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It’s been a little over a week, and I am still buzzing from all the electricity we generated with the party and how much we lit up the Twitterverse for the entire day.

#GLTP Twitter PartyThere were so many great connections and heartfelt comments of how much everyone enjoyed the event, it really touched my heart.   When I started planning the GLTP I did not have a vision past the one-day event, as a ‘thank you’ for all the tremendous support I have received in my years on Twitter.  But, as the party became such a massive hit and the #1 trending topic on all of Twitter for more than 10 hours, I began to realize that I may have discovered something that many people were in search of . . . A networking party on Twitter.

I am announcing that The #GLTP [formerly #GaryLoperTwitterParty] will become a twice a month event beginning in October.  There will be two events: #1 on the First Saturday of the Month beginning at 12 pm ET, and #2 will be on the Third Wednesday of the Month starting at 5 pm ET.  Both parties are scheduled for 3 hours, but unlike many other establishments – you will not have to leave after the party is over.  In fact people staying, they engaged in the conversations & continued RTing great tweets and kept us trending 5 hours after the Q&A had completed.

The reason for two parties was prompted from a large number of people who expressed regrets for not attending because of standing commitments on Saturdays, and the 12 pm ET start was the middle of the night for them across the globe.

Please refer back to these blog posts for tips on how to have the best Twitter Party experience:

Block the time on your calendar to make sure you don’t miss the next #GLTP.  Here are the upcoming dates:



October 5th 12 pm ET            October 20th 8 pm ET

November 2nd 12 pm ET        November 17th 8 pm ET

December 7th 12 pm ET         December 15th 8 pm ET


January 4th 12 pm ET           January 15th 5 pm ET

February 1st 12 pm ET          February 19th 5 pm ET

March 1st 12 pm ET              March 19th 5 pm ET


Let’s keep the #GLTP [formerly #GaryLoperTwitterParty] rolling, help others increase the audience, lists, and discover relationships that can help bring them stratospheric success in all things.

Happy Tweeting!