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Build A Prospecting List

Reach out to the people you already are connected to, people you know. I relate this to the story about ‘Acres of Diamonds’. Acres of Diamonds is an illustrative story about a farmer who yearned and searched for wealth. In constant pursuit he ultimately gave up, and relinquished the essential key to success. He lacked an abundant mindset, and could not see or visualize that it was actually within reach. Everything is within reach, if you see it.

Our email lists, our Twitter lists, and the people we have connections to, who probably already have introductions – they are waiting for us. We just have to let them know that it is available.

I have some tweets that I make public that say … Have Gary speak at your next event. Contact Gary”. I put out all the radio shows and podcasts that I have been on, so those links are always present. It lets people know, ‘here’s what I have done’, but subliminally we are saying, ‘bring Gary on as a speaker’. Then I start to reach out, and look at their tweet stream.

So, one of the ways you can make a connection with that person of influence is to get that introduction. I let that person know that I am available, I am watching them, and I am seeing things. So, I begin to watch that person’s stream. Then I put that person on a list, and I start re-tweeting them periodically. And, let them know subtly that ‘Gary re-tweeted me again, he re-tweeted me again, re-tweeted me again’.

Skype - once you establish that relationship, you invite them for a Skype call or phone call, and start exploring what you can do next

It is like the dance we do in the beginning of relationships. We just get to know each other, like passing notes in school. If you start making those little connections, it gives you both a chance to check each other out. To be able to say …”So, what’s going on?” Then once you establish that relationship, you invite them for a Skype call or phone call, and start exploring what you can do next.

A lot of people are looking for the ‘big splash’ right away.  I have a ‘big’ program. Ultimately they are saying, “Let’s get on there, bring me onto the list and let me sell my $5,000 program.” That’s like asking for the marriage on the first date. You need to build that relationship and foster it. Closing the deal on the first date may be fun and exciting, but 5, 10, 15 dates to close is much more enhancing for both people.

So, when you start out, start out doing something small. Share each other’s links on Twitter. Create a highlight in your email on someone’s program. That way you are doing a small thing, and you can see if you are talking the same language, share the same kind of ethics, and see if you want to continue working together before you take the next step.

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