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A Selfish Act That Positively Impacted Thousands of Lives


At all times my focus has been about Building Better Relationships,
and that starts with yourself. When you build a good relationship with yourself, you can Build Better Relationships with your partner, your family, your community, your business, and beyond.

Throughout the years, I have focused on growth and expansion. Collectively I have taken all of my experiences, 35+ years in customer service, 17 years of sales and marketing and personal development. Every day since 1989, I have studied personal development, transforming it into business development. That in itself creates a solid foundation to help people with Twitter, with their life and business issues. I essentially work with entrepreneurs, healing arts professionals, and authors . . . people looking to get through some of the hurdles in their life that
are preventing them from achieving all the greatness that they are destined for.

I became the Master of Twitterverse from my life changing events.
My personal life changing events and transformations opened up deeper questions: Am I good enough?; Am I supposed to do massage work?;
Who am I?; What I am?; What am I here for?  Providence brought me to Twitter. Attending a weekend workshop, one of the speakers introduced me to Twitter. Twitter became a motivational platform.

One of the ways to boost myself up is to read motivational messages, and to surround myself with people who inspire me, and lift and revitalize me.  Being a student of personal development for 27 years,
I created a collection of motivational quotes. When I became active on Twitter, I began tweeting motivational quotes to selfishly lift myself up.  By sharing those messages on Twitter, I was sending a message out into the Universe that this is what I want to attract into my life. People began commenting, resonating with my messages.  In 140 characters or less, I started coaching. Each day it continued to grow.  Never underestimate the Power of a Tweet, or even in real life, the power of a single word or statement. Messages can show up at the right time. Make a change in someone’s day!

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