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You would never think to go to a networking event without business cards.

Would you? 

Then it makes absolute sense to take advantage of your profile, and tell your audience what you are all about.

Completing your bio is an essential foundation for setting up your social media account, and should accurately portray your current position, skills, experience, etc. Updating your profile is smart in many ways. By not upgrading your bio, it gives an indication that you and your business are not growing and probably will not fill the needs of your prospects.

Your social media profile and header answer a number of questions. The new visitor to your page is looking to determine if you are follow worthy, and if you can solve their problems.  Those questions are fired off in the heads of the reader within a couple of seconds.

The Questions . . .

Questions 2Who Are You?

People are looking to connect with people, so your bio should tell us your name. This should be common sense, but you’d be surprised on how many accounts do not include their name.

It is best to use your preferred name and use that same name across all of your social networks. Consistency is vital. Your connections will be looking for ‘you’ in their other accounts. Using ‘Joe’ on one, and ‘Joseph’ or ‘Joey’ on others will confuse them, and a confused mind never buys.
They will click away from your page.

People with common first and last names must make sure that they have unique differentiations in their bio and header. Also, a photo is absolutely essential, so people can pick you out of a lineup of Joe Millers.

Businesses need to be clear in separating the many accounts they may have for departments or branches with distinctions.  An example: Best Buy has separate accounts. Their main account, Canada, Support, News, Deals and CSR.

Questions 2What Do You Do?  

This is an opportunity to share your skills and interests with your audience. With LinkedIn and Facebook you have more opportunities to highlight accomplishments, affiliations, employers and to include a resume.

Twitter is unique in that your profile is limited to 160 characters. It is vital to be as succinct as possible.  Brevity will become your best friend on Twitter, so eliminate non-essentials words. Focus on using key words. People may be looking for solutions you can provide. Twitter bios and tweets are searchable. You’re going to want to be found by people you can provide services to.

The headers on all social sites are essentially a billboard to graciously grab the attention of the visitor.  Be certain to convey how you can help them, and how they can connect with you.

People are primarily online for the purpose of answering questions and solving problems. By paying attention to these 2 Essential Questions, you will attract more followers, expand your reach and generate new traffic to your website.

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Are you using a default Twitter header? If you want to leave a lasting impression, consider this …

The design of your Twitter page is an important consideration before you begin your journey into the Twitterverse. It establishes a first impression on Twitter. Just as in face-to-face meetings, when meeting new people you will be accessed within seconds. The Twitter default designs lack personality, and do not establish your brand.

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I moved out of the world of factory work realizing that getting hurt was only going to shorten my life. What’s more, not working with the best foreman who had little people skills forced me out of working for a big organization and manual labor. Getting out of that world led me to becoming an entrepreneur. In addition, at that time my uncle who was in his 50’s worked for a huge refrigeration company. The owner of the company ran for the governor’s race, lost and came back after his recovery time, and told my uncle that he didn’t need him anymore.

I observed what happened to my uncle from a distance, and learned from his experience. I saw his challenge, and decided to broaden my skills. So, if something else happened to me later on, I did not have to rely on my back as the only means of financial support. My intuition, awareness and knowledge told me that I should use my brain, my personality, and my inner personal skills to create an income and livelihood.

What is your inner guidance telling you?

How will you shift from working for someone else
to working for yourself?

There is a saying …
You can’t do anything about THE economy, but you can do something about YOUR economy. Invest in yourself even if you are a side-preneur, build a side business while you are still straddling (working 9 to 5 and building your own business). You still will have that backup plan or something else that is going to feed your soul.

There are great benefits to being an entrepreneur. Your time is your time. The biggest thing is there are no clocks. For example, I do not depend on clocks. My natural cycle is 10 pm through 4 am, my most productive times. With that, I can work when I want.

My best advice for someone that wants to be an entrepreneur is to focus on what you do best, and hire out the rest. There are numerous people who play at the stuff that they are struggling with. So, why are we struggling to do everything? Hand off your bookkeeping, hand off your taxes. Have an understanding of what is going on, but some of the administrative stuff and all those other things, you are not being productive.

How do you find success?

To find success, look for the opportunities and take action. One of my coaches had a saying, “Say YES and Figure Out How!” Or, find somebody else that knows how and partner with them to take advantage of those opportunities. Many opportunities can be found on social media.  One of the best social media platforms is Twitter. Twitter is like a global town square where there are no limits of what you can share with other people.

Build Better RelationshipsYou can use Twitter to build your audience, build your traffic and grow your business. It’s all based around Building Better Relationships. It’s not B to B, or B to C, it’s really people to people. For me, it’s helping people to master the business of life, especially entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs struggle with hurdles and emotional conflicts. So, how can entrepreneurs work through those hurdles?

That is one of the things that differentiates me from other Twitter experts. Mind mastery is one of the aspects I focus on, for people to understand and incorporate it into everything they do. Twitter is a great vehicle to share inspirational messages and continue personal growth, as you grow into your potentials.

Mind mastery comes down to the habits, and the things that we do and the things we can control. After losing a position in 2008, I started tweeting to get myself off of the couch, and received great responses. That is part of why I share my #JustForToday affirmations on Twitter, reminding ourselves that we cannot go from the bottom of the ladder to the top rung of the ladder in one step. There are different steps along the way. So, if you can keep reaching for a better feeling thought, just for today, then you will make better choices. For example, #JustForToday I am going to eat better. #JustForToday I am going to exercise. #JustForToday I am going to make those phone calls. Build those habits. In building those habits it takes about 60 – 90 days. Anything before 60 days I have always talked myself out of it, and I would stop. But once I got past 90 days that became part of my DNA. I now have almost 2,635 straight days where I have meditated and practiced yoga.

MeditationMeditation helps you center yourself, and allows energy to flow through you. Even to just quiet your mind. Napoleon Hill talked about it and his invisible team. That is what I feel about meditation. I go in with my questions. I have my invisible team, my Crystal Collective. I have asked people that are in my life now and those that have passed over to be in that collective. I quiet my mind, ask questions and allow the answers to roll in. When I allow that to happen the answers come in quicker instead of struggling, looking for something else. For example, if I am not making progress with my work, I go sit in our healing room and allow that to come in and refuel myself. It helps me to look for the next opportunities.

Meditation can be anything else you want it to be. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 20 – 30 minutes, sitting in the lotus position with your legs crossed, arms folded. In another way, it is a variation of prayer. Prayer is you asking for help. I think meditation is the Universe and God answering you back. You can grab that in just a couple seconds wherever you are in the course of the day.  Keep an open mind. It’s like a parachute. If it isn’t open, it doesn’t work.

What can you do for the greater good? For me, my #JustForToday quotes are little reminders to help people make a better choice. What can you work on today? What are your baby steps? By sharing motivational quotes as Zig Ziglar said … “it is a motivational bath, people need it every day”.  We don’t know how many people are watching, and the words we put out and the impact they have on people’s lives. So, I am dedicated to putting that motivation out there. You never know what is going to happen. If it touches one life, and the life they are going to touch then the whole butterfly effect goes into place. I am taking on my responsibility that I am going to continue to display a large dose of motivation every day because I know it may have an impact on someone else’s life.

If you would like to know more about Gary, and how he can help you get the most from your Twitter account and create a bigger presence in the Twitterverse, schedule some time to speak with him.


Allow Your Prospects & Customers to Tell You Their Needs, stories can be

Stories can be invisible influencers in creating cash conversations. Creating an emotional connection with a success story that a prospect or potential customer
can relate to and can imagine doing, ultimately will help them get the same results.

However, I believe that inviting the prospect to tell their own story rather than automatically going into your own story can be the most impactful conversation starter, an even faster path to cash.

The perception of sales people is often that of manipulation – trying to get you to buy something you don’t want. Because of that perception, there are automatic alarms that go off in the prospect’s head – just like the robot in the TV show, Lost In Space: “Warning, Warning Will Robinson, Danger Danger.”

By having a number of prepared conversational and opening questions available,
you will allow the prospect to tell their story: how they met their partner, how they got started in their business, and any number of problems they encountered along
the way. Questions like “How did you get started in the ____ business?”, or “What brought you into the store today?” are just a few suggestions on how to get the conversation flowing and will allow them to be the star of the show.


Sales resistance is increased when
the prospect does not feel heard and understood, coupled with the need to be validated. It makes absolute sense to invest the time to learn about the prospect, their story, their needs and purchasing history. Doing so will allow them to ‘sell or qualify’ themselves, greatly reducing your efforts.

These conversation starters will work both on and off line. People are looking to connect, and be recognized in all areas of their lives and business. By giving them the floor, it may seem like you’ll lose control of the conversation. However, that will not be the case, if you are genuinely interested in serving their needs and helping them improve their life in some way.

Use their name in a natural conversational manner

Bonus Tip ~ Use their name in a natural conversational manner. I have noticed a huge shift in the conversations I have with my Twitter community when I include their name in my reply. The most beautiful sound to a human’s ear is the sound of their own name. It is well worth any effort to dig into your prospect’s Tweet Stream or website to retrieve their name, if it’s not included in their profile. We all feel better when we are being personally spoken to. Your customers and prospects will be appreciative of this gesture, as well as the onlookers in your social networking communities, networking and business activities. When they see you have a personal relationship with others, they will want to get closer so that they can be recognized and develop a relationship with you and your business.

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Breaking The Rules


Years ago I learned an excellent lesson. I broke one of my
primary coaching rules:

RULE # 1:  Never Answer An UNASKED Question.

Over time it has become clear that unless someone is asking for help only then
will they be willing to hear and accept direction and guidance. For a moment,
think of your children, family or friends when you gave them unsolicited advice
about something that would have saved them some type of pain. Even with your
well-meaning intention, what happened? Did they listen to your unsolicited advice?  Probably not.

My dilemma was another rule:

RULE # 2:  When you see someone drowning, DON’T stop and ask them if they need help.  Do Something To Help.

Coming from the mindset of being a Go-Giver, I look for opportunities to help others and add value to their life.  Usually in my coaching practice I can sense the direction of where my clients are heading, and easily guide them to ask for help.

Getting back to the scenario years ago when I learned an excellent lesson. When
I broke my 1st rule, it happened when I noticed someone I’ve known for years struggling with a situation. Better yet, I felt they were struggling. I reached out
asking if something was wrong because they did not seem to be flowing as well as
I had seen in the past.

The reaction was surprising – but, shouldn’t have been if I had remembered that
first rule. They were not open to receiving any of the console; or, perhaps they
simply needed it wrapped up prettier.

My question is – which rule would you have broken?  Drop me an email at: Gary@GaryLoper.com

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How Relationships Affect Your Business

Life’s daily occurrences change from day to day. These changes evolve and although they sometimes may appear as challenges, they truly are meant to serve a higher purpose, all for soul growth. We learn from our experiences, if we are open to receive the lesson. For me, my growth stemmed from my family dynamics, relationships.

Maya Angelou quote

Early on in life I started to observe relationships within family dynamics. After studying relationships, I looked to model relationships after those that worked effectively. It has been a constant theme throughout my life, looking at how we are relating to one another, to ourselves, and how we relate to our environment, finances and exercise to name a few. We are always in a relationship. That is the magic key. If we work on Building a Better Relationship with ourselves and get that mastery, we can have better relationships with whatever we choose to bring into our lives.

This theory applies to Social Media, as well. Social Media has really leveled the playing field. Everybody has an opportunity to play with the ‘big’ guys and the ‘little’ guys. One of my clients mentioned that there are over 10,000 Baby Boomers who are no longer working every day, either by choice or by being pushed out. That means there are 10,000 people that have a lot of experience. How can we be different than the next person on Social Media?

One of the things I picked up from Bob Burg’s teachings is his Golden Rule of Networking“All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” A lot of people get that ‘know, like and trust’ part, but what I focus on is … “all things being equal”. 

So, if I am a life coach, a mindset coach, and if there are a 1,000 other people doing the same thing, what differentiates me from everybody else?  Whether you are selling makeup, juice or something else, the consumers are looking for a connection. They are looking for something that they can tap into other than just a product.


The days of the yellow pages, or the Sunday paper where you saw an AD and ran to the store was your only choice. Now everyone has choices. They are looking beyond simply the purchase. They want more value, a sense of connection. They want to belong to something better and bigger, which is going to solve their current problems, and may give them a path to trust you with their future problems.

So, how can you build relationships on Social Media?

With me, I started studying personal development when I got introduced to Tony Robbins and Denis Waitley through video tapes while working on my marketing degree in 1989. I started studying personal development every day, and I collected a lot of motivational quotes that became tweets. I had a whole library of them, so I started tweeting them. I instantaneously found that people began responding to them. They responded with …’great messages’. I saw that connection, the need to be available and to tweet with people. Talking to them was one thing that differentiated me from other coaches.  They were broadcasting rather than conversing with people, and responding to what they were talking about.

Each Day I Give Thanks

People responded to my #JustForToday messages. Reaching out to people has touched people’s lives in a lot of ways.  This is the power of one tweet.  Never underestimate the power of a single tweet.

I am more motivated to share those messages because I know it is going to touch people’s lives. By doing that I will attract other people who like the way I do business, the way I interact, and the way that I am serving. They will see the consistency, doing things the same way. They will begin to feel a level of trust, and start the process of working together. That is the formula. Go out there and connect, go out and serve. Be social, serve a higher good, solve people’s problems, and you will attract people.


You may also want to read Gary’s free eBook, 37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking.

Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals had to say this about Gary’s ’37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships:

“Terrific. Filled with nuggets of Networking Gold. Follow Gary’s advice and you’ll find Networking to be a very gratifying and profitable aspect of your business!” ~Bob Burg


Every time you leave the office or speak to anyone, you are representing your business and your services.  The most valuable gift you can give your customer is yourself, be authentic in every way.  We all can tell (or, should be able to tell) when someone is not being himself or herself.  They dress in a way that they were told would impress, but it is obvious that they are not themselves in that attire.

What’s more, when you speak, speak from your heart, not from a ‘canned’ script.  Focus on the needs of the person or customer you are working with, listen intently to their words, affirm their words back to them – we all have a deep need to be understood and validated.

You can have everything you want in life if you'll just help enough other people get what they want Zig ZiglarWhat an experience your prospects and customers will have in working with you when they know they are heard and understood!  They will be walking, talking ambassadors for your business, regardless if they ever personally buy from you.   Zig Ziglar’s infamous quote applies, “You can have everything you want in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

Another key is how we treat others. We are talking about a ‘tit-for-tat’ type of exchange; but, when you have the mindset that you place the needs of others before your needs, you will receive in kind from unexpected people, at unexpected times.  Perhaps it is a bit of karmic law, but also it is a course in behavior.  When we treat people as gifts and not as a transaction, they will tell their friends about that experience.

You never know who those people know.  There are many stories of a third or fourth generation referral that eventually found their way back to the conscious business owner and presented new opportunities – beyond any previous thoughts.   What we are talking about here is providing incredible value – you see, price is a one-time consideration, and value is perceived across the lifetime of the product or business relationship.

All of nature works on a give and take arrangement, the sun gives lightBy applying these keys, you will be well on your way to a thriving conscious business, but only if you allow yourself to receive all that comes back to you.  All of nature works on a give and take arrangement, the sun gives light – the plants take the light and give flowers, food, nectar, etc.  Humans are the same.  We cannot continually give without receiving.  Try to only exhale for more than 30 seconds; you’ll run out of air and have to inhale (receive) to exhale again.  Being open to receive a compliment, a favor, compensation for services will feed you in many ways, and provide the energy to continue serving the world knowing that the natural cycle is in perfect working order.

In creating this conscious business model, and serving and enhancing all the lives you touch, all your current dreams will come to life.  Then it is time to look for ways to serve even more people.

Empower yourself to dream massive dreamsEmpower yourself to dream massive dreams, only a few people have created a shift in the world without having or creating new revenues.  People with ‘YES Energy’ flow in rapid rivers of abundance from which they can create more opportunities to serve the world. Thinking small or not believing you can – will never create change.  Say ‘YES’ to your dream of a Conscious business.  Embrace these keys to unlock your new, enormous dreams, and serve the world in your unique way!

Whether you need help in your personal life, or in your business, I can help you with the one thing that you can change today to improve you or your business. Set up a strategy call today:  30-Minute Strategy Session . . . for ONLY $25, $100 VALUE.

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Your faith is critical in your success, both in your dreams and with your Higher Power.  Know that you have experienced all you have, so that you can better serve others to create an even better life.  Reconnect with your Source through prayer and meditation, not by asking for results, but to be purposed in the service of others in order to take full advantage of your unique gifts and experiences.  When you recognize your own gifts and shift your thoughts of Getting to one of Giving, you will find a new level of confidence in yourself.  It will attract more people to you, which will give you a great number of experiences and from those experiences will produce your results.  In time, you will be ready to serve an even bigger audience and dream even bigger of what is yet to come.  You will move ahead with Certainty and Confidence knowing that Source has your back, and is directing you to serve the best way possible.

All the pieces are needed to make your business thrive, and failure to delegate those tasks to a team member will leave you stranded in the myriad of tasks and fading customers

Importantly, a conscious business must market their business both on and off-line.  Often when businesses begin to grow, the do-it-yourself entrepreneur will drown in the entire task that needs attention.  Essentially they have created a job for themselves, not a business.  I hope you can see the pieces beginning to fit together.  In understanding your gifts and talents, you also will come to realize those tasks you do not do very well.  And, in doing them, it takes you away from doing the things that created the positive flow of business to you.  Surround yourself with people who play at the things you don’t do well: designing your website, bookkeeping, accounting, fulfillment and even social media.  All the pieces are needed to make your business thrive, and failure to delegate those tasks to a team member will leave you stranded in the myriad of tasks and fading customers.

You may be interested in listening to Gary’s radio interview: Build Your Confidence and Ease in the Twitterverse.

There are many strategies and tactics to becoming successful. It is more than knowledge. It is learning how to engage, target your audience and attract potential customers to your offerings. Gary’s specific guidelines dramatically will drive customers to your website and shift your business to a level of success.

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Far too many times, for many reasons, too many people look for shortcuts to get where they want to go. If you were driving and selecting a route that saved time and expenses that shortcut would be a good thing. We all have seen people in their relationships and business try to take shortcuts, and wind up with more trouble than they could have imagined.

In today’s times, it is vital for entrepreneurs and small businesses to lead the way into better economic results, just as they have done historically after a financial ebb.

In both relationships and business following a proven plan of success is vital to your long-term success.  The causality rate of those without a plan is staggering, and should be proof enough to seek out support in the way of a coach or mastermind.

The Golden Rule of Business Networking updatedCreating your business in a consciousness model will set you apart from any other business that may offer similar offerings. With that said, I strongly suggest that businesses adhere to a powerful principle, the Golden Rule of Business Networking – “All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like and trust”.

In a world that serves thousands of impressions daily, potential clients have countless choices of where to invest/spend their money. Most importantly, your business must stand head and shoulders above the others.

The following are internal exercises that will create an unequaled advantage in your favor with your customers and prospects:

  • Changing your conversations is essential, both internally and externally.
  • The thoughts running through your head will make or break you.
  • Choose positive speech and a positive mindset.
  • Be mindful that your subconscious will create your most dominant thoughts, and cannot differentiate between a negative or positive thought.
  • Whatever you give the most attention to will be attracted to you.

When you catch a negative thought, it must be replaced with at least six to twelve good thoughts.Your air conditioner unit and your car operate best with a clean filter, so will your mind.  When you catch a negative thought, it must be replaced with at least six to twelve good thoughts.

More negative thoughts will ‘seep in’ from some people around you. Friends and family members who have lost their dreams will believe they are protecting you from their failures, but they are really crushing your dreams.  It would be best to separate yourself from those dream stealers as fast as you can.  In some cases, where you cannot bear to delete family, at the very least you must take responsibility for your dreams and protect them at all costs.  With people who cannot support your dreams – it is up to you to shift the conversation away from you, and onto a more generic topic – kids, weather, sports, etc.

It is very important to surround yourself with positive people, those people who can say ‘Yes’ and figure out how to get it accomplished.  Masterminding with positive people who have already accomplished what you desire to achieve will be an incredible advantage to your business success.

You may be interested in my eBook, 37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking. Receive it for FREE, a $ 97 VALUE. 

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Large lists vs

For as long as I can remember, there has been a debate over large lists vs. small lists on Twitter and other social media sites.

What is interesting is that only those ‘experts’ who do not have a large audience are the ones beating the drum of a small list. All the top coaches, speakers, authors, marketers, etc. know the advantage of creating and maintaining a big list and creating the Know, Like & Trust relationships that generate responses, communication and sales.

Those ‘experts’ have failed to see the advantages that the top online marketers and others have discovered in having a large list, and will be shared with you here.

KEY REASON #3 ~ The Law of 250

Gatekeeper 2In the bestselling book ‘How to Sell Anything to Anybody’, Joe Girad shared what he referred to The Law of 250.  Briefly summarized, most of us know about 250 people.

Building relationships with those 250 is essential to building a referral-based business.  What’s more, Joe was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Greatest Salesman in The World” for 12 years in a row.

My interpretation of The Law of 250 is that each person we meet or add to our list knows 250 people. In creating a favorable relationship with that prospect, we then will increase the likelihood they will refer us to their people when the need for our services is needed.

We can never expect that everyone we encounter will become a customer,
but imagine the possibilities of each person on your list as becoming a referring ambassador for your business, regardless of whether or not they ever purchased
from you.

Would you rather have 1% effort of 100’s, or 1,000’s of other people or have to create 100% effort on your own?

KEY REASON #2  ~ Law of Compensation: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them: The Go-Giver Laws of Stratospheric Success.

Go-Giver Book for WEBThere is a lot of deep meaning in this Law to fully understand, which I help people explore and apply in my Go–Giver Master Mind Group.  Our potential income is based on how many people we serve We may have a very difficult time fulfilling all of our dreams to create the magical lives we all dream about, to provide large checks to charities we are passionate about to help them do even greater things – if we do not look at attracting a large audience on Twitter, or any other on or offline marketing effort.

To hear these ‘experts’ talk about all the vetting of followers – is to me – telling the universe to stop the flow of sunshine or rain.  You’re saying I have enough, don’t want any more prospects, clients, and friends.  How can we ever meet too many new people, especially when we understand the above-mentioned Law of 250?

KEY REASON #1 ~ Social Media as a CRM

Some of the more savvy business people I’ve had conversations with really understand my concept of Social Media as a CRM – Customer Relationship Management tool.

PrintThe very top level is the no or low cost point of entry into our offerings.  Many of you are probably using a free eBook or report as your top of funnel offering.

Let’s expand that thought to your Twitter stream or Facebook wall.  Everything you post is content you are sharing to attract more followers – posting information that your audience sees as being valuable to their life in some way. That begins to build the Know, Like & Trust relationships needed for the reader to make a purchasing decision with you when the desire for your services are needed.

On Twitter there is no opt in or friend request to gather their information to send them an email or another offer.  But, there are massive opportunities to create connections with your growing audience and expand the relationship to a phone or Skype call or in person meeting. All of which begins the circle together – which goes back to The Law of 250 and connecting with ‘as many people as you can’ in all of your marketing efforts and building a ‘win, win, win’ relationship that will bring you new opportunities and business.

Be aware of ‘experts’ who tell you not to have a big list. From what I’ve seen over my time on Twitter, those people don’t have a depth of content they can share with their audience, and may only have a limited scope of marketing experience both on & off line.

Learn how to Master the Twitterverse.  My no-cost eBook is filled with my best Twitter Tips to help you take control of the helm & get into Warp Drive.  Receive your eBook:  Twitterverse eBook.