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Building Social Currency On Twitter

Building Social Currency on Twitter - Zig Ziglar Quote

Social Currency is a validation, an endorsement.  It’s going out and supporting others.  Some people equate Social Currency on Twitter as the act of ‘retweeting’ someone else with the expectation that the other person should ‘retweet’ them.  The mindset here is reciprocity, a mutual, reciprocal exchange.  Tweet for tweet.  I do not believe or adopt that mindset. Shift your focus from Getting to Giving.

The philosophy of shifting your focus from Getting to Giving is about ‘Giving’ more in value than you take in payment. Your compensation will be determined by how many people you Serve, and how well you Serve them.  Give for the sake of Giving, not with the expectation that it will necessarily come back from the same place.  We know that the Universe works on a Give and Take process. So, the more we are Giving to the Universe, the more we will get back from unexpected places, unexpected people, at unexpected times.

With Social Currency you need to look at the bigger picture. For example, if someone is doing a fundraiser, and it looks legitimate and it touches me then I will share it.  Look for similar opportunities.  Likewise, even going on Facebook, be sure to ‘Like’ people’s photos, quotes, etc.  We know that in time it will end up coming back to us.

Social Currency takes a certain mindset. Here is a perfect example in sales.  At one time or another, everyone has been in a sales situation where they wanted to buy something, or a sales person approached them to sell their product or service; however, you could sense they were coming from a place of desperation. They are hungry for it, and all they were looking for was your name and your credit card.
From a business perspective, what is the biggest cost in business?

The biggest cost in business is building your list and client acquisitions. So, if you are building this Social Currency and a Community, spend the time to build a relationship and develop a community.  Have a safe place for people to come. If they buy from you one time, there is probably a good chance they will continue to buy from you, as long as you come from a place of service and help them solve their problems.

Focus on relationship building and delivering real value.  Create a bridge between communication and relationships through Twitter.

Here are some of my Twitter Tips.  Feel free to copy these tweets and RT them:

#TwitterTip Provide great content & it doesn’t matter when you post, people will search you out & RT @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Most people are leery, by purposely earning #SocialCurrency we can build trust + break down walls @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip People will flock toward the good energy you emit thru your work + words, good attracts more good @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Your expert status is raised by group consciousness, based on your ability to serve 1st @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Following back is a choice not an obligation or courtesy @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Word of warning – expecting reciprocation is limiting the number of ways new opps will appear @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Put the needs of others 1st @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Compliment 1 person everyday on Twitter (there’s always something nice to say) @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip #SocialCurrency is what is earned by providing #influence & service @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Successful ppl are always looking 4 opportunities 2 help others. Unsuccessful ppl are always asking, What’s in it for me? @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Share, RT, Like as much as you can the posts of others you wish to support @GaryLoper

 #TwitterTip It takes 1000 tweets to build a rep ~ only 1 to ruin it. Tweet Carefully @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Always be mindful of what you share, good posts = great connections @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip  Engage people directly in conversation to find a good fit before asking to buy @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip #SocialMedia #Influence is established over time, build trust + rapport daily @GaryLoper

#TwitterTip Be A Positive Influencer For All to See @GaryLoper

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