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Opportunities for Transformation

There always will be challenging times in our lives.  Often we tend to avoid these challenges, wishing our lives were easier, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to transform ourselves – a chance to resolve our deep-seated patterns and fears.  In order to truly heal we must be willing to journey into the cave of our internal being, and face those patterns and fears.

One of my teachers has a saying, ‘lean into the wind’...As a boy scout, our troop spent a night in a cave.  Being 12 years old I could not be sure if there really was any danger, but in a boy’s mind and with a dozen other minds feeding the story, some fantastic stories were created including ghosts, escaped prisoners, animals and bats.  None of which ever came to be, but for some, it frightened us enough to leave the cave and sleep in the van.  The stories we created are much more dramatic than reality can ever bring to us.

One of my teachers has a saying, ‘lean into the wind’. It is a tough exercise, but only through healing can it happen, as we push a little harder and are willing to take a journey into the unknown territories of our hearts.  Conquering each step, we begin to reshape and create new thoughts preparing us to change our situations. Only then are we able to answer the call for change.  When we face those fears and understand their meanings, we can be free to journey deep into the cave and find all the hidden wonders.

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