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Caryl’s Interview on Star Woman Plus

On April 2015 I was interviewed by Oyebade Ebunoluwa, a writer and a poet.

As Oyebade states, “The idea behind the website, StarWomanPlus is to bring intelligent women with articulate voices together for the forward march of women and girls. Every woman is a potential queen. Every woman is the world’s dream. Every woman is a dream maker. A woman’s relevance is beyond the bedroom;
A woman is a change agent unto boardroom relevance. A woman is not limited 
but creative!”

What is motivation to you?  And how do you get motivated?

Motivation is the impetus and inspiration to fulfill your destiny. It is the governing desire to be more than what you ever thought was possible. It is moving out of your comfort zone, stretching beyond the walls and boundaries. It is knowing that with motivation, achievement is possible. I am motivated by the simple notion that I am more, and can and will achieve success. It is only our thoughts that create limitations, so I stay focused on a positive mindset.

Are you on a journey with destiny? What is the journey? What is your destiny?

Everyone has a destiny, but first we must observe life, tap into our own personal truth, and set everything in motion by intention. Like many others, my journey is to help others. First it starts with being a supporter to my husband, Gary Loper, a social media, business, life and mindset coach. I support his journey, which parallels many of my life callings to help others. When we are so busy giving, we start to see the world around us unfold on all levels. Giving brings goodness to us.

In this lifetime, I deal with the physical and emotional aspects of a neuromuscular disease, Myasthenia Gravis. Instead of perpetuating the negativity, being stuck in
a victim mentality, I look at the experience as an opportunity to help others with similar adversities. We can always find the gift in any situation, if we choose to see the positivity.

Have doubt & faith affected your core/vision/mission/purpose? How?

There was a time when my core being was saturated with the loss of faith and filled with doubt. I essentially gave permission to a self-fulfilled prophecy that I am wounded and injured by my personal circumstances. It was my husband, Gary that brought me back to my origin. We are all born with positivity, kindness, joy and love. We learn doubt and lose faith. It is only our environment, the projections of other people’s thoughts, learned behaviors, and our family background that moves us into
a place of doubt and fear. Fear and love cannot co-exist together. When we realign our existence, fully embrace love, we then can open the door to our vision and mission. Now I am in my knowing, filled with faith as why I am here and where
I am going.

You have an abundant plan for your life, right? How do you want to
get there?

God is laughing when we say we have a plan. I believe first we must listen to our inner voice and take the path that feels right, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be course corrected. For me, before creating my path and walking on my journey,
I made a conscious decision to focus on internal work. To create abundance, it comes from consistent and focused, positive thoughts and words. God will create the plan in His own way, in His timeframe and when we receive it. We must be open to it. I am open to receiving abundance, and I work every day to stay in a positive mindset.

Is whatever you are involved with an effective tool for change?

Yes, I am totally committed with Gary to create a positive change in our world. Some people strive to create mass change, but truly it can begin with one. It is like a domino effect. Touch one domino and all the dominos will fall in the same direction. Gary calls it the Butterfly Effect, a beautiful thought of positive energy and transformation.

Each day both Gary and I look for opportunities to make a difference in people’s
lives. In our times, we benefit by technology. So, if I send one tweet out, it can affect
1 person or 1,000’s. Now we can reach 100’s and 1000’s of people with such social media platforms like Twitter, Tsu, and others. What’s more, our websites are a tremendous tool to write blogs to reach people in an intimate manner, and touch their souls.

In what ways should women maximize the abilities in their vision?

I am reading your question about ‘women’, and yet I feel we should not create limitations. When we separate people by gender, socio-economic and ethnic, religious backgrounds to name a few, we essentially are creating an image of
one person, one group being ‘special’. We all are special. We all matter!

We should all maximize our visions. One way is to surround ourselves with people
of like minds, with great teachers or mentors, join mastermind groups and seek
the help of a powerful coach. For me, I am blessed because I am married to an extraordinary coach.

When did you begin to embrace and become aware of your purpose/vision? What was your reaction?

I received messages, as young as seven. I always knew I was here for a greater purpose. Because my faith and trust was so strong at an early age, I gravitated
to my inner knowledge. Periodically there were times that I got off course. Nonetheless, it was all for a reason, a higher purpose to grow and develop further,
all for soul growth.

A woman’s mind and soul are important? How important?

Self-worth and self-value are needed to build the confidence. When we build upon this, we begin to recognize that our intellectual thoughts and our spiritual essence
are essential to us and this world. We learn that it is important to be all we can be
to fulfill our destiny. It important to proclaim who we are!

How do you express the energies in your passion?

I was blessed to grow up in a creative atmosphere. The arts are a vital element to expression. Words are powerful communicative tools of expression, and art is the passionate creation of the unspoken word. I express my passions in both worlds.

Who (is) are your mentor(s)? What have you learnt from them?

There are an abundance of leaders, writers and mentors that have had an impact on my life like: Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Caroline Myss, Zig Ziglar, and the list goes on and on. I would have to say that Gary has had the most magnificent impact on my life. He has an enormous background in so many venues, and has a wealth of information that has been a powerhouse in my life.

Those times that seem as if nothing is working, how do you pull
yourself through?

It took Thomas Edison 3,000 attempts before he succeeded in the creation of the light bulb working effectively. When I feel like nothing is working, I remind myself that nothing is ever a mistake, and we have more than enough time to figure it out. Never give up! The next time you try, it could be the one.

What ‘tools have you fashioned’ to enhance your purpose/vision/business?

I focus on the power of technology to reach as many people as possible. With that
I remember that the power of my words could potentially change someone’s life,
and look for ways to make a difference. My voice can be the catalyst to movement
and change.

Are you ‘called’ or ‘passionate’?

I know that I am CALLED. A calling is more powerful because it stems from your inner core, essence, vibration, why you are placed here. When you recognize your calling, the passion is a natural flow to your calling.

Any last words for women/girls out there standing by and for their dreams?

Dreams are thoughts that are propelled from within, and can manifest in your thought processes, in your dream state and visualization. There is such a romantic, enchanting, uplifting emotion and feeling when you recognize those aspects and become aware; nevertheless, that is only the start. Foremost, focus on surrounding yourself with people that support you and your dreams. Never allow anyone to steal your dreams. Know that you are a powerful creator in your life. Stand tall in that vibration. Also, dreams are only dreams, so you must move them into action. Without action they are simply thoughts. Surround yourself with other positive motivators, mentors and coaches. Never let go of your dreams, and manifest them into a reality because they matter! YOU MATTER!!!