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Tribute To Veterans Day

Veterans Day, a homage and tribute to our military people who have strived beyond every measure and definition of determination, fortitude and courage are acknowledged on November 11th. The ceremonial passage recognizes our soldiers for their immeasurable and enormous deeds to protect our country. On this particular day, many individuals display the American flag. The symbol brings visions of what our great country represents, “Freedom.”

The unfoldment of Veterans Day, in its honorary appreciation, is celebrated not only in our country, but in other countries, Britain, France, Australia and Canada. In the United States, we distinguish this day from others by holding an official wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. In the meantime, parades and other celebrations are held in states throughout the country. 

Often people have mistaken the significance of Veterans Day with Memorial Day. Memorial Day, the fourth Monday in May, honors and recalls American service members who died in service or as a result of wounds occurred in battle. Veterans Day pays tribute to all American veterans, both decreased and alive. We pay gratitude to living veterans who served their country honorably during war or peacetime, and we acknowledge their sacrifices and contributions. On this day and every day, let’s honor those that have served our country and continue to do so.

From the heart and spirit, each one of us knows firsthand the horrific and ghastly injustices that occurred on 9/11. For the first time, on our home land, it was a time
of union, public dominion, an allegiance that the power in strength, the fortitude
of spirit would demonstrate throughout the world that we as a country would ban together. And, we did. Our outward display of love for our country, what it represents, “freedom”, was acknowledged that day and should be every day,
and never be forgotten.