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5 Keys To Managing A Big List On Twitter

You’re probably thinking Twitter is already moving so fast, so how will I be able to keep up with even more people in my stream?

I am glad you asked!

Let’s focus on some simple keys to manage your growing list on Twitter.

Key 1: Create a List  

Creating a list of people grouped by niche, interests, and events is the best way to keep track of topics and conversations you’d love to keep on top of.  Once your list is created and filled, you can simply click on the list and browse through the tweets and RT, or comment with greater ease.

* Bonus* How to Create a List

To the right of your photo, on the white horizontal bar and next to ‘LIKES’, select More then > ‘LISTS’.  Next, on the left side under your photo and bio, select ‘Create a list’ > select > ‘Create new list’. Add ‘List name’ with ‘Description’, and set to private or public. Select > ‘Save list’.

The ‘Find people to add to your list’ will give you the ability to find users by their name.

Now To Add Or Delete People From Your List 

Go to their Twitter page, click the icon that looks like three dots to the right of the ‘Following’ button.  Choose ‘Add or remove from lists’. ‘Your lists’ will appear. Next, check the box to the list you’d like to add them to.

Key 2: Use Hootsuite  OR Tweetdeck To Easily View Your Lists

I love that I can import all my lists into my Hootsuite control board. To add a stream, scroll all the way to the right to the column listed > ‘Add a stream’.  Click on ‘Lists’ and choose one list at a time to bring into your page.  Keep in mind you can only add up to 10 streams within each tab.

I’ve set up separate tabs on Hootsuite for my lists, and #hashtags that I am following.  In a few clicks I open each tab, and scan the lists to engage and RT with those specific people in each segmented list.

These first two keys alone will save hours a week you’d spend scanning your
‘All Friends’ or ‘Home’ feeds for the messages that resonate with you and that
you’d like to RT.

Key 3: Engage & Build Connections 

Show appreciation to your audience with RTs and Thank You’s.  Maintaining a connection is vital to encouraging new followers to stay, while prospective followers are watching your engagement with your audience to be sure that they’ll be welcomed and noticed.

Engagement above all else is the most important aspect in creating and maintaining your audience on Twitter and everywhere else.  Be sure to check in several times a day to scan your mentions & DMs to reply in a timely manner to anyone reaching out to you.

Key 4: Create A Memory Jogging File

Keep a notebook or log of the conversations you’ve had with people – not everything on Twitter happens at Warp Speed.  Many of my chats with people have expanded to several weeks or longer.  Make a quick note, or cut and paste your Twitter conversation into a Word document to refresh your memory when the chat picks up again.

Key 5:  Focus On People Wanting To Talk With You

As your list continues to grow you will not know about everything, or what everyone else is talking about.  Think about when you went to a large networking event, did you try to keep track of every conversation going on in the room?  There are countless conversations going on at the same time. The same is true in your Twitterverse.  Of the large number of followers you will attract only a small percentage of those will be reaching out or engaging with you. Focus on connecting with those people already showing some interest in you. Always remember that everyone we meet is the Gatekeeper for everyone they know.

One of the truths about Twitter is that there are thousands of accounts being created every minute and conversely thousands of accounts being abandoned every minute, because people don’t know what to do or how to manage their stream.  They become overwhelmed and never come back.  Be sure to check out Master the Twitterverse,
pg 22 for ideas on how to flush out those inactive accounts.

You may want to read my post ’14 Effective Keys to Engage & Attract Followers on Twitter, Part 1’ , where I explored some of the ways you can find the conversations you’d like to have and attract followers organically.

Happy Tweeting!