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I am always looking for ways to add more value to the people I serve on Twitter.
An often overlooked method of adding more value to your community is something so simple; yet, it is massively powerful in creating goodwill. Build trust and rapport, and establish a positive mental image in the minds of everyone reading your tweets.

One way to build trust and rapport is by using the person’s name.  It’s been said that a person’s name is ‘to that person’ the sweetest and most important sound in any language.  When someone uses your name in a conversation with you, it creates a bond, shows respect, provides validation, and instills a general sense of well-being.

On Twitter, it can be extremely easy to have chats with people, and never think about using their name, rather relying on their Twitter handle.  In some cases, their name and handle are the same or a variation of their name.  But, as Twitter grows, most of the common names will have already been taken, forcing new accounts to create a unique handle that may represent their company or mission.

Leran people's names on Twitter

I challenge you to explore the person’s account information or website to learn their name.  Many of the Twitter applications will include the name of the account it was created with, or was included in the User Name in their Twitter Settings.  Then begin to refer to them by name in your conversations on Twitter.

In addition to learning the names of the people you may already be chatting with and not using their name – start using their names in every tweet between the both of you.

Undoubtedly, this would be a good time to review your own Twitter Profile, and determine if you made it easy for people to know your name.  If they can’t find it, you’ll miss out on the opportunity and the good feelings discussed above when someone mentions you by name.

Here’s a beneficial assignment:

1) Search out people asking questions that your services can provide a solution.

2) Start a conversation using their name – without pitching, to build trust and

3) Allow them to discover naturally what you do, and how you will be able to
serve them.

Go boldly into the Twitterverse, and create even better relationships by remembering and referring to the people you are chatting with by name.  When you give respect and validation first, you’ll be amazed on how much more will be returned to you from unexpected people, at unexpected times.

Happy Tweeting!

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Are You Tweeting Enough?

Are You Tweeting Enough updated

One of the most asked questions I hear from clients and in my Twitter Stream is:
How much should I be tweeting every day?

Every time I tell them a story it always helps them understand my suggested number of daily tweets.

A number of years ago, my kids would mumble about our ‘aimless excursions to
.  We would get in the car and drive aimlessly across the country trunk roads in rural Wisconsin, simply exploring, taking in the scenery and autumn colors.


After a while we would get hungry, and begin to search for road signs for the next restaurant.  On many an occasion we would come across an ad for a diner or restaurant, and start to think about what to eat.  When we pulled into the parking lot, sometimes we would notice that there were no other cars parked there. To many of us, the sign of an empty parking lot at lunchtime is an indication that the food or service is not good enough to be eating there.

I want you to think about the tweets on your www.twitter.com page. They are your parking lot.  People will come across your page looking for information or knowledge to consume, and to solve their problems.  If you are not tweeting with consistent consistency, they will take this as a sign that there is nothing good here and will continue their excursion across the Twitterverse to find answers to their questions and needs somewhere else.

In my eBook, Master the Twitterverse: Guide to Getting More Followers, I share the importance of filling your tweet stream with good tweets before you begin to follow others.

To expand on this idea, think about all those people driving by your Twitter page and not seeing consistent daily messages.

Would you like them to stay and check out your messages?  Would you like to create a relationship with Tweople through those messages that will invite them to read more of your tweets and click the follow button?

In just 15 minutes, twice a day – you’ll fill up your tweet stream and turn on the follow magnets.

I suggest that a new Tweeter with a purpose of building their community and business post 20 messages a day.  It is really much simpler than you think.

* First, from your list of great tweeters, industry leaders, authors, etc. –
scan through and find 5 to 10 messages to ReTweet (RT).

* Next, across the top bar, select > Notifications. Then select > Mentions.
Scan through to find tweets from people who’ve commented to you about
a previous tweet, or who are reaching out to connect with you.  Answer all
these every day.

* Pick up to 5 people a day, reach out and start a conversation.  Go to their
Twitter page, web site and learn something about them. Begin your
conversations by complimenting them on something you’ve discovered.

* Subscribe to services such as: Ezine Articles or Stumble Upon to find and
share articles, topics of interest to your community.

* Once a week share your blog posts. Remember it takes time to build rapport
and trust on Twitter, so don’t try to sell anything until 2K tweets & followers
(more info on this in Master the Twitterverse eBook).

These are just a few of many possible methods of creating 20 tweets a day.

By doing so, you’ll show the people you follow and who stop by your page that you are on Twitter to connect with others and provide value – all of which invites them to stay and want to learn more. There are far too many accounts that have been neglected or look abandoned. Keep your tweet activity consistent, and in time your following and engagement will dramatically increase.

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Gary Loper Life Business Social Media Coach Happy Tweeting

Who, What and Why --- The 3-Step Approach to Embracing Twitter

We all have seen a shift in our own patterns or in those of the people around us,
from a small interaction, a scene in a movie or television, a song at a specific time,
a memory of something someone said to us years ago, even a tweet. To an outside observer that little ‘nudge’ appears to be almost nothing. But when we are open to receive the messages, the universe will use any and every source of media to bring
the message that the soul needs its carrier to hear, in order to continue its journey
of growth and expansion.

  1. What does that say? Messages we share can have a massive impact in the lives of people anywhere in the world. By sharing those messages that are a part of our mission and purpose in life on earth and using Twitter as a delivery system, we all can fulfill one of the intents of why we became an entrepreneur, or have had dreams about helping others and changing the world.
  1. Who will be changed by our messages? We never know who will be changed by our message, and I am going to strongly suggest – that the ‘who’ is not as important as developing a ‘serve others’ first mindset. In developing this,
    your mission – if you choose to accept it – to knowingly go forward into the Twitterverse: share positive messages of hope, joy, kindness, growth, change, spiritual development, inspiration, motivation and peace.
  1. Why should you share your messages? The beauty is that we all are coming from different experiences, occupations and backgrounds, and those uplifting messages combined with your unique perspectives are just what is intended for you to share with the world. There are people waiting to connect with each of us. And because of those unique circumstances, it will create a bridge of trust with them that you know their pain and can relate to what they are feeling – even if you never actually speak to them in person. By not digging deep into yourself to discover your true passions and the messages you were meant to share with the world, you are depriving those individuals the opportunity to better their life through your story of lifting yourself through the tough times.

The remarkable thing you will experience is that by embracing this approach (combined with a sound marketing plan) to contributing to the greater good of others in the world, first you will attract the attention of new business opportunities, partners, and customers. We don’t know who knows who, and who is watching for incredible new projects and people to work with.


Gary’s article originally appeared in Small Biz Social Hub – Expertise + Insights Contributed by Social Media Pros, Exclusively for Small Businesses.


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How To Utilize Twitter For Your Business

Hosts Robert Palmer and Caleb McElveen of Search Talk Live interview Gary on how to utilize Twitter for your business.

“Every tweet is an audition” ~ #GaryLoper

“Twitter is a long-term relationship that you want to build and substantiate overtime” ~ #GaryLoper


What Does Freedom Mean To YouFreedom is personalized, different for each of us.

Or, perhaps not.

Ask a room full of people what it means. And, you will notice that some people can’t answer until other people start sharing what it means to them. Suddenly they have several new definitions of freedom.

A good way to find the meaning, and get clarity is to use the Book of Miracles exercise. Let’s apply it here.

What is freedom?

  1. Begin with the word ‘freedom’.
  2. Identify your meaning of freedom.
  3. Go deeper than the symbolism.
  4. What is the connotation?
    Freedom to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  5. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.
  6. Also, freedom is . . .
    To create love, to love, to express, to provide for yourself and others, to travel, to create businesses, and so on.

What is financial freedom?

  1. For many financial freedom is to dream, a dream to retire.
  2. What is the true definition of retire?
    It is an equine term – to put to pasture and wait to die.
  3. Is that your idea, waiting to die? Or, are you looking for ways to
    have financial freedom, to be able to fly high in anything you choose to do?

What are the principles of financial freedom?

  1. Financial mindfulness, to see a bigger, promising world for yourself.
  2. Remove yourself from the dream stealers, and upgrade your associations.
  3. Have a definite plan, and amount in mind.
  4. Uncover your passions, discover your whys, and your plan will emerge from digging deeper.
  5. Prepare your desired lifestyle upgrades, and what they will cost you every year: housekeeper, lawn work, handyman, personal assistant, travel, dining out, shows, etc.
  6. Find out your financial freedom level. Do some math work:
    Let’s use 100k as starting point, which isn’t as unrealistic as you may think. Divide 100k into the # of weeks you want to work each year. Then divide that into the # of days you want to work each week. 100,000 / 45 = $2,222 per week. $2,222 / 4 = $555 per day.
  7. Develop your mission. Complete your 6-month goals.

Need help? Schedule a 30-minute strategy session call! One of my brainstorm ideas potentially could increase your business by thousands of dollars. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and have everything to gain, so take advantage of my 30-minute coaching call for only $25, valued at $100.  Schedule a call now.

Also, you may be interested in listening to Gary’s interview: ‘Learn from People Who Are Already Successful’. Gary was interviewed by Neil Ball on The Entrepreneur Way, the podcast show with successful entrepreneurs.


July 4th, Think Freedom

On July 4th most people are awestruck and captivated by the festive celebration
of fireworks, often foregoing the true meaning of Independence Day. Its symbol represents what was strived for, to protect our independence. So long ago our founding fathers risked being hung for treason by the leaders of Great Britain to defend our liberty and freedom. They fought wholeheartedly to keep their ideas alive. So, every time you see a starburst in the sky, remember how much courage it took to stand up for their ideas and beliefs!

Celebrate July 4th honoring our country in the true sense of freedom. Its significance can inspire us and be translated to our daily events. Honor its meaning by examining what freedom looks and feels like to you. To live your life free of limitations and boundaries is a psychological and spiritual state. When fully embraced it will build confidence, enthusiasm and motivation to act on your purpose and vision. It is the commitment and drive, the courage to stand up for your ideas and beliefs.


Conversely, the greatest oppression of freedom is that you must create restrictions to manage and control your life.  Control simply is another form of fear, playing it safe and never stretching yourself or looking for opportunities for growth. Growth is imperative to live a powerful and prosperous life.


Living a limitless life empowers and liberates us. When we have the fortitude and limitless ability to achieve our own destiny, we take the lead in our achievement and reach our own personal victory.

As Elbert Hubbard stated, “Freedom cannot be bestowed – it must be achieved”.


Slavoj Žižek maintained, “True freedom is not a freedom of choice made from a safe distance, like choosing between a strawberry cake or a chocolate cake; true freedom overlaps with necessity, one makes a truly free choice when one’s choice puts at stake one’s very existence – one does it because one simply “cannot do it otherwise.”


We must never play it safe. We must get out of our comfort zone and jump in the deep end. It is a true leap of faith, conviction and belief that we are capable of more than we ever expected.

Whether you are seeking financial independence or freedom in another aspect of your life, live your life to its full potential!


As expressed by Albert Einstein, “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom”.


Helping Healers Move Forward in Business

‘Healing Practitioners’ do not fit in a ‘regular world’. As healers, they have a
calling to do something more, but get stuck in their limitations whether it is
old programming, self-confidence and self-worth, or self-value to receive money.

It is essential that we have better relationships with who we are, what our gifts are, what we can share, and recognize that we can receive money for what we are doing,
to serve other people, and to have a better life.

Unfortunately limitations can get in the way. So, it is vital that you have a relationship with yourself first, if you are going to be successful. Relationships
affect our entire world, so it is crucial that we work on ourselves first.

For some people they get stuck in only focusing on the business aspects. Business success is broader than simply creating and producing, marketing and selling a product and/or service, and making a profit. The main emphasis foremost should be on the foundation. To build enduring business relationships, it begins with ‘you’.

Shift the Focus to Serving Others Updated

Shift your focus from Getting to Giving. In this case, it means time and time again, on a consistent basis, provide value to others. That philosophy happens to be financially profitable, and an influential way to live your life and operate your business.

Equally, the key to moving forward in
your business is to stay open to receiving.
A perfect example is taken from the
Go-Giver book on the Law of Receptivity.

In this passage, Pindar, the mentor, says to Joe, “Joe, I want you to breathe out and don’t breathe in.” So Joe tries. After eight seconds – he’s gasping … ten seconds – gasping … twelve seconds … he cannot do it any longer.

He finally starts coughing. He says, “I have to breathe in. I can’t just breathe out.”

Pindar says, “Well, Joe, what if I told you it’s been scientifically proven that it’s healthier to breathe out than it is to breathe in?”

“That’s crazy! You have to do both.”

“You must breathe out, which is giving, and you must breathe in, which is receiving.”

Build a relationship with yourself first. Serve people. Look for opportunities to truly serve, and add value to people’s lives.  Be open to receive.


This article was originally posted in Bellésprit magazine. The magazine content features topics of inspiration, guidance, personal experiences, and spirit messages all leading our diamond in the rough to healing and growing into the best ‘diamond’ we were meant to be. Be sure to subscribe to Bellésprit Magazine, a wealth of information.


How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Network through Twitter

How do you grow your business and build your network through Twitter?

Build attraction. Focus on relationship building and deliver real value.  Create valuable tweets. Your tweets should contain one or more of these four elements: Entertain, Educate, Enhance, and Engage.

Entertainment is subjective. If your tweets need to be explained like jokes than the message will be lost. Think bigger audience. Share videos, such as music, comedy from professionals, and emotional stories that will touch people’s hearts, messages that make us think. Children and pets are huge hits, if they are in alignment with your Twitter strategy.

Educate people. Shift the focus to serving others. Post tweets that educate people in areas that will improve their lives. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should send them an article about how great your service or product is. This is not a selling opportunity, but rather an education to help individuals with something else. It can be a third party blog or article that validates what you are doing. There will be plenty of opportunities to share your products and services after you have established trust and rapport with your Twitter community.

Enhance their lives. Share tweets that enhance their lives that has absolutely nothing to do with buying something from you. Tweet something that will make an impact, one that makes a positive change in someone’s life.

Zig Ziglar Quote on Motivation updated

Motivational and inspirational quotes are one of the most frequently ‘Retweeted’ tweets simply because so many people are looking for inspiration. One of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily”.

Engage with people. To create engagement first you have to engage with other people. Comment on their posts and answer their questions, and then when you start building a rapport you will earn the right to ask people your own questions. People are watching you and how you are responding, so give first. In any relationship we end up receiving more when we give first than sitting back and waiting for somebody else to come and give to us first.

Having those four elements will be a strong magnet that will turn on the follower magnet and allow people to come to you. Embrace the 4E’s and people will be attracted to you, and want to follow your account.

Also, you can automate some of your messages to create a presence. When I automated one of my client’s tweets, it saved them about 20 – 30 hours a month from having to post those messages. They were able to take that time back, and focus on engagement and develop connections. And from that they were able to create and attract new clients. There can be a workable balance between automation and live tweeting, making it very effective for people to grow their business.

4 Es with twitter handle etc updated

When tweeting, remember the 4E’s. People that broadcast only about their specials, and what they are doing is ineffective. It’s all about people to people.  People want to connect with the person. It is not the Yellow Pages’ AD or the Sunday newspaper. We all are bombarded with so much information and so many offers that is important to take the time and apply those 4E’s. Look to construct your tweets the way that the reader is going to see them.

Interested in getting more followers?  Our Twitter Account Management program: Tweet 4 U may be beneficial to you.  Our maintenance program consists of posting on your behalf: 40 messages a day on Twitter.  Importantly, we will post for you on your behalf; however, we cannot speak for you. It will be necessary for you to respond to questions, and monitor your account for those people wishing to have a conversation with you.  Remember the 4E’s are vital to growing your business and building your network through Twitter!

Check out our program, and all the other monthly services! We also offer a service:  500 new Targeted Followers per month.  We can guarantee those numbers as long as you are tweeting, posting a minimum 15-20 posts per day.



Years ago I started the #JustForToday conversation on Twitter with the intention of sharing profound and meaningful reflections, messages that are both inspirational and motivational. I’ve received tremendous responses from people around the world who have gained inspiration and renewed hope in themselves. Every day hundreds of the ReTweets of the #JustForToday messages are shared with people throughout the Twitterverse. Several of those people have generously shared their own daily affirmations, and they have added great value to the conversation.

Almost daily there are well intended comments that ‘the thought’ should be an everyday habit, and not just for today. Ideally they are right, and essentially that is the goal and purpose of this topic. However, for many people who’ve just started to take control of their lives, have moved into a better mindset, and have gotten closer to becoming who they are on the inside, facing an everyday commitment is overwhelming. Merely getting through the day or in some cases an hour is a challenge.

JustForToday Quote - All Things Are Possible

Years ago I heard someone ask a group, “How do you eat an elephant?” while discussing how they had so many things to do in their life. The answer to “How do you eat an elephant?” is simply “One Bite at a Time”. Looking at a humongous elephant in front of you and knowing you have to eat the whole thing – you’ll look at the elephant, look at yourself and your belly, and come up with a thousand reasons and excuses why you will never accomplish that task. By shifting your thought to a bite at a time and enjoying the process, you will see yourself making significant progress instead of getting stuck and stopping the journey.

Several people I know that have gone through recovery programs have used the same mindset. Facing the thought of never being able to drink again is too much to comprehend. Knowing that it is ‘Just For Today’ that they are going to be clean and sober helps them overcome their addictions.

The #JustForToday messages are a place to begin your daily personal transformation, and develop the internal strength and solid foundation to build new futures. In time, step-by-step, day-by-day you will become the master of your mind. You will be able to easily make the shift to accomplish all your goals.

Many people I have worked with do not have a positive support system close by, or they may be easily influenced by family members who are not supportive of their dreams. For those individuals, again, taking it a day at a time may be the only way to keep their dreams alive long enough to make them come true.

JustForToday Quote - I AM an open vessel to receive grace & abundance

Since the #JustForToday messages started I have made an even bigger effort to recite my personal affirmations several times a day, and have observed a major improvement in all the areas of my intentions. Simply pick the messages that ring true to you and the areas of your life you wish to improve, and read them out loud first thing in the morning upon rising and the last thing at night before you go to sleep. For added power read them to yourself, as you are looking in the mirror and add your name to the message.

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Loving Myself

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Embracing Life

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Making Better Choices

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Worthy Of All The Greatness Which Comes MY Way

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Getting Better Every Day In Every Way

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Grateful For Everything In My Life

Name #JustForToday ~ I AM Surrounded By People Who Inspire Me

Name #JustForToday ~ I Know MY Future Depends On What I Do Today

Name #JustForToday ~ I Have FAITH In Me & My Dreams

Name #JustForToday ~ I Create Only JOYFUL Experiences

Name #JustForToday ~ I Love & Accept Myself For I AM Unique & Perfect


I would love to hear from you about the shifts you create in all areas of your life by committing to #JustForToday affirmations.  Be sure to

Follow me on Twitter.


And, How It Causes Lost Business Opportunities

Twitter and Social Media are an essential part of our business and marketing plans.

Ultimately, you want to create the best possible presence to build your brand, and
to develop the best use of your time to invest on Twitter.

Don’t you?

Make these changes to your Twitter profile, and become an even better magnet for your future customers.

Mistake #1:  No Photo, Bad Photo or Logo

When someone new clicks onto your Twitter page they will decide whether to stay or go within 4 to 10 seconds.  By uploading a current, professional looking photo, it will encourage them to look around more – knowing that a real person is connected with your account.

TwitterEggNoAccounts with Egg photos tells us that you are not willing to reveal yourself to the Twitterverse.  So, unless you’re in witness protection, get a photo up there!  A recent photo is a must.  Your high school pic or glamour shot from 20 years ago may be a great picture of you, but if someone connected to you on Twitter and met you at the grocery store, would they recognize you?  You should change your photo as often as your looks change.

Unless your company is an easily recognizable brand image, you will be better served by sharing your personal photo.  People are on social media to connect with and build relationships that will enhance their lives.  By not having a current photo, your audience will not be able to build the ‘know, like and trust’ relationship they need to have with you to help them make a comfortable financial decision to invest their money in your services and/or products.

Mistake #2: Incomplete Profile Information

Next to your photo this step is vital in communicating to the Twitterverse – who you are and what your purpose is on Twitter.  Referring to that 4 to 10 second impression window, we need to tell the reader what they will expect to see in your tweet stream so they can determine if you are follow worthy.

Many people are not aware that your Twitter profile is searchable by all the search engine spiders.  Filling your profile with your web site’s key words and the niche you serve will help people to find you through both Twitter searches and Google/Bing queries.  You are limited to 160 characters in your profile, remove unnecessary words, (ex: I like to, I this or that).

Lastly, focus on how you want to be found in a creative charming way – ‘Ditch the Pitch’! It’s social media – Be Social.

Mistake #3:  Location, Location, Location

Again, if you are in witness protection – please ignore this tip.


There are so many opportunities to create conversations with someone new if you let the Twitterverse know where you live.  By sharing that I live in St. Petersburg, it opened up so many chats from people who used to live here, or vacationed here or dreamed about visiting in the future. Even if your business is strictly on-line, people want to know where in the world they are talking to, and when they decide to invest in your services – they need to know where their money is going.

Be careful about being too cute or evasive in your location.  The Universe or The Land of My Dreams may at first be cute to you, but if you’re using Twitter to build your audience and your business, vague answers like this gives us the impression that you may not be reliable to trust with our time, much less our money.

Complete Your Profile!

Putting these Twitter Tips into practice will enhance the number of people stopping by your Twitter page, and in the end their decision to follow you and connect with you. Ultimately this can be the beginning of a new relationship that should benefit everyone involved.

For more great Twitter Tips, I invite you to get my free eBook – Master the Twitterverse – filled with strategies and tips to help you take control of the helm and become the Master of Your Twitterverse.

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