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Some Guidelines We All Can Follow To Enhance The Experience Of A Twitter Chat 2

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  • Respect Everyone

With the diversity of Twitter communities it is important to give respect to everyone, and think before you tweet to make sure that nobody will be hurt by your message.
Tweet Positively.


  • Be Helpful

Look for ways to help others just joining the chat, especially those who this is their first Twitter chat.  Greet people, share tips, respond to their questions.

Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Tweet on keyboard

  • RT Generously

ReTweeting (RT) is a huge compliment to the person who created the tweet. RTing is an effective way
to make a favorable impression to the author, and everyone else at the chat. Everyone will be watching everything.

  • Create Conversations

Watch the responses of others, and make a comment to create a conversation. 
There are always side conversations going on in addition to the current topic. 
Enjoy, Engage & Entertain.

Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Follow Up 3

  • Follow Up

The tweet stream will be flowing fast. To help you keep track of the conversations and connections you will want to follow up with, try some of these tips:  * Keep a note pad to record the name and topic of the person you want to know more about & connect with.
* Favorite the tweet as a reminder and then go back to your Favs, and send a follow-up message * or email the tweet to yourself as a reminder.

Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Tweet Speed Limit

  • Follow the Suggested Tweet Limits

It is very easy to get excited and get involved in great conversations, and RT so often that you do not realize that you are unable to tweet anymore. If you exceed Twitter API limits, you’ll be in Twitter Jail . . . Twitter’s time out.  It will take an hour to reset, and allow you to tweet again with your account.  I suggest you watch your tweets, and limit to 50 to 75 tweets per hour.  This should keep you out of Twitter Jail, so you will be able to stay engaged with the conversations.  Should you not be able to control yourself, set up a second twitter account with the same photo and similar name – this will help others to recognize you and your second account.

Enjoy, Engage, Entertain, Enhance & Happy Tweeting!

I invite you for a free Twitter review.

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What Twitter Is . . .

Twitter Is Relationship Marketing And A Social Opportunity.

Twitter is a virtual town square, an opportunity to connect socially with others and invest time. Just as you would with any significant relationship, you develop the trust and rapport, or that ‘know, like and trust’ relationship that is more valuable to you than a simple one-time sale.

So within your community network, when you do have your products and services, you have people that are invested in you.

It may be an overused term, but when done right, social networking is the ultimate relationship marketing tool.

When you develop relationships by providing value in the ways of education, entertainment, enhancing their life without digging into their wallets, people will naturally share your messages with their audiences.

For the long run, you will have a long-term clientele. Social Media is first a SOCIAL opportunity.

What Twitter Is Not . . .

Ditch the Pitch.

Twitter is not robot marketing. It is not a quick fix, they get stuff and then they are gone. Sales pitches repel people.

How do you feel when you go to an event and someone pushes their business card, or goes into a presentation the moment you meet them?

How Is It Different From The Past?

In days gone by, a business only had to place an Ad in the yellow pages or Sunday newspaper, and they would see immediate results.

Today we are bombarded with 1000’s of messages daily on the internet, social networking sites, TV, radio and newspapers, all vying to get our attention and our money.

Twitter and all Social Media is a relationship building opportunity. It use to take just a handful of exposures before a prospect would make a buying decision. Now we are subjected to 1000s of messages a day all trying to sell something. It now takes about 20 impressions for that buying decision.

How Should You Think Of Social Media?

Think of social media as your opportunity to cultivate followers into fans, clients or referring partners.

I love that with social networking the playing field has been leveled. It has attracted even more people with a dream to create their own business to hopefully serve a need, or perhaps for many to get a buck or two.

A powerful quote from Bob Burg, “All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to people they know, like and trust”. As Bob states in the
Go-Giver and Endless Referrals system, it is the golden rule of business.

I hope that you can see that in investing time, in creating relationships and providing that exceptional value that you will create an unequal advantage in your favor that people will choose to work with you over the countless others providing the same service.


The 4 E’s to Effective Tweeting How to Create Conversations and Attract an Audience of Followers

I have been asked many times how tweets can be more effective in creating conversations and attracting an audience of followers.

The best way to create an effective tweet can be expressed by envisioning each of your tweets to contain at least one of the following elements.

Fancy E

Think about the sensational headlines in magazines in the checkout line. They are designed to grab your attention, and create a question in your mind on how they can do that. We are pulled into a title or phrase that will make us laugh or think. Remember that entertainment is subjective. In general, people’s behavior, it is predictable. Keep in mind that attempting to entertain your twitter community with humor can land on deaf ears,
if not completely fall flat on one’s face, should your tweet need to be explained. Otherwise, that joke or message will be lost to all but a few, who are on the exact same page as you are. Think bigger audience – share: music videos, comedy from professionals, emotional stories that touch people’s hearts, and messages that make us think. Kids and pets are always huge hits and you’re encouraged to share them, if they are in alignment with your twitter strategy.

Fancy E


When we stop learning we begin to die.

Imagine Twitter as the town square of centuries long ago when people would gather and share their stories of success, survival, and lessons learned from mistakes, etc. Shift the focus to serving others, and bring them tweets that educate them in areas they are interested in to improve their lives. Keep in mind that ‘educating’ tweets about your products is not what we are talking about here. There will be plenty of opportunities to share your products after you’ve established trust and rapport with your Twitter community. Share third party articles that will educate, and at the same time establish you as an expert in your niche. When your tweople begin to see you as a valued source of information then bring them something new to consider. After creating these relationships, sharing your recommended products will be easier.

Fancy E


Share tweets that enhance the lives of your community that have absolutely nothing to do with them ‘getting better’ by buying something from you. You’re probably by now seeing a theme of putting their needs first. Zig Ziglar’s great quote best explains this – “You can get anything you want in life by first helping others get what they want.”   The entertainment and education tweets mentioned above are great ways to enhance your community’s lives, but there is more you can do. Motivational and inspirational quotes are one of the most frequently retweeted tweets simply because so many people are looking for inspiration. Another Zig quote – “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” Share Affirmations, Quotes, and Keys for a Better (fill in the blank with your branding opportunity).

Fancy E


Share tweets that create engagement.

Asking questions that tweople are willing to share responses is a great way to get conversations started on Twitter. Some of the best questions that get tons of replies are general questions that do not pry too deep into personal topics. Examples of what questions to ask: What was your favorite concert? What was your best vacation? How do you fix a problem? Practice by searching out and answering the questions of others. When others begin to see your contributions, as helpful and honest, they will be willing to follow you and begin engaging in your questions.

Effective tweeting is easy, but it is not always simple to shift your focus to looking for ways to think how your audience is thinking and what problems need to be solved in their lives. When you embrace these 4 E’s people will become attracted to you, and want to follow your account to see how you can continue to help them. After all, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Be Helpful & Happy Tweeting!  Happy Tweeting

Interested in one-on-one Twitter coaching? I invite you to visit my Twitter consulting page. I will train you to make the best use of Twitter, so you can connect with people, and create value and care with the people you are engaging with. A balance of engagement and content will be your magnet to attract new customers and referrals. Learn the latest trends. Be an implementer and see what happens!


Know Your Fears

What Lies Within You - Afraid to Fail

Years ago I experienced deep emotions, unaware of its impact and weight.
I was absolutely afraid of failure. Deep inside a voice was telling me that I would not be loved if I failed. Growing up I had a strong desire to receive endless
love and support. I never felt I received that support. Because I did not see it,
I continued to feel that I needed to be and do better the next time. Part of the family patterns that surrounded me was rarely displayed, anyone admitting a mistake, even years afterwards – in spite of the results. So, my programming was set, always strive to be the best, but never receiving the rewards. And, even when a mistake or undesired results happened, do not admit it to anyone. Years of trying to get everything lined up to be perfect handcuffed me, until I shifted my mindset.

The old saying of getting your ducks in a row seemed to fit. The trouble is . . . what is the probability of getting ducks in a row?  Even if you can, they probably will not stay there for long. So,the cycle continued and nothing was achieved.

Over the years I attended countless motivational, business, and spiritual events that left me charged up on one level, but I would be kicking myself on the inside. I felt that I could have done a better job presenting the material. But, I did not allow myself the opportunity to be visible, put myself out there, for fear that it would not be perfect.

Butterfly is beautiful and free of the cocoon

There came a time when the caterpillar could no longer stay as is and struggled to become what it knew itself to be. Finally the butterfly is beautiful and free of the cocoon.

In recent years I have taken opportunities, starting out with small steps, in which I built up my self-confidence and let go of perfectionism.  I began to take on bigger challenges and stages.

What lies within you that eats you up? Knowing that if your passion was left unfulfilled, how would it affect the rest of your life?

If you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything. ~ Marva Collins



There are some individuals who cannot say ‘yes’ to anything without repeatedly questioning their lives. Some have been doing it for so long that it feels unnatural not to issue a poll on even the smallest decision. As a result, what they see as slow, methodical, decision making is actually costing them opportunities and financial rewards. They will question everything before making a decision. They may eventually say ‘yes’, but at what cost. They may even lose the opportunity.

It is the exact opposite of Yes! Energy. It’s a limitation! We have all met someone like that, or we may even identify that quality in ourselves at one time or another. This constant polling results in one thing, regret. It’s the . . .  “I should have, could have, would have, if only” conversation that comes from a consistent pattern of saying ‘no’.

Do you want to live a life of regret?  Opportunities will pass you by, if you get suck in the cycle of ‘maybe’.

When you embrace your Yes! Energy, you will be surprised at how more livable life will become.  Instead of fighting the current, you start to go with the flow.  Life is an exciting journey, so start saying ‘yes!’

Start turning your life around.  Sign up for personal coaching at group coaching rates!

You can invest in yourself and your business now to reshape your financial landscape, and do something positive for your own economy.

Still think you can do it all by yourself?  How has that worked out for you, so far?

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 AHA Moments Part 3 - There is a freedom when you do not take it personally

In the bestselling book the ‘Four Agreements’, Don Miguel Ruiz talks about four life changing agreements that will dramatically change your life, if you choose to embrace and practice them every day.

In the 2nd agreement ‘Don’t Take It Personally’, it is a vital decree that each person needs to subscribe to. Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally!

Here is a great story for entrepreneurs, one that gives clarity and offers understanding to Don Miguel Ruiz’s words, ‘Don’t Take It Personally’. In a restaurant, the waiter and waitress staff typically will walk around offering
new coffee. If you want a refill or topped off, you say ‘yes’. If not, they are not personally affected by your response and they go on.

With that analogy, if we realize that as entrepreneurs we are serving coffee, looking for people who want to drink the coffee and recognize that not everyone wants it
or they don’t want it right now. That doesn’t mean they will not want it later.
Have that same mentality as the waiter or waitress. They are not taking it personally. They are providing service. If you like it, here it is. If not, okay then we will move on to the next.

As an entrepreneur I have embraced that philosophy and outlook, which has allowed me to create a positive mindset instead of taking everything in life personally.

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett

In recent years, my proudest entrepreneurial moment emerged while working with Eric Lofholm, renowned sales trainer who previously worked with Tony Robbins. Eric has a great philosophy, belief system and energy. While working through his program, I assisted and coached Eric on Twitter. One of the proudest moments I
had was when he publicly validated me to all of his protégés. During his podcasts
he would constantly ‘shout me out’ on how I helped him with Twitter.

Throughout my life I longed for that form of recognition. I had a strong desire that some ‘super star’ of a higher stature and business success would recognize and validate me, and share my gifts with thousands of people within their community. That was an absolutely incredible experience!

Yes, somebody else could see my gifts, my vision, somebody could see what I could
do for them, and they were willing to refer me and recommend me to their audience. That was the boost I needed for so long. That gave me such confidence to move forward, build programs and do even more then what I expected to do previously.

Keeping with the business trends, digital learning is best suited for entrepreneurs.
A lot of people do not want to show up for a 5-week course, so automation, learning on demand, to fit within their schedule was a must.

That was an incredible ‘aha’ moment, to complete a body of work, to make it publicly available and provide a great service for people. It was an unparalleled and outstanding experience.

It allowed me to move on and create more projects instead of teaching the same class over and over every month, and try to fill it up. I found that emotionally exhausting to market, and then only get a handful of people show up.

How can I change your life? 

Connect with me, and grab a spot on my calendar.

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AHA Moments Part2 Reflections of My Life

Back in 1996 when I first moved to Florida, at some point in my journey a light bulb went off, it was an ‘aha’ moment. I was walking the beach, reflecting on everything that transpired in my life and I was questioning why my family wasn’t reaching out to me. I realized I was living my life for the approval from my family who were not reaching out to me or even talking to me. I considered and entertained the thought … Was it just because I moved? Looking at my past I realized that they were not reaching out to me when I was living in Wisconsin, and I was geographically closer to them. They truly weren’t doing anything out of their normal, but I was expecting love and validation, and clearly wanted people to come and connect with me.

Taking it a step further, I realized I never felt the type of love I wanted to receive from my parents. I am sure that they loved me in their own way. Nevertheless, probably until I was 47 years old I never realized that they were only capable of loving me in the way they knew how.

So, when I recognized people’s limitations, what their actions were, and if I had a different expectation then what they were delivering that was my fault. I was reacting with disappointment, depression, anger because loving connections were not made … I wasn’t feeling loved. I was expecting something from them then what they were able to do for themselves or anybody else.

Don't Take Anything Personally

I began to recognize the whole pattern,
‘Don’t Take It Personally’, one of the ‘Four Agreements’ authored by Don Miguel Ruiz. Sitting back and observing the circumstances, even though I was affected by this, I learned that it wasn’t me and accepted their behaviors, and what they were capable of and willing to do.

When we can get to that place and look objectively at every single situation that comes to us, and we can say … What does this mean to me? How can I use this?  … We are in a place of understanding and acceptance. Now I use that lack of recognition and validation from my parents and my family, and realize what that feels like, and understand what other people are going through.

I have learned to take all my situations since then and turn them into something positive. Paraphrasing Napoleon Hill – “There is a seed of good within every bad thing that happens to you”. I am always looking for the seed.

Without the emotional abandonment or rejection I felt from my family, I wouldn’t have been as passionate about wanting to create good relationships, to reach out and make sure that I am a better husband for my wife, and to extend myself to my community and to be able to serve. That was my ‘aha’ moment to learn how to shift those things that happened, and not dwell in the ‘poo’ and start looking for the ‘pony’ in all of it. And, have happy rides!

Do you need help to sieve through the ‘poo’ to find the seeds?
Sign up now — Receive private coaching at group coaching rates.

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AHA MOMENTS PART 1 All great changes are preceded by chaos -Deepak Chopra

Life’s daily events shift from day to day, changes evolve and challenges occur,
all serving a higher purpose.  Being open and learning the lessons in every situation
is necessary for growth, ultimately to make it better going forward.

My methodology has been to practice personal growth each and every day. We can grow immeasurably by learning from people around the world. Over the years I have learned from numerous motivational and inspirational speakers. Motivational and inspirational quotes are one of the most frequently ‘ReTweet’ tweets because so many people are looking for inspiration.

As Zig Ziglar states, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily”.

The repetitive listening, drumming it in, will start to seep out of you and all of sudden you will be saying, “Where did I learn that? That’s Tony Robbins’ voice, that’s Zig Ziglar’s voice”. If you saturate yourself with the information, you will be amazed at what you will pick up and grow into.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn notably said “Be so busy giving recognition that
you don’t need it.
” I have learned over time to replace the word, ‘recognition’ with anything else, whether it is love or respect, etc.

Be so busy giving recognition that you don’t need itOne huge lesson I learned was to put the needs of others first. When you love the other person first, recognize and validate them first, you will be absolutely amazed at how much will come back to you. For me, it was even more than what I ever expected. That is the ‘Golden Key’ to ‘Give First’, and love them the way they want to loved. Then you will wind up getting back all that you wanted and more.

As an entrepreneur, a past lesson and challenge left a strong impression. It was during a period of time when I was doing massage work for people with disabilities.
I loved the work because I was making such a striking impact, an influence on people’s lives. I was in people’s home, connecting with their families, helping people with disabilities. In addition to having a great client list that generated some revenue; more importantly, I received tremendous emotional support and gratification within that time period. In 2008, the Florida Legislators determined that massage for individuals with disabilities was not medically necessary and eliminated the program. So, 95% of my income and emotional support disappeared. I became frozen and crawled on the couch for months.

In June 2008, I met Dave Lakhani at a Bob Burg event and he mentioned that I have to get on Twitter. So, I got on Twitter and I started out selfishly sharing motivational quotes to lift myself up and to get out of the mental state I was in. In sharing those quotes, I became the 1 in 5 people Jim Rohn referred to … “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, including yourself.”

People started resonating with me, with my messages. They began responding and engaging with me. To expand further, I was able to coach. I had been a coach since 1999, but really wasn’t fully committed to it. Losing that massage position, going through that funk, turning to Twitter really showed me that my gifts and talents laid within communicating, building relationships, motivating myself so I could motivate other people. Sometimes what appears as a monumental change or massive challenge truly is a positive shift to an awakening. It was one of the many ‘AHA’ moments in my life. That shift brought my gifts to the surface . . . what I feel my calling was, what I was meant to do here.

Inspirational messages have an optimsitic effect on life UpdatedMy goal is to give value. Every day
I get messages on how my quotes have impacted someone’s life or shifted their day. I have a social responsibility for the greater good because people resonate with these messages. At one point I got a note from a young lady who was contemplating suicide. She had a very debilitating disease due to the pain on several levels, and was contemplating ending her life. One of my affirmations that I set up in a program that auto schedules my tweets was delivered on the day she was contemplating suicide. With this program, I do not know when a specific message will be going out. It goes out randomly. That tweet showed up to her at that time she needed it the most and shifted her focus. She made a decision to work with people with the same disability, to make all of their lives better.

This is part of what I teach in my Twitter trainings: to have that influence, to put something out there for the greater good that is not all about promoting yourself, but can enhance the lives of other people.

You never know how impactful your message will be. Stories like that just humble me and make me more committed to making sure those motivational messages get out every day. It is even more important to people than for people to see my Twitter classes or coaching programs.

What was your ‘AHA’ moment today?

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Power of #Hashtags

Tweets with hashtags

The use of #hashtags has grown and has become an incredible way to find conversations about specific topics.  Almost any term is already being tagged.

Check out your tweet stream, and I’m reasonably certain you will not find more than 5 tweets in a row that do not contain at least one hashtag. There are many different ways to use hashtags effectively to grow your audience, expand your conversations and engagement, and promote your events. 

Around Valentine’s Day in 2012 I created and registered the hashtag, #LoveFest to share a large number of quotes I had collected about love.  While preparing my tweets for Valentine’s Day ♥, I learned that I had compiled over 400 messages about love, far too many to share on only one day. In order to spread the love around as much as possible I proclaimed February 11th thru the 20th as Twitterverse #LoveFest. I asked others to join me in sharing messages of love, and create a shift in the consciousness of the world, one tweet at a time.

I received over 200 retweets on #LoveFest alone, which connected me with hundreds of new followers. They were all interested in sharing messages of love and relationships. In addition, I received several invitations to be a guest on Blog Talk Radio shows and Twitter Chats.  

Lovefest Twitter BirdFor me, it was a natural connection to use the #LoveFest tag, because it flows into my mission to help “Build Better Relationships”. 

What tags can you think of that would be a natural lead into your mission to serve? 

When used strategically, creating your own hashtag can help you create a community of people sharing an interest in what is important to you, all of which leads directly into establishing the ‘Know, Like & Trust’ Relationship that will separate you from the hordes of tweeters. 

Many people are unaware that you can check for availability, and register your hashtag on Twubs. You would be surprised at how many commonly used tags are not registered; and yet, I am not aware of what long term rights and privileges registering a tag will give us, but why not grab ownership?

Twitter Party Hashtag updatedThere will be no control to limit the use of the hashtag by others outside of your conversation. But, I have set up a search column on my hashtags and when someone uses the tag in the way I like, I have reached out to them, followed them or RTed their message. All of which attracted like-minded people to my corner of the Twitterverse. 

If I can help you build your Social Media strategy by using hashtags or in any other way, let’s get started by scheduling a 30-Minute Strategy Session Call for only $ 25, $100 Value.

I am grateful for the generous comments I have already received on how to Master The Twitterverse, and how it has helped increase your following and enhance the use in the Twitterverse.  I would be honored, if you would share your experiences and what you liked best about the eBook on my site. Please feel free to drop me an email at: gary@garyloper.com