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Discover The Keys To Networking

Discover Networking

Few, if any of us, will achieve all our career goals on our own. We have to network
our way to success.

To a lot of people new to networking, it can be overwhelming to jump into the
deep end of networking. By the deep end, I am referring to large, fee-based, high professionals. Unless you already have a comfort level with this type of group,
I suggest that you start in the shallow end. Find groups on MeetUp.com, and
connect with groups that you have interest on a personal level.


Best networking happens when networking is not the primary function.

Also, there are many networking groups that cater to entrepreneurs and small businesses, and are a great place to practice.

Try this simple step.

Walk up and introduce yourself, and let them know this is your 1st meeting. Many times the seasoned networker will get you to start talking about ‘yourself’, to help you become more comfortable, so they can see ways on how to help you.

Try, Try, Try Again.

Success in anything rarely happens on the 1st attempt.

As a baby, how many times did it take to learn how to walk? You kept trying. The same is true with networking and any new endeavor in your life, it takes practice.
It takes 60 times to create a habit.

Give, Give, Give.

Focus on the needs of others. It is more important to understand the needs of others before they get to know yours.

The most important key in all relationship building is listening!

By listening you can learn about them, refer them to others as well as make suggestions to other people they can connect with to help solve their problems.
Many people and sales trainers tell us to find the need and pounce on it. I don’t recommend that. Rather connect, and simply offer to send them a blog post.

Ditch the Sales Pitch!

Remember networking is relationship building. Keep it fun, light and informal. People are more apt to do business with and refer business to people whose
company they enjoy.

You may also look to connect with any alumni groups you are associated with,
places of worship, friends and family.

Remember, make networking fun!

Want to learn more about networking?

Download my free eBook, 37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking.


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