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Master the Twitterverse – Interview with Dana Wilde


Join Dana Wilde, host of ‘TheMindAware’, in an interview with Gary to talk about Mastering the Twitterverse.

What They Talked About:   Listen to this classic interview where Gary talks about Twitter.  He revealed the steps to branding yourself on Twitter and using it more effectively as a marketing tool.  Gary explains how developing personal relationships is the key to success on Twitter. Listen in for his top Twitter Do’s and Don’t’s.

Why Dana Likes Gary:  He understands the power of building relationships.  He has a sincere desire for self-improvement and for giving back.  Most people are in the Twitterverse chattering, but who is listening?  Gary helps to put the “social” back in social media.

Great Line:  When people jump onto a site, they’ve got about 4-10 seconds to ascertain if they’re going to want to stay or go. … now the trick is, you’ve got to be able to do this in 160 characters.