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Illuminate Together Radio – Building Better Relationships with Gary Loper

Michelle Spalding Fairy-GodMother-with-transparent-background-2Join Michelle Spalding, host of Illuminate Together Radio, in an interview with Gary about how he has built his business on Twitter, and how you can too!

With today’s technological advances, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.
The bridge between communication and relationships has become a universal link, connecting us through the world of Social Media.  Social Media connects us to people across town, to other cities, countries, continents. It is much more than a marketing tool, it is all about engagement, reaching our audience with a specific message.
It spans across all socioeconomic and religious upbringings, ages and gender, professional and non-professional backgrounds; it reaches both personal and business levels.  Motivational and spiritual leaders, and entrepreneurs are actively using Twitter as a format to reach as many people as possible, and you can too! Believe it or not, 140-character tweet can be powerfully creative and influential.

Hear how Gary Loper has built his business with the power of Twitter.

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