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How to Get Twitter Followers

John Tighe Publish Position Profit IconJoin John Tighe, host of Publish Position Profit, in an interview about Twitter. Gary talks about how to build your business, position yourself and reach new people.

In this show Gary explains exactly what he’s done to achieve such crazy numbers, and how he’s built an entire business around Twitter.

Gary takes us step-by-step through his winning
“4 x E Formula”
that will let you rapidly grow your Twitter following, so that you can get your message out and build your own business. He also explains what sort of tweets you should be sending out (there are several different types), and how often you should be sending them for best results.

You’ll discover how you can get seen and heard by people who aren’t even following you. Plus, Gary gives you his take on the best tools for automating your tweets to save yourself a lot of time, and how you can optimize your results with a combination of real time “interactive” tweets and pre-scheduled automated content tweets.