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Gary assists individuals to uncover who they are by asking open ended questions, contrary to leading questions that simply elicits a response with “yes” or “no” answers. This method engages the person to study their inner self, delve further and unsheathe who they are, getting to the core of their being. It is not a psychological, cognitive system rather it is more
an intuitive and introspective approach. Converse to examining the past, the individual looks at the present behaviors, what their actions are, where it comes from, and learns to course correct their actions and eliminate repetitive behavior patterns.

Gary helps define you. Once you uncover who you are, you will get clarity; a place of self love unfolds. You cannot love another human being until you have self love and self respect. Furthermore, this method helps you find your direction and purpose in life.

Self-Partner RelationshipsPeople look for “love” replacements in their lives through food, drugs, alcohol, money, work, exercise obsessions. Instead of “love” replacements, Gary’s approach validates who the person is, helps create a healthy, self worth and value perspective.
If you choose to have a relationship then it is more likely for you to have a healthier connection because you have shaped and built a strong self-foundation.

You will learn that you can be full and complete on your own. With your relationships, instead of trying to fit into them or them into you, you actually roll along with them. You are much more aware of your needs, able to express them in an empowering manner, so it improves communication and listening. One of the biggest enhancements for relationship building is to be available for others, to help others to be their best, while maintaining your best. It can be partners, husband and wives, business partners, whatever partnerships you are looking for.