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Invite Your Prospects & Customers To Tell Their Story

Allow Your Prospects & Customers to Tell You Their Needs, stories can be

Stories can be invisible influencers in creating cash conversations. Creating an emotional connection with a success story that a prospect or potential customer
can relate to and can imagine doing, ultimately will help them get the same results.

However, I believe that inviting the prospect to tell their own story rather than automatically going into your own story can be the most impactful conversation starter, an even faster path to cash.

The perception of sales people is often that of manipulation – trying to get you to buy something you don’t want. Because of that perception, there are automatic alarms that go off in the prospect’s head – just like the robot in the TV show, Lost In Space: “Warning, Warning Will Robinson, Danger Danger.”

By having a number of prepared conversational and opening questions available,
you will allow the prospect to tell their story: how they met their partner, how they got started in their business, and any number of problems they encountered along
the way. Questions like “How did you get started in the ____ business?”, or “What brought you into the store today?” are just a few suggestions on how to get the conversation flowing and will allow them to be the star of the show.


Sales resistance is increased when
the prospect does not feel heard and understood, coupled with the need to be validated. It makes absolute sense to invest the time to learn about the prospect, their story, their needs and purchasing history. Doing so will allow them to ‘sell or qualify’ themselves, greatly reducing your efforts.

These conversation starters will work both on and off line. People are looking to connect, and be recognized in all areas of their lives and business. By giving them the floor, it may seem like you’ll lose control of the conversation. However, that will not be the case, if you are genuinely interested in serving their needs and helping them improve their life in some way.

Use their name in a natural conversational manner

Bonus Tip ~ Use their name in a natural conversational manner. I have noticed a huge shift in the conversations I have with my Twitter community when I include their name in my reply. The most beautiful sound to a human’s ear is the sound of their own name. It is well worth any effort to dig into your prospect’s Tweet Stream or website to retrieve their name, if it’s not included in their profile. We all feel better when we are being personally spoken to. Your customers and prospects will be appreciative of this gesture, as well as the onlookers in your social networking communities, networking and business activities. When they see you have a personal relationship with others, they will want to get closer so that they can be recognized and develop a relationship with you and your business.

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