Welcome Back! Here is Part 2, Keys 8 – 14.

Acknowledge the Source

Gary Loper's Keys for List  8. Acknowledge the Source ~ When you find a Tweet you would like to reuse many times, be sure to include the source of the Tweet – especially if it is someone else’s original thought.  It’s not necessary to continually give credit for a RT of someone else’s quote, but the source always should be mentioned. I’ve seen several people take my #JustForToday #Affirmation messages, and repost them without giving credit.

a. It is violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service
b. Completely misrepresenting yourself to your audience, and
c. Twitter Karma will be coming for you.

Gary Loper's Keys for ListFollowing back is not an obligation 9. Follow People Back ~
It is very important to check daily for new followers to your account.  There used to be apps that allowed us to automatically follow everyone who followed us.  No More (sad face).  My follow rule is very simple.  I follow everyone who follows me – until they give me a reason not to follow them anymore.  Following back is not an obligation.  It is completely your choice, but remember that everyone is the Gate-Keeper for everyone they know.  I have been surprised by people who I thought would never be a good person to engage with on Twitter. One person I am thinking about became a great RT-er of mine for a long time, and the tone of their messages changed with the positive influence of my messages.  Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.

Gary Loper's Keys for List 10. Introduce Yourself to New Tweople ~ Please do not take this as a suggestion to set up an auto DM with a Welcome message that includes your pitch – yuck!  But, rather respond with an invitation to genuinely reach out with sincere appreciation for the follow and perhaps an offer to help them.

Gary Loper's Keys for List 11. Reach Out ~ Make it a goal to reach out and create a new conversation with three new people every day.  Take an interest in what they are doing, compliment them on their website, let them know you left a comment on their blog, share something that you may have in common after looking at their profile or site.

Gary Loper's Keys for List  The use of hashtags is growing and becoming an incredible way to find conversations about specific topics12. Hashtags ~ The use of #hashtags is growing and has become an incredible way to find conversations about specific topics.  Almost any term is already being tagged.
Go to the Twitter Search box and enter for example: #Leadership.  All the recent tweets containing that hashtag will be shown.  Scan the list for messages that resonate with you and make a comment, or RT to begin a possible conversation with someone who already has a common interest with you.

Gary Loper's Keys for List  13. Chats ~ Twitter Chats are mini communities that meet regularly to have a group conversation usually surrounding a theme of the day with several questions spaced out over an hour.  You can answer each question to join the chat.  Be sure to include the hashtag of the group, so others in that conversation will see your answers.

Gary Loper's Keys for List  14. Seek Out Your Mentors & Influencers ~
Twitter has been around for a while now and there are probably already several thought leaders in every niche imaginable.  Again, searching in Twitter will help you locate those people who already have an audience of people you share your interests, or may eventually be interested in what services you have to offer.  Engaging & RT-ing these leaders and the most active people in those conversations will help establish you as someone to take notice of – provided you’ve applied the other Keys in establishing your Twitter presence.

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Collaboration & Joint Ventures

by Gary Loper on July 1, 2017

One of the most effective ways entrepreneurs can increase their results is through collaboration.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  ~ Zig Ziglar

Working together creates that synergy and momentum. Use that power to mastermind even if it is one person. Getting together with 2 to 3 people and that collective mind, it’s not the simple math of 1 + 1 + 1,
it is exponential growth. Group relationships or partnerships like collaborations expand the idea exchange. With that, it gives you the ability to find someone that has the experience to help you with your growth.

Look ahead and declare your intentions starting today and beyond.
For me, a declaration is much more powerful to both our own minds and those surrounding us. The Declaration of Independence is a prime example. It served as notice that the old ways were no longer acceptable and continues to be a foundational statement of which so many other great things arose.

What is my declaration?

I am looking for and open to exploring possible joint venture projects. Possible partners must be in alignment with my core values, and come from a place of service to those people we will attract to work with us in other ways. No project is either too big or too small. The mission is to join together; and with mutual effort, achieve much more than any of us would accomplish alone.

Let’s Get Better Acquainted and Explore
Collaboration Possibilities

As much as I love all social media and all the wonderful connections I have made, I really prefer to know the people in my network on a deeper level.

Would you be open to a call sometime soon?

Let’s discover how we can work collectively. Grab a spot on my calendar to schedule a time to begin our journey together.


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