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Discover The 4E’s Of Power Tweeting

Discover the 4Es with Josh Denning

Join Josh Denning, host of Tropical Entrepreneur, as he interviews Gary about how to Discover the 4E’s of Power Tweeting.

A lot of people don’t understand the potential and the reach of Twitter. If you do things in a moral and ethical way on Twitter . ..  meaning that you focus on building a relationship and delivering real value . . . you will be able to impact tens of thousands of people in a relatively short period of time.

Did you know? 70% of people consuming content and on the web at large are only watching. They are not engaging. Therefore, for every 1 person that engages with you, there could be 7 to 70 more people that you’ve impacted in an amazing way. So, if you think the work you’re doing isn’t impacting that many people . . . think twice because you may just be inspiring many people to live their dreams . . . you may be exactly what someone needs ‘today’ to give them the confidence to make a critical change that may even save someone’s life. That is exactly what happened to Gary.

Gary will talk about the ‘Magic Power’s’:

  • Communicating on a very deep Level.
  • By listening for the communication under what someone is saying, you’ll be able to connect with the feelings and experiences that are beneath the words.
  • When you learn to do this, you’ll be able to build very deep relationships with your fellow human friends very quickly.

Gary will talk about the ‘Listener Mastery’:

  • The 4E’s of High Quality Tweeting
    • The Tweets Need To Be:
      • Educational
      • Entertaining
      • Enhance The Life of The Reader
      • And Create Engagement

If you can get these 4E’s into your tweets, the audience will get value out of your Tweets.  The more of these 4E’s you get into every Tweet you send, the more further your Tweets will reach.

Final Pearl of Wisdom:

  • In order to serve first, we need to be authentic.
  • To be authentic we need to be working within the realm of our strongest skills.
  • Go out into the market place with a Go Giver attitude to give, serve and help people.
  • You’ll be amazed how quickly a stream of people will come into your life, and help you grow your business.

Listen here.