member will leave you stranded in the myriad of tasks and fading customers.

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There are many strategies and tactics to becoming successful. It is more than knowledge. It is learning how to engage, target your audience and attract potential customers to your offerings. Gary’s specific guidelines dramatically will drive customers to your website and shift your business to a level of success.

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Far too many times, for many reasons, too many people look for shortcuts to get where they want to go. If you were driving and selecting a route that saved time and expenses that shortcut would be a good thing. We all have seen people in their relationships and business try to take shortcuts, and wind up with more trouble than they could have imagined.

In today’s times, it is vital for entrepreneurs and small businesses to lead the way into better economic results, just as they have done historically after a financial ebb.

In both relationships and business following a proven plan of success is vital to your long-term success.  The causality rate of those without a plan is staggering, and should be proof enough to seek out support in the way of a coach or mastermind.

The Golden Rule of Business Networking updatedCreating your business in a consciousness model will set you apart from any other business that may offer similar offerings. With that said, I strongly suggest that businesses adhere to a powerful principle, the Golden Rule of Business Networking – “All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like and trust”.

In a world that serves thousands of impressions daily, potential clients have countless choices of where to invest/spend their money. Most importantly, your business must stand head and shoulders above the others.

The following are internal exercises that will create an unequaled advantage in your favor with your customers and prospects:

  • Changing your conversations is essential, both internally and externally.
  • The thoughts running through your head will make or break you.
  • Choose positive speech and a positive mindset.
  • Be mindful that your subconscious will create your most dominant thoughts, and cannot differentiate between a negative or positive thought.
  • Whatever you give the most attention to will be attracted to you.

When you catch a negative thought, it must be replaced with at least six to twelve good thoughts.Your air conditioner unit and your car operate best with a clean filter, so will your mind.  When you catch a negative thought, it must be replaced with at least six to twelve good thoughts.

More negative thoughts will ‘seep in’ from some people around you. Friends and family members who have lost their dreams will believe they are protecting you from their failures, but they are really crushing your dreams.  It would be best to separate yourself from those dream stealers as fast as you can.  In some cases, where you cannot bear to delete family, at the very least you must take responsibility for your dreams and protect them at all costs.  With people who cannot support your dreams – it is up to you to shift the conversation away from you, and onto a more generic topic – kids, weather, sports, etc.

It is very important to surround yourself with positive people, those people who can say ‘Yes’ and figure out how to get it accomplished.  Masterminding with positive people who have already accomplished what you desire to achieve will be an incredible advantage to your business success.

You may be interested in my eBook, 37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking. Receive it for FREE, a $ 97 VALUE. 

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Large lists vs

For as long as I can remember, there has been a debate over large lists vs. small lists on Twitter and other social media sites.

What is interesting is that only those ‘experts’ who do not have a large audience are the ones beating the drum of a small list. All the top coaches, speakers, authors, marketers, etc. know the advantage of creating and maintaining a big list and creating the Know, Like & Trust relationships that generate responses, communication and sales.

Those ‘experts’ have failed to see the advantages that the top online marketers and others have discovered in having a large list, and will be shared with you here.

KEY REASON #3 ~ The Law of 250

Gatekeeper 2In the bestselling book ‘How to Sell Anything to Anybody’, Joe Girad shared what he referred to The Law of 250.  Briefly summarized, most of us know about 250 people.

Building relationships with those 250 is essential to building a referral-based business.  What’s more, Joe was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Greatest Salesman in The World” for 12 years in a row.

My interpretation of The Law of 250 is that each person we meet or add to our list knows 250 people. In creating a favorable relationship with that prospect, we then will increase the likelihood they will refer us to their people when the need for our services is needed.

We can never expect that everyone we encounter will become a customer,
but imagine the possibilities of each person on your list as becoming a referring ambassador for your business, regardless of whether or not they ever purchased
from you.

Would you rather have 1% effort of 100’s, or 1,000’s of other people or have to create 100% effort on your own?

KEY REASON #2  ~ Law of Compensation: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them: The Go-Giver Laws of Stratospheric Success.

Go-Giver Book for WEBThere is a lot of deep meaning in this Law to fully understand, which I help people explore and apply in my Go–Giver Master Mind Group.  Our potential income is based on how many people we serve We may have a very difficult time fulfilling all of our dreams to create the magical lives we all dream about, to provide large checks to charities we are passionate about to help them do even greater things – if we do not look at attracting a large audience on Twitter, or any other on or offline marketing effort.

To hear these ‘experts’ talk about all the vetting of followers – is to me – telling the universe to stop the flow of sunshine or rain.  You’re saying I have enough, don’t want any more prospects, clients, and friends.  How can we ever meet too many new people, especially when we understand the above-mentioned Law of 250?

KEY REASON #1 ~ Social Media as a CRM

Some of the more savvy business people I’ve had conversations with really understand my concept of Social Media as a CRM – Customer Relationship Management tool.

PrintThe very top level is the no or low cost point of entry into our offerings.  Many of you are probably using a free eBook or report as your top of funnel offering.

Let’s expand that thought to your Twitter stream or Facebook wall.  Everything you post is content you are sharing to attract more followers – posting information that your audience sees as being valuable to their life in some way. That begins to build the Know, Like & Trust relationships needed for the reader to make a purchasing decision with you when the desire for your services are needed.

On Twitter there is no opt in or friend request to gather their information to send them an email or another offer.  But, there are massive opportunities to create connections with your growing audience and expand the relationship to a phone or Skype call or in person meeting. All of which begins the circle together – which goes back to The Law of 250 and connecting with ‘as many people as you can’ in all of your marketing efforts and building a ‘win, win, win’ relationship that will bring you new opportunities and business.

Be aware of ‘experts’ who tell you not to have a big list. From what I’ve seen over my time on Twitter, those people don’t have a depth of content they can share with their audience, and may only have a limited scope of marketing experience both on & off line.

Learn how to Master the Twitterverse.  My no-cost eBook is filled with my best Twitter Tips to help you take control of the helm & get into Warp Drive.  Receive your eBook:  Twitterverse eBook.


Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is often called the ‘Snowflake Disease’. Just like a snowflake there are no two alike. MG differs considerably from person to person. The degree of muscle weakness and the muscles that are affected vary greatly from patient to patient and from time to time.

Over the last 33 years I have dealt with the physical and emotional aspects of MG,
an autoimmune, neuromuscular disease. The complexity of both the physical and emotional components can be astronomical. The intricacy stems from the various degrees and nuances of challenges, and characteristically creates layers of fear, despair, and isolation, and often loss of hope.

Many MGers feel those emotions at one time or another. The key is to embrace all
the deep-rooted emotions associated with a disease, move up the rung on the ladder to hopefully achieve acceptance. The best analogy I can describe in this circumstance is to visualize a ladder and its rungs. You cannot go from depression or sadness to acceptance in one step. It is one step at a time. With acceptance comes a place of hope. For without hope, we lose sight of the very aspect we need the most, to love oneself in spite of dealing with a disease.

Finally it is vital that we maintain a support system. Our support system does not guarantee that our emotions will shift immediately; however, it does help us find solace, and offer us comfort and encouragement. Fortunately I am richly blessed to have my husband, Gary who has enormous compassion and empathy, and continues to give his never-ending support.

In recent years I developed a number of friends through Facebook that have Myasthenia Gravis or a similar challenge. It has been my saving grace. Often alienation happens when we do not feel understood. Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is misunderstood by the very nature that we may look well. Nevertheless, our health
is truly comprised.

“A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together” ~ Author Unknown

In recent times I became Facebook friends with another MG Snowflake,
Kelly Moeller Drazek. Her words are straight-forward, open, and ring truth.
Read her passage below . . .

“MG fact: When you have Myasthenia Gravis, your muscles become paralyzed and useless by using them. That is the basic nature of the disease. 

“There is no “out”. There is no “by-pass”. No amount of encouragement nor pity will change Science and how your body works. Surviving MG
is done by management of the paralyzation. It’s a full time job. It’s incurable. You often die of it when the disease refuses to be managed.

If you see anyone with MG carving a life out for themselves: they’ve earned it. If they are generally good natured about their plight,
they’ve earned respect.”  
~ Kelly Moeller Drazek

Kelly, thank you for sharing your post. It’s all about transparency, education and awareness. In my book, you have demonstrated strength and earned respect.


Building Social Currency on Twitter - Zig Ziglar Quote

Social Currency is a validation, an endorsement.  It’s going out and supporting others.  Some people equate Social Currency on Twitter as the act of ‘retweeting’ someone else with the expectation that the other person should ‘retweet’ them.  The mindset here is reciprocity, a mutual, reciprocal exchange.  Tweet for tweet.  I do not believe or adopt that mindset. Shift your focus from Getting to Giving.

The philosophy of shifting your focus from Getting to Giving is about ‘Giving’ more in value than you take in payment. Your compensation will be determined by how many people you Serve, and how well you Serve them.  Give for the sake of Giving, not with the expectation that it will necessarily come back from the same place.  We know that the Universe works on a Give and Take process. So, the more we are Giving to the Universe, the more we will get back from unexpected places, unexpected people, at unexpected times.

With Social Currency you need to look at the bigger picture. For example, if someone is doing a fundraiser, and it looks legitimate and it touches me then I will share it.  Look for similar opportunities.  Likewise, even going on Facebook, be sure to ‘Like’ people’s photos, quotes, etc.  We know that in time it will end up coming back to us.

Social Currency takes a certain mindset. Here is a perfect example in sales.  At one time or another, everyone has been in a sales situation where they wanted to buy something, or a sales person approached them to sell their product or service; however, you could sense they were coming from a place of desperation. They are hungry for it, and all they were looking for was your name and your credit card.
From a business perspective, what is the biggest cost in business?

The biggest cost in business is building your list and client acquisitions. So, if you are building this Social Currency and a Community, spend the time to build a relationship and develop a community.  Have a safe place for people to come. If they buy from you one time, there is probably a good chance they will continue to buy from you, as long as you come from a place of service and help them solve their problems.

Focus on relationship building and delivering real value.  Create a bridge between communication and relationships through Twitter.

Here are some of my Twitter Tips.  Feel free to copy these tweets and RT them:

#TwitterTip Provide great content & it doesn’t matter when you post, people will search you out & RT @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Most people are leery, by purposely earning #SocialCurrency we can build trust + break down walls @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip People will flock toward the good energy you emit thru your work + words, good attracts more good @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Your expert status is raised by group consciousness, based on your ability to serve 1st @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Following back is a choice not an obligation or courtesy @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Word of warning – expecting reciprocation is limiting the number of ways new opps will appear @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Put the needs of others 1st @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Compliment 1 person everyday on Twitter (there’s always something nice to say) @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip #SocialCurrency is what is earned by providing #influence & service @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Successful ppl are always looking 4 opportunities 2 help others. Unsuccessful ppl are always asking, What’s in it for me? @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Share, RT, Like as much as you can the posts of others you wish to support @GaryLoper

 #TwitterTip It takes 1000 tweets to build a rep ~ only 1 to ruin it. Tweet Carefully @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Always be mindful of what you share, good posts = great connections @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip  Engage people directly in conversation to find a good fit before asking to buy @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip #SocialMedia #Influence is established over time, build trust + rapport daily @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Be A Positive Influencer For All to See @GaryLoper

For more great Twitter Tips, I invite you to get my free eBook – Master the Twitterverse – filled with strategies and tips to help you take control of the helm and become the Master of Your Twitterverse.

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A Reason, Season or Lifetime - Traveling on My Path

Throughout our lives people come and go.  Sometimes it makes a major impact.
It always touches our lives in some way even when the ‘lesson’ may not be revealed
to us until well afterwards.

Traveling along my path I gained many experiences and lessons. I learned to be aware of the wonder of each of those encounters, and have accepted that people
or events arrive to us for a reason, season or lifetime.

For the most part I can fully accept that when a relationship ends, it is for the best.  Each soul, or at least one soul in the sacred contract, will attain the lesson it needed to learn. Even those who appear to be major dream stealers or energy zappers have been a player in our play. They are there to show us our choices and lessons so we
can move closer to our dreams and potential.  Personally I know they have served me,
as I discovered my own desires, especially when I am told what I cannot do.

I remember all my teachers saying: “delete the dream stealers”, “surround yourself with positive and successful people”, “let go of the past”, “go with the flow”,
“work with those who are looking for what you have to offer”.

Why is it nearly impossible to disconnect from those who have disconnected
from us? 

There is still the child within all of us that needs to be loved by our families.
Even after knowing and accepting who they are and have been, other people’s approval does not seem to fill that void.  The approval of our colleagues, friends
and customers is not enough.  We still deeply long for approval from where it
never came from before.

Personally I struggle with that aspect a lot.  Being estranged from all of my family
for years, I still feel devastated on birthdays and holidays, especially when previous repeated rejections prevent any positive movement and healing.  I experienced both physical and emotional separation.

Earlier in my life it was only emotional.  I struggled to decide which felt worse:
1) having them so close and not receiving what was needed, or 2) moving myself
away in self-protection.  Their behavior is the same as it was before and continues
to be.   It is my self-worth that leads me to no longer accept the lack of emotional availability.  I needed to remove myself in order not to expect something to happen that has never happened before, and that is still not being heard.

I have seen where some people will not acknowledge the existence of those who
have hurt them.  But, I wonder if that ever works?  It would seem that you would
be constantly carrying that casket, and the continual pain would always be present. There may never be a time when I will be able to separate myself completely from them even though it appears they have.

I am hopeful to learn from your experience in what you have done to come to a better acceptance of family estrangement, so that you develop workarounds to heal yourself. If you would like to share your story, please email me at: gary@garyloper.com.

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My Twitter Follow rule is extremely simple

My Twitter Follow rule is extremely simple. I follow everyone who follows me until they give me a reason to stop following.

For a lot of newcomers to the Twitterverse, they are spending too much time checking profiles to determine if they are follow-worthy. Early on, at times I checked profiles until one day I was checking out a profile of a new follower, and noticed that the language and energy of their page was or appeared to be out of alignment with my values. But they retweeted several of my messages every day for quite a while. Apparently my messages had meaning to them. Over time I saw a shift in some of the language in their future tweets. I believe that we can learn from everyone we meet, and the variety of quality twitizens in my stream gives me an opportunity to reach a very wide audience.

However, an exception can be made for those on Twitter with a very, very specific target audience. Should you need help in expanding your reach into that type of market, let’s get together for a Twitter Strategy Session Call where we can focus on your Twitter and Social Media strategy.

The more complicated matter is in deciding whom to unfollow. Here are reasons I made the decision to stop following or to ignore someone’s comments:

  • Tweeting lists without any text and not telling us why you are mentioning those people.
  • Begging for a follow, RT or shout out – if you have to ask, it is not
    a gift. Focus on becoming a great follower and add value to your audience, and then the mentions will start to flow your way.
  • RTing someone else’s list – create your own list and tell us why you are recommending those accounts.
  • Multiple posts of lists in S/O or FF – we all love to receive the recognition of others, but once is enough. Countless SO or FF mentions devalues the thought.
  • Any post that includes the following: F4F (follow for follow), follow back or any of the team follow. Following back is a choice not an obligation. And as mentioned above, begging is a major turn off.
  • Any RTs that includes your own name – often people will RT those messages that include their name. I guess it is a way of self-promotion. Posting lists that are not your own provides no value to your audience.
  • Adding your link, any link to my messages are an automatic block and reported as spam – no questions. Build your own reputation, and never try to steal a ride on someone else’s Twitter Jet Stream.
  • Self-promo in your auto DM or thank you messages – pushing your links will produce little if any positive results, and it’s spammy.
  • Invites to Face Book pages – take time to build a relationship with us here on Twitter first before inviting us to learn more about you on other sites.
  • Thanking me for RT’s & FF mentions I did not make.
  • Provoking an argument.
  • Taking a minor exception to an author of a quote I shared – attempting to devalue the message.
  • Telling us way too much or everything that is going on in your life. Move your personal conversations to direct messages. One of the things many people look at when they visit your Twitter profile is your tweets to follower’s ratio. If you have 20,000 tweets, and only
    a couple hundred followers, it creates a picture that you are talking for the sake of talking regardless if anyone is responding.
  • Not providing any value.
  • Not enough posts or abandoned accounts.
  • Sarcasm.
  • Tru Tweet Validation – you followed me, and then ask me to prove I am human. Spend time connecting and learning about the people in your Twitterverse, and you will attract quality . . . real followers.

To learn more Twitter Tips, click here to receive FREE, the eBook: ‘Master the Twitterverse – Guide to Getting More Followers’.


#TwitterTips Secrets About Twitter, Part 6

There Is So Much Value in Lists

One of the ways to make a connection with a person of influence is to get that introduction. How is it done? I begin to watch that person’s stream. I let that person know that I am watching them, seeing their tweets. Then I put that person on a list, and I start re-tweeting them periodically. It lets them know subtly that ‘Gary re-tweeted me again, he re-tweeted me again, re-tweeted me again’.

What Is Another Good Use Of Lists?

If you are following celebrities, place them on lists. There is a good chance that a celebrity will not follow you back. Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, all the Hay House authors, a lot of people of that caliber typically do not follow people back. But, if you put them on a list, you do not have to follow them. They will not count against the Twitter 10% rule that you must follow.

10 PERCENT RULEWhat Is The 10% Rule?

When you first get on Twitter you can follow as many people as you want until you reach 5,000. Once you reach 5,000 people that you are following, you cannot add any more people until your Follower/Following ratio is within 10%.  If you are following 5,000, then 4,501 have to be following you back in order for you to add one more person.

How Many People Are Not Following Me?

TWITTER BIRD with garys websiteAny time you purchase a list, 1/3 of the list is outdated, and the same thing happens on Twitter, 1/3 of your followers are not active. Typically they have not tweeted in more than 30 – 60 days, or they have abandoned their account. They got on Twitter, they were overwhelmed, they never took a class, never read a book, or they never listened to an interview. To learn some of these things to de-mystify it, I suggest you flush some of those people out, especially when you have that 10% margin. Go and use the tools that are listed in my eBook. You can flush out the people who haven’t shown up, who are not following you back.

When I manage my client’s accounts, I get them targeted followers.
A lot of the heavy work needs to be done, flushing out those inactive followers, non-following accounts. Once we can get a 15 – 20% margin the other way then they can go do all the promotions. I add all the people, and then they never have to worry about adding new people. You always want to have room on your list, so when you do a promotion, and you say “follow me on Twitter”, they can follow you and you can follow them back.

Check out these services: Interested in Getting Targeted Followers? or, Flushing Out Your Followers.

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