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Nutrition & Skincare

Over the years Gary has had an extensive background in wellness, nutrition and health, working independently with two prominent and successful, leading-edge health and nutritional companies.

Nutrition for Adults

Many fruits and vegetables are harvested prematurely and gassed to give the illusion that they are ripen.  Today’s fruits and vegetables are vastly different than yesteryear’s produce, lacking vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals have dramatically declined.

To add, so many live a hectic lifestyle and resort to fast food or frozen food products that are lacking in nutrition.  Even when we take the time for proper nutrition, we are uncertain that we are getting the necessary benefits.

For proper and optimal health, immune function, proper gland and organ support, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, it is critical that we take the initiative to be pro-active with our wellness.

Nutrition for Children

Support your kids, ages 4 and older, with nutritional health and start them on a path of total wellness with optimal health supplements.  Be sure to choose high quality natural health products.




Whether you’re working out in the gym or just working hard, playing with your children or working in your garden, take charge of your health and build a better you from the inside out.  Performance nutrition is essential for optimal physical performance.


Skin Care

Having healthy skin is a vital part of maintaining wellness. Defend your skin against a harsh world. Pollutants, stress and weather all take a toll on your skin. There are many skin care products that can protect you and maintain healthy, hydrated skin. Combat the outside environment with healthy choice skin care products and support your skin’s natural texture, beauty and elasticity.