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Catch the YES Energy Celebration, This Weekend via Live Stream

We are excited to be attending Loral Langemeier’s YES! Celebration event in San Diego.
Which is a complete sell out, no question with such an incredible line up of speakers –John Assaraf, Robort G Allen, Gay Hendricks, Mary Morrissey and more plus the launch of her new book YES! Energy.
There is still good news for those of you who were hoping to attend but couldn’t for logistics reasons or any other reason keeping you  from attending. Loral is  offering a LIVE stream of the event with the same bonus that VIP’s are getting plus even more.

What you get: a massive value at just $49

Access to the live streaming event for two days (would cost over 30k to see these speakers this year)
Anytime playback of the event sessions 
The same bonuses that the VIP’s are getting, available as an instant download (valued over 5k) 
An awesome 8 week course that guides you to finding your own Yes! Energy 
Plus 4 coaching calls with Loral to recap the events and all the lessons learned 

Click here to register for the live stream and catch YES Energy 

$49 bucks will get you 15 SPEAKERS mentoring you for 2 DAYS streamed right to your computer!

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