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Announcing a New Twitter Service ~ Tweet For You

Announcing a New Twitter Service ~ Tweet For You
Special pricing for a limited time

Twitter Best PlatformOne of my coaches drummed into my head “You have to be seen to sell.”

With the ever growing use of social networking sites and the mind blowing projections that internet marketing will increase up 500% by the year 2020….


Creating your social media presence is essential for your future customers to find you and build a relationship with you, and have faith that you can help solve their problems.

Build Relationships First updatedI believe that filling your Tweet stream messages that serve the needs of your audience is the best way to begin and maintain relationships with your growing community. Not only is it a fun way to connect with others, you will also be able to make a positive impact in the lives of people who are searching for a ray of hope and your messages will arrive just when they need it the most.

Other major benefits in a bigger daily Twitter presence is, with the trust you have created with your community they will be more willing to share/RT and click on your links, and that means more traffic to your website 24/7/365.

Be active on Twitter,use Twitter to connect with peopleLeveraging our services to help you save time and money will create ample opportunities for you to engage with your Twitter followers. One client regained over 20 hours per month in gathering and scheduling tweets – they reinvested that time in learning more about the people who were engaging with their posts and those chats moved to phone calls and to new business.

I have the honor of several of my clients and my accounts being mentioned regularly in the Top 100 People to Follow on Twitter, within their area of expertise. How would your business be impacted with this type of recognition and increased awareness of your personality and services?


Grab this introductory offer Now, the $99 per month price is only good thru June 30th at 11:59 pm ET.*  At midnight the page and this low price will disappear. The service will be available at the still cost effective price of $197 per month. You cannot find a VA to manage your Twitter presence for $99 a month. By taking advantage of this special you will be locked into the special price as long as we are working together.

* Special Offer has been extended through
Labor day weekend, 2015.


We Will Tweet for You

Sign Up Now  — Tweet for You.


You may also be interested in becoming the Master of Your Twitterverse by enrolling in my Twitterverse Flight School. 12 hours of recorded webinar trainings that you can access on demand, and learn at your own pace the concepts and strategies that I have benefited from on Twitter since 2008.

 June is my Birthday month and wait there’s more 🙂


Follow this link to save $50, and pay only $197 on this invaluable training that will take your from the Twitter Basics to an Advanced Twitter user.

If you still have questions on how you can use Twitter to establish yourself as a thought leader, attract an audience of ambassadors who will promote you for free and generate new traffic to your website and offerings. Grab a spot on my calendar to schedule a time that works best for you to explore the possibilities of how I can help you spread your message across the Twitterverse and to increase your visibility and sales.