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Gary’s Special Offers ~ Celestial Symbols of the Soul

1 Front Cover

Celestial Symbols of the Soul is a book of musical notations, primordial sounds and signals within your being, essentially inscribed symbols in Universal Consciousness that when viewed elevates one’s level of consciousness. Each symbol has a corresponding “sound” which is spontaneously “heard” by the viewer’s soul. These symbols are marked by certain patterns,
by specific sequences. They are simply understood by your soul.

You may view the symbols and close your eyes in meditation, or you may feel inclined to trace the symbols with your fingers or a tracing tool, or simply place your hands upon the symbols to feel the energies flow through you.

Celestial Symbols of the Soul is broken down into various areas,
for example: Kindness, Inner child, Heighten Positive Thoughts, Release Pain, so one may view specific segments that they choose
to address.

Comments from Alan Cohen, Best Selling Author of “I Had It All the Time” and contributing writer for “Chicken Soup for the Soul”:

Celestial Symbols of the Soul makes a strong, positive and clear statement guiding us to remember who we truly are.
This message runs deep and, if put into action, will create welcome transformation.
~ Alan Cohen

Here are a few reader’s comments:

Celestial Symbols of the Soul challenges the reader to move beyond traditional perspectives and the innate cyclic patterns that have developed through human behavior. … The ultimate goal is to awaken the soul of truth of who you are and reach inside and embrace the God-like essence that is in all of us … ~ Shari Fischer, “In the Reader’s Hand”, Literary Critic (England)

The only book I know that fully engages the senses, the mind and the heart, while elevating the soul to its most sacred and pure essence … ~ Dr. Rita R. Melissano, Ph.D., LMFT, Executive Director, Trinity Enrichment Center, Davenport, Iowa

SNEAK PEAK of the inside:

Kindness page 10

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