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What Are Your Goals On Twitter?


Once a new follower asked me what I thought was a simple question:
“What are your goals on Twitter?” 

And, I replied: “Many goals – inspire & pos impact lives of 1M, work w/train 250K to build better relationships on & off line & more”

Without hesitation those words flowed off of my fingertips, and out into the Twitterverse.  I’ve always believed that we must declare our intentions out loud,
so that the universe can work out many of the details and bring in the people
needed to accomplish the goal.


I would love to hear from you!  Email me at Gary@GaryLoper.com, or connect with me on Twitter at: @GaryLoper and send me a message.

If you are unclear of your goals or how to achieve them, I would be delighted to
help you develop your Twitter Strategy so that YOU can become the Master of
Your Twitterverse.

For a small investment of $25 – a $100 value – we will get together for a
30-minute phone call to review your Twitter account history, and determine the
best plan to expand your brand, reach new targeted followers, create raving fans
and a loyal community.

Get the details and schedule your session here.

Happy Tweeting!

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