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Learn From People Who Are Already Successful

the_entrepreneur_way_logo_400x400Gary was interviewed by Neil Ball on The Entrepreneur Way, the podcast show with successful entrepreneurs.

Some Topics That
Were Covered:

Overcoming Difficulties:
“Self-confidence . . . not realizing what I knew, what I had to say, who was going to listen. But, I think where it made a turn for me was several years later on, after listening to a lot of webinars from other twitter experts, I realized how much I knew compared to what they were sharing, so that probably was one of the biggest hurdles that I had, being able to accept my gifts and standing up for that” . . . [Listen for More]

Favorite Books: Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success Book by Napoleon Hill

Favorite Quote: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries within it a seed of equal or greater benefit”

Recommended Online Resources: Twitter, The Entrepreneur Way Podcast

Best Advice to Other Entrepreneurs: “To do what you love and to serve other people. You want to be able to be happy, and you want to be able to be of service, the more people that you help the more compensation that you will attract to you” . . . [Listen for More]

Neil Ball’s Quote at the Beginning: “I don’t shy away from any questions. I’m not scared of any question. I’ll give you an answer. A lot of people are scared of having actual opinions out there. People are so scared of criticism… I’m not scared of people disliking me.” ~ Ronda Rousey

Other Quotes from the Chat:

  • “Talk to the people in the industry, who are already successful at the thing you want to be able to do, learn from them”
  • “Look at any profession athlete, they all have coaches”
  • “Hire people that play at the stuff that you struggle with”

Listen here.