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2 Twitter Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

TWITTER TOOLS If you are reluctant to tweet live on the weekend - Gary LoperWeekend Tweeting – I have read a number of articles that indicate something I have been mentioning for a couple years. Weekend engagement activity is higher than during the ‘normal’ business week.  Some of the reports mention that less than 20% of business are tweeting on Saturday or Sunday.  If you are trying to attract followers and customers, and you’re not actively tweeting on the weekend, you’re missing massive opportunities.  Think about the schedule of your audience – many people are living a Monday through Friday life based on work, school, kids and other commitments. Their weekend is the time they have to catch up on their social networking sites.   If you are reluctant to tweet live on the weekend, at the very least use applications like Social Oomph, Hootsuite, TweetDeck or Buffer to schedule messages to be posted while you’re away from the computer, and still expand your brand and markets.  

Twitter Is Not Just for Kids anymore –  The fastest growing demographics on Twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket.  The most rapidly expanding age group on both Facebook and Google + is the 45-54 year olds.   These numbers definitely show that the myth that social networking sites are something kids do – is busted.  What this means for many businesses that cater to customers over the age of 45, your chances of success in reaching your audience with Twitter and other sites has dramatically shifted in your favor.  

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Happy Tweeting!