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Years ago I started the #JustForToday conversation on Twitter with the intention of sharing profound and meaningful reflections, messages that are both inspirational and motivational. I’ve received tremendous responses from people around the world who have gained inspiration and renewed hope in themselves. Every day hundreds of the ReTweets of the #JustForToday messages are shared with people throughout the Twitterverse. Several of those people have generously shared their own daily affirmations, and they have added great value to the conversation.

Almost daily there are well intended comments that ‘the thought’ should be an everyday habit, and not just for today. Ideally they are right, and essentially that is the goal and purpose of this topic. However, for many people who’ve just started to take control of their lives, have moved into a better mindset, and have gotten closer to becoming who they are on the inside, facing an everyday commitment is overwhelming. Merely getting through the day or in some cases an hour is a challenge.

JustForToday Quote - All Things Are Possible

Years ago I heard someone ask a group, “How do you eat an elephant?” while discussing how they had so many things to do in their life. The answer to “How do you eat an elephant?” is simply “One Bite at a Time”. Looking at a humongous elephant in front of you and knowing you have to eat the whole thing – you’ll look at the elephant, look at yourself and your belly, and come up with a thousand reasons and excuses why you will never accomplish that task. By shifting your thought to a bite at a time and enjoying the process, you will see yourself making significant progress instead of getting stuck and stopping the journey.

Several people I know that have gone through recovery programs have used the same mindset. Facing the thought of never being able to drink again is too much to comprehend. Knowing that it is ‘Just For Today’ that they are going to be clean and sober helps them overcome their addictions.

The #JustForToday messages are a place to begin your daily personal transformation, and develop the internal strength and solid foundation to build new futures. In time, step-by-step, day-by-day you will become the master of your mind. You will be able to easily make the shift to accomplish all your goals.

Many people I have worked with do not have a positive support system close by, or they may be easily influenced by family members who are not supportive of their dreams. For those individuals, again, taking it a day at a time may be the only way to keep their dreams alive long enough to make them come true.

JustForToday Quote - I AM an open vessel to receive grace & abundance

Since the #JustForToday messages started I have made an even bigger effort to recite my personal affirmations several times a day, and have observed a major improvement in all the areas of my intentions. Simply pick the messages that ring true to you and the areas of your life you wish to improve, and read them out loud first thing in the morning upon rising and the last thing at night before you go to sleep. For added power read them to yourself, as you are looking in the mirror and add your name to the message.

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Loving Myself

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Embracing Life

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Making Better Choices

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Worthy Of All The Greatness Which Comes MY Way

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Getting Better Every Day In Every Way

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Grateful For Everything In My Life

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Surrounded By People Who Inspire Me

Name #JustForToday ~ I Know MY Future Depends On What I Do Today

Name #JustForToday ~ I Have FAITH In Me & My Dreams

Name #JustForToday ~ I Create Only JOYFUL Experiences

Name #JustForToday ~ I Love & Accept Myself For I AM Unique & Perfect


I would love to hear from you about the shifts you create in all areas of your life by committing to #JustForToday affirmations.  Be sure to

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