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July 4th, Think Freedom

On July 4th most people are awestruck and captivated by the festive celebration
of fireworks, often foregoing the true meaning of Independence Day. Its symbol represents what was strived for, to protect our independence. So long ago our founding fathers risked being hung for treason by the leaders of Great Britain to defend our liberty and freedom. They fought wholeheartedly to keep their ideas alive. So, every time you see a starburst in the sky, remember how much courage it took to stand up for their ideas and beliefs!

Celebrate July 4th honoring our country in the true sense of freedom. Its significance can inspire us and be translated to our daily events. Honor its meaning by examining what freedom looks and feels like to you. To live your life free of limitations and boundaries is a psychological and spiritual state. When fully embraced it will build confidence, enthusiasm and motivation to act on your purpose and vision. It is the commitment and drive, the courage to stand up for your ideas and beliefs.


Conversely, the greatest oppression of freedom is that you must create restrictions to manage and control your life.  Control simply is another form of fear, playing it safe and never stretching yourself or looking for opportunities for growth. Growth is imperative to live a powerful and prosperous life.


Living a limitless life empowers and liberates us. When we have the fortitude and limitless ability to achieve our own destiny, we take the lead in our achievement and reach our own personal victory.

As Elbert Hubbard stated, “Freedom cannot be bestowed – it must be achieved”.


Slavoj Žižek maintained, “True freedom is not a freedom of choice made from a safe distance, like choosing between a strawberry cake or a chocolate cake; true freedom overlaps with necessity, one makes a truly free choice when one’s choice puts at stake one’s very existence – one does it because one simply “cannot do it otherwise.”


We must never play it safe. We must get out of our comfort zone and jump in the deep end. It is a true leap of faith, conviction and belief that we are capable of more than we ever expected.

Whether you are seeking financial independence or freedom in another aspect of your life, live your life to its full potential!


As expressed by Albert Einstein, “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom”.