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Transform Your Life

Expert Advice, Practical Tools, and Personal Stories

Transform Your Life - Follow Your Bliss

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In a cooperative effort, I teamed up with other authors to collaborate in a creative book project.  This collective, joint venture is a special undertaking — it’s all about transforming people’s lives.  The book, ‘Transform Your Life!’ is a composite of inspiring, empowering and life transforming stories about hope, success, motivation, passion, adversity, authenticity, and many more topics.

Each author’s story illustrates his or her unique viewpoint, expertise, and inspiration. We all can create a greater world TOGETHER, and that is exactly why this book is so powerful! Over 50 powerful teachers have contributed their time, energy, and love to this book. And, not only does it offer a vast variety of perspectives, words of wisdom and tools; what’s more, there are topics that everyone will resonate with.  You can open to a random page to find a hidden message just for you, an inspirational message that will be the perfect ‘Just For Today’ message.

Here are some topics in the book:

  • Personal Stories of Transformation
  • Following Your Passion and Purpose
  • Releasing and Letting Go
  • Thriving through Change
  • Being Your True, Authentic Self
  • Tools for Practical Spirituality and Personal Growth
  • Developing a Powerful Vision for Your Life
  • And many more!

If you are transforming . . .  if you are on a quest for a better life in all avenues of your life, then this is the perfect book for you.
Become inspired by over 50 authors, each offering you a unique perspective to lift you up, speak to your heart, and inspire you to be the BEST YOU!

Transform Your Life


I am offering this awe-inspiring book for only $11.00, with free shipping within the United States, regularly $17.97

* International purchases will incur additional charges. Please contact me for actual charge at: Gary@GaryLoper.com