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How Your Entrepreneurial Journey Could Be Transformational

Marketing to CrushFabienne Raphael, host of Marketing to CRUSH Your Competitors interviews Gary on How Your Entrepreneurial Journey Could Be Transformational.

One word that describes his entrepreneurial journey

  • He summarized his journey with the word “Transformational”, his journey is a step-by-step stage providing opportunity for growth.

Marketing tips

  • Build more relationships with your clients.
  • If your business is stagnant, go to your customers and find what else that they need.
  • Speak, do interviews – you will become more noticeable.

Business books recommended

  • “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill

Financial advice

  • Gary’s keys to financial success are developing goals, creating the belief of attaining them and formulating the action plan to make them materialize.

Spiritual advice

  • Trust your guts.

Listen here: