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Giant Step Coaching


You can invest in yourself and your business now to reshape your financial landscape, and do something positive for your own economy.

Still think you can do it all by yourself?  How has that worked out for you, so far?

The same level of knowledge that led you to this point in your life will not be enough to move you into the successful life & business you deserve.  All great achievers, of every aspect of life, have sought out the help of a coach or mentor.  Together a success map was created, practiced and achieved.

As your coach, we will focus on the areas of your business, create and practice a plan and with your dedicated effort, incredible results will begin to appear.  New connections, new opportunities, new prospects will be attracted to you and not only will people notice you, but hire you!

Get Started NOW!  You Have 3 Options To Choose From:

3 Coaching Sessions for $ 390

6 Coaching Sessions for $ 660

12 Coaching Sessions for $ 1,080 

 Here’s just some of what you’ll experience:

60-minute coaching calls (determined by which package you select) – to be scheduled at your discretion.

Explore your hidden gifts and assets, and apply them to creating the changes you want to achieve.

Set a new foundation of positive habits.

Learn to move past limiting beliefs.

100% focus on you and developing your business or life concerns that are keeping you from your success.

Work to create action steps you can apply immediately.

Hold you accountable to your goals and dreams.

Answer your specific questions.

Brainstorm for new ideas that will propel your business, projects, etc.

Massive amounts of inspiration, education, & motivation.

A giant step forward in your success through a series of small powerful action movements.

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After sampling quite a few coaches I choose Gary Loper. The other coaches were good
but I felt that they went by a one fits all coaching template, which would never work
for me. Gary works in the moment with whatever I need at that time. When I had
resistance to doing something for my business, instead of forcing me to do it,
Gary had me look within to find the reason why. In one case it was a good reason
because at the time it was not a good fit for my business. He also works well with
healers and spiritually inclined to add mainstream methods that have been proven to
increase and improve business. Last but not least, I did not have to sell my
possessions or soul so I could afford his coaching. Gary Loper is awesome!

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Pamela Cummins
The Musical Psychic

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Get Started NOW!  You Have 3 Options To Choose From:

3 Coaching Sessions for $ 390

6 Coaching Sessions for $ 660

12 Coaching Sessions for $ 1,080 


Or, send checks payable to Crystal Pathways Inc., P.O. Box 531463, St Petersburg, FL 33747

Additional questions, respond by email.