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Can The Twitterverse Tell What Kind Of Mood You’re In?

Smile When You Tweet

Can The Twitterverse Tell What Kind Of Mood You’re In? Absolutely!

The key is to embrace your authentic attractive personality.

One of my most frequently retweeted Twitter tips is SMILE when you Tweet. Tweople can tell. If you are not already on Twitter, you would be amazed on how moods are amplified through the words we tweet, and the photo we include in our profile. In 140 characters or less the Twitterverse will know your mood.

For coaches like myself, I can sense when there is more beneath the surface by the comments or questions people are asking me. It has been a great relationship building tool for my life coaching services.

On the other hand, there are people who are not interested in growing or learning. They are just mad at the world, and they feel that it’s their place to incite and inflame people to be mad as they are. Or, they may tweet while under the influence. Or, the persona they have chosen is that of sarcasms and rants.

Just as in your offline networking events, those negative people are the ones we tend to avoid. The same thing happens on Twitter. You’ll learn to grow some Rhino skin, and not take it personally knowing that you have a message to share with people looking for your help. You will not be distracted by hecklers.

People are attracted to pleasing personalities, and they avoid displeasing ones. Put on your happy face. If you are having a bad day, jumping into your tweet stream filled with positive people and messages is a great cure for a bad mood.

Happy Tweeting!

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