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How To Be A Twerrific Twitter Chat Guest (and attract followers, JV partners & new customers)

Some Guidelines We All Can Follow To Enhance The Experience Of A Twitter Chat 2 TWITTER BIRD with garys website


  • Respect Everyone

With the diversity of Twitter communities it is important to give respect to everyone, and think before you tweet to make sure that nobody will be hurt by your message.
Tweet Positively.


  • Be Helpful

Look for ways to help others just joining the chat, especially those who this is their first Twitter chat.  Greet people, share tips, respond to their questions.

Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Tweet on keyboard
  • RT Generously

ReTweeting (RT) is a huge compliment to the person who created the tweet. RTing is an effective way
to make a favorable impression to the author, and everyone else at the chat. Everyone will be watching everything.

  • Create Conversations

Watch the responses of others, and make a comment to create a conversation. 
There are always side conversations going on in addition to the current topic. 
Enjoy, Engage & Entertain.

Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Follow Up 3

  • Follow Up

The tweet stream will be flowing fast. To help you keep track of the conversations and connections you will want to follow up with, try some of these tips:  * Keep a note pad to record the name and topic of the person you want to know more about & connect with.
* Favorite the tweet as a reminder and then go back to your Favs, and send a follow-up message * or email the tweet to yourself as a reminder.

Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Tweet Speed Limit
  • Follow the Suggested Tweet Limits

It is very easy to get excited and get involved in great conversations, and RT so often that you do not realize that you are unable to tweet anymore. If you exceed Twitter API limits, you’ll be in Twitter Jail . . . Twitter’s time out.  It will take an hour to reset, and allow you to tweet again with your account.  I suggest you watch your tweets, and limit to 50 to 75 tweets per hour.  This should keep you out of Twitter Jail, so you will be able to stay engaged with the conversations.  Should you not be able to control yourself, set up a second twitter account with the same photo and similar name – this will help others to recognize you and your second account.

Enjoy, Engage, Entertain, Enhance & Happy Tweeting!

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