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How To Become The Most Valuable Tweeter

I am always looking for ways to add more value to the people I serve on Twitter.
An often overlooked method of adding more value to your community is something so simple; yet, it is massively powerful in creating goodwill. Build trust and rapport, and establish a positive mental image in the minds of everyone reading your tweets.

One way to build trust and rapport is by using the person’s name.  It’s been said that a person’s name is ‘to that person’ the sweetest and most important sound in any language.  When someone uses your name in a conversation with you, it creates a bond, shows respect, provides validation, and instills a general sense of well-being.

On Twitter, it can be extremely easy to have chats with people, and never think about using their name, rather relying on their Twitter handle.  In some cases, their name and handle are the same or a variation of their name.  But, as Twitter grows, most of the common names will have already been taken, forcing new accounts to create a unique handle that may represent their company or mission.

Leran people's names on Twitter

I challenge you to explore the person’s account information or website to learn their name.  Many of the Twitter applications will include the name of the account it was created with, or was included in the User Name in their Twitter Settings.  Then begin to refer to them by name in your conversations on Twitter.

In addition to learning the names of the people you may already be chatting with and not using their name – start using their names in every tweet between the both of you.

Undoubtedly, this would be a good time to review your own Twitter Profile, and determine if you made it easy for people to know your name.  If they can’t find it, you’ll miss out on the opportunity and the good feelings discussed above when someone mentions you by name.

Here’s a beneficial assignment:

1) Search out people asking questions that your services can provide a solution.

2) Start a conversation using their name – without pitching, to build trust and

3) Allow them to discover naturally what you do, and how you will be able to
serve them.

Go boldly into the Twitterverse, and create even better relationships by remembering and referring to the people you are chatting with by name.  When you give respect and validation first, you’ll be amazed on how much more will be returned to you from unexpected people, at unexpected times.

Happy Tweeting!

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