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Turn Obstacles And Challenges Into Acceptance

Moving through obstacles and shifting challenges emerges into a place of positive change when there is acceptance. If we cannot change the circumstance, then we must change our mindset. In the end, acceptance fortifies and empowers us.

Out of adversity comes an opportunity to expand ourselves. It is an opportunity for inner growth. To shift the challenge and achieve acceptance, it is imperative that your reaction never be driven by the circumstance or motivation of the individual. Self-love should never be contingent on other people’s projected feelings, behaviors, reactions, or actions. It is based on our communion with ourselves and the universal laws of consciousness. If you define and label the experience as a negative experience, then the opening for inner growth is a missed opportunity.

For whatever reason, if the outcome cannot be amended or improved then the critical aspect is to never take it personally. That may seem like a difficult and daunting task, but once it is achieved you have learned an invaluable lesson. Most importantly, delve deeper. The process of examination through open-ended questions like: How did that person feel when…?, How did I play a role in this?, What did I learn? Ultimately it will help you understand the experience.

Learning how to not take it personally allows you to shift from the reactionary state into acceptance, accepting the experience and the outcome. Sometimes it is simply about the other person, their inner strife, hurts and pains. Acceptance of the circumstances initially may be challenging; however, once you embrace the change then true inner growth will occur.

We all know that the greatest change correlates after chaos. In peaceful times, there is compliancy. When there is chaos and conflict, the universe is holding up a mirror, the contrast between the yin and yang of life experiences. Ask yourself, what lesson did I learn?

From my personal experience, for many years I allowed my pain and sorrow to escalate and the emotions encompassed my being rather than choosing acceptance. Upon acceptance there is a letting go process. When we achieve acceptance, there is no longer suffering.

The man we know as Buddha was known as the ‘Awakened One’ when he realized his suffering and how to remove it. During Buddha’s enlightenment he learned three universal truths: Nothing is lost in the Universe, everything changes, and the law of cause and effect.

To sum up the three universal laws, matter is energy and energy is matter, we are all One. If we hurt another being, we hurt ourselves. And, in life, everything is constantly changing; there is a natural flow. These continual changes are due to the law of cause and effect known as karma. When we create a kinship and understanding of karma, an acceptance of outcomes then we realize it instead of fearing it. We create a balanced and rewarding present and future, and we have learned acceptance.