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Link to EXPERT Collaboration Champion for 2015 Award Goes to Gary Loper

Link to EXPERT Collaboration Champion for 2015 Award Goes to Gary Loper

In today’s interview, I would like to introduce Joanne Weiland, Founder and Chief Connections Officer of LinktoExpert. If you are not familiar with Joanne, she likes to discover executives’ goals and dreams. She enjoys discussing how they plan to implement their ideas and timeline, and helps them accomplish this important mission. Joanne believes when you hire someone with broader knowledge and more experience on the subject, you will save time, money and your reputation! LinktoExpert, a global community, makes your marketing life easier and more successful with greater exposure and access!

Today Joanne awarded the LinktoEXPERT Collaboration Champion
for 2015 Award to Gary.


What Gary Did for LinktoExpert and Joanne:

  • How Gary has been so instrumental with LinktoExpert
  • How he helped her with their Twitter campaigns
  • How and why to use motivational quotes
  • Why Gary was awarded the Collaboration Champion for 2015
  • How they had a virtual global scavenger hunt
  • How they reached about 200,000 people in 10 days consistently

How Collaboration Would Be Defined:

  • How people talk about collaboration but do not easily do it
  • A true collaborator involves many people
    • Everyone retweeting, sending out emails, putting information on LinkedIn and Facebook, all social media platforms, and creating flyers
    • A collaborative effort is doing it together
  • The community at LinktoExpert allows you to work with different people, when you need them, without having them on your payroll and use their services for specific projects
  • Many like Gary know more than the average person, but TOGETHER it gives us the power to reach 100s of thousands of people

Final Notes:

  • How lists are important, but what else is needed
  • How Gary has been instrumental not only with the scavenger hunt, but other aspects
    • Gary gets people involved in projects, encourages other members on mastermind calls, rallies people together, and lights up the room at live conferences
  • Gary walks his talk, not just for show. Every day he embraces a positive mindset, in every possible way
  • Learn more about the community at LinktoExpert and the advantages

Connect with Joanne Weiland: Website, Email: info@LinktoExpert.com or call her at: 727.791.7338

Connect with Gary: Twitter, Website, or LinkToExpert

Listen here.