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Practice These 14 Keys To Engage & Attract Followers On Twitter, Part 1


Regularly practicing these ‘Keys’ will be the nectar
to attract swarms of new followers.

 Gary Loper's Keys for List 1:  Let Your Authentic Personality Fly ~ People love to connect with real people, not automated or robotic accounts. Show us your personality in your tweets and @ Replies. You’d be surprised how many people are watching you in actions. Give them the best you and they will follow.

 Gary Loper's Keys for List2. Tweet Consistently ~ Showing up every day is vital to create the Know, Like & Trust relationship needed to invite them to look at your site and offers. Important to note: Tweet in moderation – especially when first starting and leave room to allow your audience to absorb your messages.

 Gary Loper's Keys for List3. Tweet Great Content ~ The majority of your tweets should not be about you.  Share interesting, inspiring, educational, entertaining or breaking news – industry specific or of general world interest. Apply the 80/20 rule – only 20% of your messages will be self-promotion. When you apply the Keys in this post you’ll be surprised by the reach that those 20% messages will have by your legions of faithful fans and ambassadors.

Gary Loper's Keys for List 4. Ask Questions & Respond to Answers ~ Asking questions that generate responses is an art form. Focus on general questions that more people can answer and in a way that probes for a deeper thought. (This has been very effective in my Facebook Business Pages). On Twitter deeper questions may take several tweets to share their answer – try something like . . . What was your 1st Car?  Your Best Concert experience?

Gary Loper's Keys for List 5. Ask For Help ~ 
Many bloggers and content creators from time to time experience writer’s block. Asking your audience for ideas for your next blog series, or getting a feel of what problems they are having in their life or business may help stimulate new products and services to help solve their current problem.

 Gary Loper's Keys for List6. Promote Others ~ Everyone loves to see their name mentioned by someone else, and it has deeper meaning for them if you are seen as Twitter Hierarchy – as your list grows there is a sense of credibility that is bestowed upon you by the followers you’ve attracted. Share their blog or an article or Facebook message they posted or a simple RT.

Gary Loper's Keys for List 7. Leave Room 
Keep your Tweets between 100 to 120 characters for multi-generational RTs – creates space for 2 or 3 people’s names to be included in your messages RT-ed without having to edit.

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