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Announcing New Logo

We greatly appreciate your participation in our logo survey.  Your insights, recommendations and votes all played a huge part in our selection.  From all the information we gathered, and my preferences and Caryl’s graphic art recommendations, we expanded upon the original vision and recreated a new logo.  Since you have been a part of the process, we would like to share the new logo with you.

We opted for the crystal shape. The crystal shape initially was selected to represent our corporation, ‘Crystal Pathways’.  Its form, irregular in shape, is indicative of beauty, strength, clarity and transparency, representative of the attributes we wish to stand for.  Caryl added the feature of stair stepping vertical lines going up the sun, in rainbow colors to elicit a response of beauty and to represent the colors in the chakras.  My background is a huge collaboration of marketing, branding, coaching, relationship building, and a strong base within the healing modalities.

Let us know what you think.  Thanks again for your time and thoughtful recommendations.  ~ Gary & Caryl

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