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Spiritual Spring Cleaning, Life Reflections Of The Soul

March 20th ushers in spring, a time of life reflections, change, rebirth and growth. 
It is an occasion to reflect into the pool of one’s soul, a spiritual spring cleaning. 
It is a time to unsheathe and expose one’s inner core, to go beyond the exterior and challenge oneself. Moreover, it is about one’s internal growth – to start anew – that CHANGE can be a CELEBRATION. It is a time to energize one’s aspirations, hopes and dreams, to fulfill one’s purpose, mission and vision.

March 20th, the initiation of spring, is the season of greenery, rich with gardenias, lilacs and cherry blossoms. Its brightness and alluring aroma reflects life and beauty. Celebrate her beauty, and go within to reveal and revel in the splendor of who
you are.

In personal recognition, truly celebrate change and rebirth. Rather than initiating
the projection of change as an obstacle, enlist the act of change as an opportunity
for growth. Life is always changing, and when we allow it to flow in its natural state, we allow it to happen easily and effortlessly. What’s more, we begin to manifest prosperity on all levels because we are open to receive.

Conversely, if we choose to resist change, remain stagnant, stuck in old thoughts, patterns and habits, we subscribe to fear-based beliefs. After all, fear is contrary to love, and they cannot co-exist together. The passage of love begins with an opening
of the heart to oneself and then with others, reaching out with understanding, compassion and acceptance. While releasing the old, embrace the new with joy
and laughter.

The benefits of laughter are astounding. The energetic vibration of laughter arouses our sense of wellbeing. Finally, create a healthier perception and you not only entice
a wellness within; equally, you project a wealth of health.

So, what are you waiting for … when are you going to start a spiritual spring cleaning?