Why Twitter? Find Out Why.

by Gary Loper on April 15, 2017

Why Twitter - Find Out Why

Generally speaking, on the whole people do not understand what Twitter is or why they should use it, and Twitter’s tremendous advantages over other social media platforms.

Their first perception is that Twitter simply is a platform for people to share information about their lunch, or that it is something that the television stations are doing to broadcast news.

Most people really do not understand the power of how to use Twitter as a branding tool, or how to use it as a positioning tool. It is important to create the trust and rapport that your clients and customers are going to need from you.

1.0.3The Yellow Page ads, those days are gone. Remember “Let your fingers do the walking?” Nowadays it all about social media. Twitter is an opportunity. It levels the playing field for the small guy and the big guy. All of our prospects have choices. Use Twitter as a way to level that playing field, and perhaps even create an unequal advantage in your favor that will differentiate you from everybody else.

I think that is a missed opportunity for people who are thinking that broadcast message, “Oh, I’m just going to put my stuff out there all the time.” It doesn’t work. It actually winds up being a push back.

Recently I saw an article about the aspect of social selling getting a negative connotation. You are really looking at an opportunity to connect, socially engage, build a community, and set a platform. Then, from that, you will attract people who will do business with you. It is all about relationship building.

Some people have asked me what social platform they should use. I personally focus around Twitter for a number of different reasons. Twitter is a wide open platform. There are no rules. You can follow anybody you want to follow. They do not have to follow you back. You can have a conversation with anybody who’s willing to talk with you.

Build Better Relationships on TwitterLinkedIn, you have to go through this vetting process, and you can only ask for invites from somebody two levels away. Facebook has changed their algorithms where they are pushing you to pay for access to your own lists.

I really believe that Twitter, by far, is the best way for engagement and conversations, and unlimited possibilities because tweets are search engineable. Your tweets, if you are focusing on your keywords and enough of your tweets contain your keywords that solve people’s problems, when people go to Google or Bing or Yahoo, you are going to come up in that search. The other platforms are not searchable in that same way.

I believe, hands down, the best way to reach the world and a bigger audience is Twitter.


I invite you to listen to ‘Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter’.  Please tak e advantage of viewing and listening to my webinar below – my tips on Twitter, answering the most frequently asked questions. Happy Tweeting!  Watch here.


Tame The Negative Voice Within

by Gary Loper on April 8, 2017

Tame the Negative Voice Within

That negative voice or Gremlin is the narrator in your head influencing you since you came into this world, and accompanies you throughout your entire existence.

He wants you to accept his interruptions as reality, and his only goal is to squelch the natural, vibrant you within.

Even though your body and personality changes over time, the gremlin keeps playing the old tapes – some of which may have been helpful in the past, but most if not all no longer work for us today.

In the book “Taming Your Gremlin”, author Rick Carson’s wonderful book of lessons assists the reader to get out of your own way and tap into a clearer vision of those gremlins – those inner voices.

When I worked on some lessons I got stuck in the process, wanting to avoid the exercise that took me back to my childhood homes in which I had to identify the feelings and memories.  My avoidance was a Gremlin trying to stay in a victim mindset until I realized that I was still living a good part of my life with those limiting beliefs.  Those recollections were not who I am or was.  They were the makings of someone else and their choices.

Change the StoryI discovered that I was an actor in the play being written by my family – not a very good play, UNTIL NOW.  I am the producer of my own new play, and have cancelled my part in the previous drama.

What I learned is you can make choices as whether you want to play with the negative voice or Gremlin, ignore them or simply observe them. After reading the book, I am making better choices, having more victories.  The confidence starts flowing back in abundance when you take out the filters in what you can receive.

Lao Tzu’s philosophy is to simply notice the natural order of things. Work with it rather than against it. For to try to change what is, only sets up resistance.

Simply notice involves simply noticing. When you watch a movie you allow yourself to be entertained – you don’t work on enjoying the movie.

The Zen theory of Change states, I free myself not by trying to be free, but by simply noticing how I am imprisoning myself in the very moment I am imprisoning myself.

Some Tips:

  • Ultimately become the observer of your thoughts and those of the Gremlin.
  • Simply notice. Choose and play with options. Be in the process.
  • Your breathing is the gauge and regulator of your level of contentment.
  • Remember to fully inhale and exhale.
  • Stay aware of your body and the world.
  • Your past is not attached to you.
  • Importantly creating a ‘feel good’ feeling is an internal mechanism.
  • It is up to you to create the world you want.

Stinkin Thinking

Need some help Taming Your Gremlins, sign up for private coaching at group coaching rates!  Learn how to tame that negative voice or gremlin, the narrator in your head influencing you since you came into this world and accompanies you throughout your entire existence.

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