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Conscious Business Strategies, Part 3

Every time you leave the office or speak to anyone, you are representing your business and your services.  The most valuable gift you can give your customer is yourself, be authentic in every way.  We all can tell (or, should be able to tell) when someone is not being himself or herself.  They dress in a way that they were told would impress, but it is obvious that they are not themselves in that attire.

What’s more, when you speak, speak from your heart, not from a ‘canned’ script.  Focus on the needs of the person or customer you are working with, listen intently to their words, affirm their words back to them – we all have a deep need to be understood and validated.

You can have everything you want in life if you'll just help enough other people get what they want Zig ZiglarWhat an experience your prospects and customers will have in working with you when they know they are heard and understood!  They will be walking, talking ambassadors for your business, regardless if they ever personally buy from you.   Zig Ziglar’s infamous quote applies, “You can have everything you want in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

Another key is how we treat others. We are talking about a ‘tit-for-tat’ type of exchange; but, when you have the mindset that you place the needs of others before your needs, you will receive in kind from unexpected people, at unexpected times.  Perhaps it is a bit of karmic law, but also it is a course in behavior.  When we treat people as gifts and not as a transaction, they will tell their friends about that experience.

You never know who those people know.  There are many stories of a third or fourth generation referral that eventually found their way back to the conscious business owner and presented new opportunities – beyond any previous thoughts.   What we are talking about here is providing incredible value – you see, price is a one-time consideration, and value is perceived across the lifetime of the product or business relationship.

All of nature works on a give and take arrangement, the sun gives lightBy applying these keys, you will be well on your way to a thriving conscious business, but only if you allow yourself to receive all that comes back to you.  All of nature works on a give and take arrangement, the sun gives light – the plants take the light and give flowers, food, nectar, etc.  Humans are the same.  We cannot continually give without receiving.  Try to only exhale for more than 30 seconds; you’ll run out of air and have to inhale (receive) to exhale again.  Being open to receive a compliment, a favor, compensation for services will feed you in many ways, and provide the energy to continue serving the world knowing that the natural cycle is in perfect working order.

In creating this conscious business model, and serving and enhancing all the lives you touch, all your current dreams will come to life.  Then it is time to look for ways to serve even more people.

Empower yourself to dream massive dreamsEmpower yourself to dream massive dreams, only a few people have created a shift in the world without having or creating new revenues.  People with ‘YES Energy’ flow in rapid rivers of abundance from which they can create more opportunities to serve the world. Thinking small or not believing you can – will never create change.  Say ‘YES’ to your dream of a Conscious business.  Embrace these keys to unlock your new, enormous dreams, and serve the world in your unique way!

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