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Automation in Today’s Times


How can automation be done in today’s times?
Blend the leverage of technology.

Here is how it came about:

When I first started on Twitter it was a little hard for me to press the ‘enter’ button when I was promoting my own products and services. Self-promotion created anxiety. Even though I knew people ‘clicked on’ my tweets that had my blog posts, radio interviews, programs and services, it was challenging to load them into the Twitter stream.
The solution was Automation.

That is especially true for new entrepreneurs and healing arts people. They have the same reluctance, so I offered my Twitter Management program.

Over the years I have automated client’s accounts. One of my clients saved over 30 hours a month when we automated her account. Before she started with my program, she was looking for motivational quotes, wrote her own tweets and scheduled them out throughout the day. She figured out that she was doing that for about 30 hours a month. When we gathered everything, automated it, set up 20 messages a day, she was able to take back the 30 hours a month and invest that time back into Twitter. She used that time to connect and engage with people,
look at their sites, and see what was going on with people of interest.

This particular client wound up getting more business, which elevated her personal and financial success. She even created a friendship with a singer on Twitter, and eventually met with her when she went up to New York. This singer was performing at a small place just 5 minutes away from where my client was staying. You never know what that one connection will bring.

It is about leverage. In my Twitter classes I teach people how to leverage. When you first get on Twitter it is overwhelming.  Most people try to see everything that is going on. Twitter is like being in a stadium, full of people. You have 50,000 people, and 20,000 different conversations going on. You are not interested in all of those people, so we teach you how to utilize lists and how to find the topics that you want to be a part of the conversation and converse. That one aspect saved another client over 20 hours a month just by creating the list, so they could find the conversation.

People may never do business with you, but they are watching what you are doing. And, if you start expanding your presence, and you start having people in the UK, Africa, Australia and India, for example, who are all watching your stuff, then why aren’t you scheduling things?

Tweet when they are able to see you, and it will expand your reach and market. When I began automation, people started to get my eBooks, take my classes, and create partnerships. The world has just opened up!

If you are not ready to create your own automation, get started with my Twitter Management Posting Program: Tweet 4 U.