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The Power Of Positive Thinking

To create the life you want, it is essential that you focus on a positive mindset. Creatively speaking, the power of positive thinking paints the canvas of your life.

Consciously design and lead with the repetition of positive thoughts. When we consistently adopt and apply this guidance, it becomes a tonic lifestyle that creates the life we vividly desire and richly deserve. Be a powerful creator!

How can you be a powerful creator when your life has been a roller coaster of constant challenges?

Many have encompassed challenges with the mindset that it is the difficulties of life’s lessons that have earned them the ‘badge of courage’. After all, early on we are taught to admire those that have strived beyond physical maladies, internal ramifications or external factors even at the cost of repetitively stating how hard it was. We post awards of courage by building monuments and writing literary recognitions. If someone has the courage to pursue on, in spite of such dire devastations, then they must be worthy of such recognition.

When we give recognition with such compensation then essentially we are validating the lack. Rather than taking that particular path, we should take leadership to change our thoughts to the positive and reconstruct our life.

Keep in mind by reinforcing our life with an unhealthy focus, holding onto a negative thought system, it will only perpetuate negativity. It is simplistic, change your mind and change your thoughts, and your life will become brighter.

This must be achieved through constant repetition. It is like catching a ball. You may drop the ball, but eventually you will learn the process and catch it through repetition and time. Likewise, words and images that we continually manifest will expand over time. Even if it is unwanted, it will become a reality. Basically what we place focus on expands and grows. If we desire joy, happiness, love, health, financial success to name a few of life’s gems, then the only way to create a successful outcome is with the creation of our thoughts.

You may be thinking, well, how do I get there?

If you say positive words, it does not mean you are actually thinking those thoughts.

So, how does one change and create a course correction?

It will happen, one step at a time.

Quite often I have caught myself in that vicious cycle, projecting positive words and yet thinking negative thoughts. That first instinct may be a learned behavior from previous experiences, or it may be ingrained from parental roles; nonetheless, those reactions can be shifted and changed through new patterned behaviors.

Every time I think a negative thought, I replace it with a new set of words. In fact, I learned this technique from my husband, Gary Loper. Develop a list of words that ring out negativity, and with a Thesaurus, recreate a new list that sing out positivity. For example, if you keep telling yourself you are feeling sick, weak, incapable, unmotivated, replace that verbiage with such dialog as … I am healthy, energetic, capable and motivated. Repetition of affirmations bring everything into alignment, and you will begin to see change.

The benefits are immense. The power of personal persuasion leads to personal gratification on many levels. For one, once you change your mindset, you change your overall demeanor. Those new patterns, positive thoughts, must be created on a consistent basis. Breathe in and out positivity whether it is your use of verbiage, your body language, or your eye contact. Your entire presence, your aura now is in alignment with your true self.  Creating balance of the mind with positive thoughts truly is the power within.

You will be amazed at how radiant your projections will be simply because you are in alignment on all levels.  Your relationships will reap tremendous benefits, as others will feel the beauty of your light and love.  You have achieved greatness!

Note: On my personal journey I experience daily a neuromuscular disease, Myasthenia Gravis. Through the coaching of my husband, Gary, I have learned to embrace my experience with recognition, acceptance and transformation, as a constant student of change. Through the gift of giving back, I bring hope and light to the heart and soul of others.