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Gary Loper Making an Impact One Tweet at a Time

Gary Loper Making an Impact One Tweet at a Time
#MissionChat Show:
Hosted by Alexandra Figueredo


Butterfly EffectKnown as a Twitter expert, Gary Loper uses his passion for social media to make a difference 140 characters at a time. He shares powerful ways he has used social media and particularly Twitter to share motivational messages, spread his mission, as well as building better relationships and connections. You never know who you can touch by sharing your message. Gary believes in the Butterfly Effect, and shares examples of how some of his tweets have helped people in abusive relationships, dangerous situations and even prevented suicide! In turn those people have gone on to impact other people’s lives! He also provides other powerful business advice for ‘healingpreneurs’ and ‘missionpreneurs’ that can save you time, money and energy, and is offering a special gift to listeners!

Listen here.