Brainwave Technology for Health & Wellness

To attain wellness in all areas of one’s life, you must create balance.  I am a firm believer in looking for alternatives to Western Medicine, preferably through holistic means.

In today’s times we all are under additional stress.  The stress even may be positive changes in our life that may require some adjustment to the transformations.  Additional stressors may be from our fast pace: our schedules, where they become more demanding and hectic.  Stress can cause symptoms within our bodies.

If this sounds like you then you will want to know more about Immrama Institute’s Brainwave Technology, their CDs.

I ask you . . . Do you have difficulty sleeping, achieving relaxation or deep states of meditation? Do you lack motivation, creativity, concentration and focus?  Are you tense, feel out of balance?  Do you or a love one have ADD/ADHD?  Do you have difficulty studying? Is your memory or thinking speed challenged?  Do you have difficulty making decisions or feel as though you lack natural intuitive abilities?  If you answered yes to any of these, I have a solution for you!

You ask . . . how does it work? . . . They utilize a proprietary audio technology to guide your mind into specific brainwave states and to stimulate neural development. Immrama is a leader in brainwave technology. These CDs send rhythms of different frequencies into each ear with overlying calm sounds, such as gentle rain or the ocean, each targeting and stimulating different areas of the brain.

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Within a short time period I noticed a positive change.  Listening to the INSIGHT CD I increased my productivity, concentration, relaxation and creativity.  My stress began to reduce and my sleep patterns changed for the positive, eliminating insomnia naturally.  It boosted my energy, improved my mental and emotional well-being.

With the growth of my practice, it became critical to strengthen my scheduling, improve my focus.  After listening to the FOCUS CD, my focus, concentration, mental clarity, energy and balance improved.  I noticed I was able to retain more information at a quicker rate.  This CD is perfect for someone who has ADD/ADHD.


Although I have yet to listen to the INFINITY CD, I have heard from others that it has helped them with their decisions, boosting their intuitive abilities.  Their subconscious learned how to find the ideal answers.

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