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#GaryLoperTwitterParty Rocks the Twitterverse


On Saturday September 7th the #GaryLoperTwitterParty [NOW #GLTP] literally exploded on Twitter.  People from around the world attended the party and collectively we were the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter for 10 hours – including 5 hours after the party officially ended, the conversation continued.  A great sign when you throw a party and no one wants to leave.  😉

GaryLoperTwitterParty Trending 09 07 13The idea of this party came to me as a way to give back to the countless friends and followers who have supported me, and allowed my messages of motivation and inspiration to be received by so many people who have reach out to me letting me know that my tweets impacted their lives.  Knowing that I made a difference gave me such a lift, and motivates me daily to bring hope and positive energy to the world thru my tweets.

In the process of creating the party format, the voices of all my coaches were in my head – encouraging me to dream big, own my expertise, be bold and go where no other tweeter has gone before.  The idea grew into a 5-hour virtual Tweet Up and Twitter Chat on steroids.

Gary Loper life Business Social Media Coach Tweeting Around the WorldThroughout the afternoon hundreds, perhaps thousands of Tweople were involved in or were watching all the conversations, which created new relationships, JV partnerships and business opportunities.  Watching people connect and realize they could help one another in business, to fulfill both business and personal goals and dreams was a very proud feeling for me to have created a space where I could bring together so many wonderful people, and help them build better relationships in all the areas of their life.

I am deeply grateful for the support from my co-hosts, who helped promote the party, welcome our guests, create conversations, help answer questions of those people new to Twitter chats, and share their insights and offers.

Please make a special effort to thank them by connecting on Twitter with me @GaryLoper and my co-hosts @CarylLoper @RickCooper  @PattyFarmer  @RevPamela  @AngelaMaiers  @TheSmartChic  @FeliciaSlattery

The amount of conversation running through the party was, as one person described it as – being hit with a fire hose of positive energy.  It took me several hours late Saturday night and all day Sunday to go back thru every tweet to look for people to connect with, and to RT (retweet) their messages and links.  I have scheduled those RTs to be posted in the days and weeks to come, giving an extra boost to those attendees who shared their Social Networking sites, websites, products and services and keeping the #GaryLoperTwitterParty conversation alive until the next event.

The best way for the attendees and anyone else who wants to see what all the buzz is about is to do an advanced Twitter Search – a secret tool that many experts do not share with their clients, and you’re getting it as an extra bonus.

Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Twitter ToolsSimply click on this link to Twitter Search Advanced.

Then enter #GaryLoperTwitterParty in the hashtag line, and then use the Exact phrase line to enter any of the questions (Q1 –Q41), the answers (A1 – A41), any of the social networking sites, or any other topic/term.  Bookmark this link, and use it for future parties and every day on Twitter to expand the search engine that Twitter offers.

During my follow up I created a Twitter List of the attendees, who contributed to the conversation.  You can subscribe to and follow this list, and use it to reconnect with, and watch the flow of tweets of the attendees.

If I missed anyone who was actively tweeting – even a couple of times – Saturday at the party, please send me an email with a tweet you posted with the Twitter time stamp.  Again, using the advance search tool mentioned above, enter the #GaryLoperTwitterParty on hashtag line, and then in the People section enter your account and all your tweets from the party will appear.  Click on the more button within the tweet, and send by email to Gary@GaryLoper.com

As in offline networking, follow up is essential to growing your lists and business online and especially with the connections you make at events such as this party.  Invest some time to search out the conversation and connections, and reach out again to RT or explore future projects.

The power of helping others expand their lists and business will be the re-occurring theme in all the future #GaryLoperTwitterParty events.  In helping others get what they want and need, everything you desire is on its way to you.

Please stay connected with me here on the blog, on Twitter @GaryLoper for details on the next party.

I would be honored for your comments here on your experience at the party, and what impact it will have on your life and business.

Check out future Twitter Parties, now #GLTP.



Happy Tweeting!