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About Gary

Gary has dedicated every day of the past 33+ years on personal development. His lifelong enthusiasm and passion is to assist individuals in becoming their best.

Gary has studied extensively life coaching; has learned from some of the most exceptional motivational and inspirational speakers as well as having an extensive and diverse reading background from such authors as: Neal Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, Shel Silverstein, Caroline Myss, Harvey Mackay, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden,
T. Harv Eker, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, & more.

Gary completed At the present, he is being coached by Loral Langemeier, one of today’s most dynamic and financial strategists, author of the national best-seller The Millionaire Maker and two New York Times bestsellers, The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Wealth Cycle Investing and The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Creating a Cash Machine for Life.

In addition, Gary has been selected as a Bob Burg Consultant.   The emphasis of this format of business coaching is taken from
1 – the basic principles of Bob Burg and John David Mann’s book, “The Go-Giver”, the five Stratospheric Laws of Success, and
2 – the “Endless Referral” Program.  To quote Bob Burg, “If you’re serious about your business, whether you are selling a product, service or yourself, master the contents of Endless Referrals and you will practically guarantee your future success.”

Gary’s coaching does not focus on “why,” but on “what now?” The Relationship coaching process shifts obstacles into plans and goals, looking forward instead of analyzing the past. Gary is trained to listen, observe and customize an approach to your needs. He will work to find solutions and strategies that will help you out of your rut. He tailors the experience, meeting you where you are, not putting you in a “box” or forcing you through a program. Gary will help you discover your hidden assets, revealing the real person inside, allowing you to come into your own personal power, perhaps for the first time. Gary will teach to redefine who you are and teach you to release old limiting patterns, allowing you to flourish in all your gifts, as you provide value to others. Ultimately, Gary will uncover your REALized Relationships in your life with yourself and others.

Gary has a strong background in marketing and sales with 30+ years of customer service and 15 years of direct sales, social media. Gary’s Social Media consulting will train you to make the best use of social media sites as Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn, train you to find your way around and engage first with your new friends. Times have changed, no longer are customers wooed by commercials and pitches, they are looking for relationships they can feel good about.

A balance of engagement and content will be your magnet to attract new customers and referrals.

Be an implementer and see what happens.

Other Benefits of Working with Gary …..

In recent years, there has been much emphasis on Holistic Medicine, the system of health care that cultivates a supportive relationship between the body, mind and spirit, or rather the inherent balance of all healing modalities.  The emphasis is on the whole person rather than the narrow viewpoint to focus only on one aspect.

Besides being a Business / Life Coach, Speaker, Social Media Consultant, Gary is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Practitioner, Yoga Instructor.  With all that, he is also an Ordained Minister ~ encompassing all avenues of wellness.

Along with his Coaching, Speaking and Social Media Consulting, he offers Bhakti Massage, Chair Massage, Myofascial Release, and Energy Work. Some of Gary’s clients have been individuals with Special Needs, conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Mental Retardation, Schizophrenia, Down’s Syndrome, and Tourette’s Syndrome.  He is a strong supporter of self-care.

Adding to your SUCCESS …You will feel better, look better and live better.