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Attracting Prosperity and Abundance, Part 3

attracting-prosperity-and-abundance-part-3The subconscious mind is powerful. It will attract whatever we think about. Early on I did relationship coaching, and I would ask women clients what they wanted in a relationship. I would get responses like,
“I don’t want a smoker or a drinker. I don’t want a jerk”.  And, what did they meet? They met the smoking, drinking jerks that left the seat up, and didn’t call in the morning. What can be learned from this? You have to focus on what you want.

If I asked you to look around the room, and notice everything, but do not notice the color red. What would be the first thing you would notice? So, what is the first thing you noticed? Your mind cannot ‘not’ do something. Therefore, it’s vital that you are specific in what you want.

When I was volunteering at a music festival I met a woman, and she said, “I want to meet somebody who doesn’t want to watch TV”. On every occasion she met a man who his only interest was watching TV.  When I asked her what she wanted she said, “I want someone who enjoys going to the opera, the movies, who loves to read”.  Remember it is critical to focus on what you want. To follow up, in both cases, the focus must stay in the affirmative. Focusing on the positive will bring in the positive.

Stinkin ThinkingAlso, you may want to get rid of that ‘Stinkin Thinking’. The best thing to do is change the story. So many times we are stuck in our story. I was the result of a picnic the day before senior year started at my parent’s high school. I was born on graduation day. Neither one of them were emotionally capable or available at all.  I never felt the love or validation. I probably spent the first forty years of my life blaming them …. “Why couldn’t you do this? Why couldn’t you love me? Why wasn’t I worth it?” I started to change the story, and realized that their inability to love me was needed to be able to see that dark side. That motivated me to focus on my life and mission by helping people Build Better Relationships. The bottom line is everyone’s primary need is validation.

Rewrite Your StoryTo add, we can take bits and pieces of the situation. For there is a seed of good in every bad situation. Then we can move it forward and merge it with our new seed to create the life we want. What do farmers do? Farmers are tilling. They are turning the soil over. They plant the seeds. They turn it back over. Then they spread cow manure to fertilize. So, use all that cow manure to fertilize your new dream. Change your thoughts, change your life. Find some way to move it forward!

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