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We Can Only Grow Amidst Chaos

Chaos Creates Change

So many people are complaining about how bad last year was (insert pretty much any last year). You are still holding the vibration of a bad year in your mind, and your dominant thought will create the same.

On New Year’s Eve when we watch so many people in Times Square so fervently counting down to a new beginning, you can see that many believe that it is an opportunity that only happens once a year. We can begin anew anytime we want.
We are in control of our clocks and calendars. 

We can only grow amidst chaos. Something has to go wrong or be upsetting enough for us to realize we need to make a change, because we are not in alignment with the results. If everything were all sunshine and balloons all the time, we would not experience the contrast of what we do not want to discover, what it is we truly desire. 

In the middle of chaos, I have noticed that many people poke holes in themselves, looking to be perfect. I am not sure where the perfectionism mentality comes from, thinking that everything we do has to be perfect from the beginning. Did we stop trying to walk when we first landed on our butt? Or, did we stop trying to walk with the countless times we persisted until we mastered this walking thing? When we give ourselves permission to try something, and if the results do not work out as we would like, then we can adjust and try again. Edison found over 10,000 ways not to make the light bulb. We certainly can try a couple more times, and disregard the dream stealers who think they are being brutally honest, but are really more interested in being brutal.

Keep growing, the path is not always straight or smooth, but the rewards are living your truth and rising up where many others crumble.

Remember, you can’t be your best until you uncover whom you are and where you want to go.

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