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Book Of Miracles Exercise

book-of-miracles-exerciseMany people are not or may not be aware of their
own definition
of  Success, Love and Happiness.

This exercise will reprogram your subconscious to your new definition of these
vital aspects of your life.

  1. Begin with the word you are looking for clarity on. For example, we will use Success.
  2. Place the word “Success” in a top circle.
  3. Under the word Success create more circles. Fill those circles with synonyms from the Book of Miracles – The Thesaurus.
  4. You are not limited to just the three or four circles.
  5. Use as many synonyms that resonate with you, as what ‘Success’ means to you.
  6. Let’s use the words, ‘Prosperity, Achievement, Love, Fame and Winning’ for this example.
  7. Under each of these words search the Book of Miracles for an even deeper definition.
    • Prosperity – Wealth, Affluence, Love
    • Achievement – Attainment, Realization, Accomplishment
    • Love – Happy, Nurtured, Partner, Safety
    • Fame – Celebrity, Personality, Brilliant, Notoriety
    • Winning – Victory, Charming, Captivating, Triumphant
  8. Repeat the process by finding resonating words for each new word for each of
    the four.
  9. Keep repeating the process – finding new words – until you get to a point of overwhelm. You can repeat words.  There is no limit, but you should find at least 100 words.
  10. In your notebook, write a story that utilizes all of the words you discovered. The story does not need to make sense, and it does not have to be shared with anyone. By using all the words, you are reprogramming your subconscious mind with ‘YOUR’ new definition of what Success means to you.

This exercise can be used with any word you are unsure of your definition, for example: love, happiness.

Here’s to your SUCCESS!




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