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by Gary Loper on December 29, 2012

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Welcome backIn the month of December Caryl and I celebrate our anniversary. Also, like many other people, the last few weeks of December are packed with celebrations, with company parties, friends and family gatherings and intimate get-togethers. Holidays are a time for rejoicing, to celebrate the journey in the past year, the promises of tomorrow, and to share joy and love with those that matter.


Around our anniversary Caryl baked our favorite cake, a coconut/pineapple cake with whip cream frosting.  We included chocolate in our ritual. I found that as I increased my sugars, I gave into my periodic cravings, like the candy, Hot Tamales. That desire for sugars again increased.

The festive holiday celebrations were rich foods, high in fats and sugars.  One of my drink attractions over the years has been Mountain Dew. Yes, I know there are much better choices; and yet, there are times, especially around the holidays I choose to eat rich desserts and drink soda.  I made a personal agreement: to eliminate the guilt trip, and eat/drink in moderation. I realize that I made a conscious choice, and to badger or punish oneself is counterproductive.  So, around the holiday celebration I moderately ate rich foods and had my favorite drink, Mountain Dew.  After consuming foods laden with sugars, simple carbs and gluten, my body began to react. Clearly it was stating …. “Don’t do that anymore.”

During this time period, I did add walking. I noticed that with repetition that my stamina increased, I didn’t need to take a nap (which had been equal to the time I took when walking). Napping diminished and was eliminated over time. I found the benefits of walking huge physically and psychologically.  The ability to move and sweat, and take in the positive of attributes of being in the environment and soaking up sunshine was most beneficial. Most importantly, as I learned from my yoga instructor, it was critical to do breath work and limit water intake; it turns up the furnace.  However, for safety factors, if you feel faint, certainly drink! Otherwise, allow that internal fire to burn, to burn up the fat.

With my commitment to moderation, in spite of the added fats and sugars, and continuing with my Fat Loss System, I was able to maintain the weight and still lose inches!  I have lost 36 7/8” in total!  Now I am totally back on track.

I welcome you to continue with me on my personal journey of fat loss. The purpose of my blog is to touch other people’s lives, share my story, so they can find HOPE …. There is something that does work!

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Please feel free to share with me your weight struggles and comments.  If I can help you with your body transformation or other life and business concerns, please contact me to schedule a complimentary coaching session to discover a new direction for you.

I am looking forward to even more massive changes in my body composition and hope that I can inspire you to start your resolution right NOW – our new bodies are waiting for us.  to contact for complimentary coaching call.

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