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#GaryLoperTwitterParty #2 Another Huge Success


Again, massive gratitude to my co-hosts @CarylLoper   @RickCooper   @TheSmartChic   @JessBrace   @KateNasser   &   @DianneCrampton , together with the untold masses of Twitizens, who attended last Saturday’s Twitter Party, everyone helped to create an incredible
event where we:

~ Built bridges across the Twitterverse
~ Connected people
~ Created new relationships
~ Learned new uses for Twitter to expand markets
~ Developed new JV partnerships and collaborations
to help each other’s businesses become even more successful.

GaryLoperTwitterParty Trending Number One 10 05 13We all are so pleased that the #GaryLoperTwitterParty once again became the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter for over 4 hours on Saturday afternoon.  It was truly a collaborative effort by everyone involved to make this happen.

I read one tweet that mentioned that it was surprising that non-celebrities tweeting good tweets was trending again.  The potential is unlimited on what this event can do to create more attention in positive ways to everyone’s business and more important create a growing corner of the Twitterverse of Tweople looking to make their world, and the Twitterverse an even better place.

Here is a Storify recap of the Tweets from the Party.  A great way to go back and follow up on conversations who may have started during the party, or it can be a sampler of what you can expect at the next #GaryLoperTwitterParty on Saturday, November 5th at 12 pm ET.  Mark your calendar for the 1st Saturday of each month for more parties.

Watch for details on a unique format for a new Twitter Party on the 3rd Sunday of the Month beginning October 20th at 8 pm ET.

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