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On & Offline Networking

The On & Offline Networking Club Is Meant For Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders
For Individuals Who Are Striving For Excellence

Garys Success Accelator Club

  • Did you know that 50% of businesses fail within the first year?
  • Did you know that out of the 50% of failed businesses, 95% go bankrupt within the first five years?
  • So, do you want to be and are you committed to being the small percent of businesses that succeeds?
  • One of the characteristics of successful businesses is that they are constantly willing to learn and rethink their products and services, and are able to meet the needs that their clients are asking for.

Every day people make resolutions that they are going to change their direction and finally achieve the goals and dreams that have escaped them so far. Truly successful people realize that they cannot do it alone and surround themselves with people who can support them in their dreams.   START NOW!

The first characteristic that successful individuals have in common is that they hold themselves accountable to their goals.  It sounds easy, right?  If is so simple then why isn’t everyone successful?  Most individuals do not have the constitution to be accountable. They are missing that structure.

Join My On & Offline Networking Club & Set The Foundation With . . .

      • 1-YEAR Vision for Success
      • Monthly Milestones
      • Detailed specific action steps that will move you towards your year vision
      • Look at last month’s milestones and the upcoming ones to keep you on track and accountable
      • Start realizing your potential, your vision and manifest your dreams

LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE  ~ Start NOW & Join Gary’s On & Offline Networking Club!

Learn from Gary’s experience as an inspirational speaker,
social media expert, and life and business coach!

Studying from some of the top teachers in coaching, business and financial development, Gary now has a deep well of tools to assist entrepreneurs to create an abundant business as well as become an even better person for themselves, their families, partners, and all the lives they may touch.

Jumpstart Your Life . . .

      • Receive answers to your burning questionsFREEDOM
      • Help discover and uncover the true you
      • Discover your gifts
      • Develop confidence
      • Uncover and tap into your Passion, Vision, and Mission
      • Fulfill your destiny and dreams
      • Create better relationships with yourself and others
      • Learn to work smart instead of hard
      • Receive strategies and tactics on how to become successful
      • Produce and maintain positive solutions
      • Stay in a positive mindset
      • Attract and manifest true wealth
      • Create a powerful and purposeful life
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What You Will Receive Monthly . . .

    •  TWO – 60-90 minute, monthly conference calls – including teaching topics and Q&A
    • Receive exclusive success coaching tips
    • Downloadable recordings
          • Re-listen at your convenience
        • Repeat & Revitalize:  Re-listening to information creates new patterns
    • Interact with other members to receive additional support on private Facebook page
    • Unlimited email support throughout the program
    • Receive successful proven systems and support

What You Will Expect  . . . 

        • Facilitated mastermind call with Gary
        • Receive support & coaching
        • Discover your hidden gifts & assets
        • Uncover your objectives & challenges
        • Shift challenges into successes
        • Receive insights & direction
        • Brainstorm & stay accountable
        • Create commitments & stay on track
        • Celebrate who you are
        • Build Better Relationships with yourself, your mastermind members,
          partners, family, friends, and business associates

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it ~ Goethe



Register for Only $57 / month, month by month basis … $450 value/month 

Your card will be charged each month in the amount of $57.00. Charges will incur from Crystal Pathways.


Receive Even More Value … Register for Only $397  1 YEAR, a one time fee …. $5,400 value/year


When the YEARLY On & Offline Networking club is on a 3-month payment plan, each payment due is $159: total $477.

Your card will be charged 3 times, once each month in the amount of $159, for a total of $477.

Charges will incur from Crystal Pathways.



Your commitment & investment into your growth
is the only thing that will be able to move you from where you are to where you want to go

To accelerate your growth, work with me on a one-on-one basis, enroll in my Giant Step Coaching Program.